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By: Deb H.
Valencia Animal Hospital
Although the clinic is a bit of a drive for me and the cats, Dr. Z and the staff at Valencia Animal Hospital are well worth the trek. The clinic is exceptionally clean with separate entrances and rooms for cats and dogs. The wait time is quick to below average, and Dr. Z is attentive, caring, and hilarious too. She is one of the few vets I have been to that seems to have an equal love for all types of animals: cats, dogs, birds, etc! As a cat owner, I appreciate the care and patience Dr. Z exercises while dealing with my crabby old boy cat. This has not often been the case at other vets. The other thing to note: I have never felt pressured to order expensive tests. The doctor is very clear to distinguish between tests that are absolutely necessary, recommended, and top of the line. With a hyperthyroid and heart murmur cat, the tests alone could wipe out my bank accounts and then some. It's been really great to work with a vet that is sensitive to your limitations and helps you plan/manage your pet's care without making you feel irresponsible. She is great about giving multiple options of both diagnostics and treatment, again without pushing the most expensive plan as the mandatory course of action.The pricing for my animals medication is also noticeably cheaper here than in comparison to what I was paying at a VCA clinic and another private vet clinic. Overall, I appreciate the hospital's great care, good prices, and respectfulness. Highly recommended!
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By: Nan N.
Paula Medler DVM
Not the business, but the vet. I've known Paula Medler for something like 35 years. I, or rather my dog, was her first patient when she joined a Tucson practice. Dr. Medler got me through some of the worst times of my life - when my dog (PJ) swallowed an embroidery needle and needed endoscopic surgery, when another dog (Katie) was bitten for the seventh (!!!) time by a rattlesnake and needed 3 days in doggy ICU and I forget how many vials of antivenin, when the retired guide dog (Viceroy) I'd adopted began to have seizures and needed so much medication, when my Golden (JessieV) finally reached her last days at 16 and Paula cried as much as I did - and the list goes on and on. I doubt you can find a better, more caring, more involved veterinarian than Paula Medler, DVM!! As for the application of Chinese medicine techniques, I remember when she came back from training and I watched her use those techniques, with such amazing results. She's the best. SIX stars!!!!!
By: Marv A.
Humane Society of Southern Arizona
Their low cost clinic enables me to take good care of 4 rescue dogs that would otherwise need a home. Frankly, it has done a better job with "wellness" exams than either of the two pricey private vets I used to visit (one of whom I blame for repeatedly not reporting an elevated temperature that ultimately caused the death of my dog). The staff has guided me wisely to select new dogs to join my little pack. They also allow "extended" test drives of the old and new dog on leashes at their facility to make sure the match is good. As the dogs share kennels, each dog's general aggressiveness towards other dogs has already been tested and proven. Still, one must be very careful, for weeks if not months, when new dogs are together, to make sure jealousy or dominance or greed over food does not create danger.
By: jwalbridge
Valencia Animal Hospital
I've been going to Valencia Animal Hospital since they opened. I love this place!. The staff is friendly, caring and will try to work you in in an emergency to make sure your pet is cared for. My animals are always comfortable going there. I think the sun rises and sets in Dr. Rosen! She always gives my 5 animals the greatest care. This lady truly cares about her patients and loves the critters who come to visit her. She is understanding and is willing to work with me while giving my furry kids the very best care possible. What a great vet and staff.
By: Catherine baker A.
Valencia Animal Hospital
Dr. Rosen is a great vet. She has always shown a genuine love and interest in the health and well being of my dog, and he loves her to pieces in return. When he is at the vet for the day, he gets lots of toys and attention, and I get to see all the photos of the fun day he had. He is always wagging his tail in her presence. One of my favorite pictures of my dog is Dr. Rosen giving him a bear hug (he is 100 lbs). Love is the best medicine a vet can give an animal. Love her.
By: Cheryl S.
Eastside Pet Clinic
I have used DR. CURTIS for at least 8 years or more. She is the BEST veterinarian I have been to. If you need a end of life vehicle veterinarian, she will be with you and your pet throughout the experience. If your pet is ill or injured, she will give you options for care. She has low cost options, or more in depth care. Dr. CURTIS is a friend who will care for your pets throughout their life. I have nothing but positive, respect for Eastside Pet Clinic!
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By: chico0678
Animal Birth Control Spay Neuter Clinic
We got our kitten ����spayed here last summer and did not have any problems with her surgery or her healing. No infection or discomfort exhibited for our cat.�������� Service was in & out the same date.���� Staff were friendly & professional for the atmosphere. We came here after our family recommended ABC. If we need to come back in the future we will. Thanks team at ABC! Great job! ����
By: brittanylcotter
VCA Valley Animal Hospital and Emergency Center
Took my dog to get spayed. They never gave an estimate, called me before she went into surgery to tell me it was going to cost $523. I wouldn't have taken her there if I knew how expensive it would have been. Orange grove animal hospitals estimate was $250. I will never return, nor will I recommend them.
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By: Donovan B.
Eastside Pet Clinic
!) Caring, 2) Professional, 3) Clean, 4) Very reasonable pricing for surgical service.Dr.Curtis and her staff handled our 10 year old Cavalier beyond what we hoped for. The afternoon after her dental surgery, she was back to her spoiled self, begging for treats!
By: mathew-85711
Eastside Pet Clinic
Their service is excellent, and I have been visiting for more than four years. Dr. Curtis has much expertise in veterinary care and is considerate of my questions or concerns and quickly becomes familiar with her patients.
Tips & Advices
Most 24-hour clinics do not allow owners to stay with their pets overnight. However, many do have specific visiting hours or will let owners see their pets at any point during the day. In addition, owners can call most clinics at any time for an update on their pet's well being.
  • Important phone numbers, especially those of the the veterinary clinic, the animal hospital or emergency clinic, and the poison control center
  • A book detailing pet first-aid steps
  • Copy of medical records
  • Nylon leash
  • Muzzle (only use if pet is not vomiting and has no difficulty breathing)
  • Absorbent gauze
  • Nonlatex disposable gloves
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Nail clippers
  • Digital thermometer
  • Sterile saline solution
  • Hydrogen peroxide (to induce vomiting only at the recommendation of a veterinarian
  • Milk of magnesia (to absorb poison only at the recommendation of a veterinarian)
Find a 24-hour animal hospital that provides emergency services within your area. Keep the facility's contact information in a place that's easy to locate, such as the refrigerator, address book, or smartphone. Most veterinary clinics operate on standard business hours and are not equipped to handle emergencies.
Veterinary clinics operate on a smaller scale than animal hospitals. The latter are more likely open 24 hours and provide emergency services. The former generally operate on typical office hours and only perform wellness exams and minor surgeries. Veterinary clinics also do not generally perform laboratory tests on site.
The specifics vary depending on the type of visit. For a wellness exam, bring:
  • Medical records
  • The type or brand of food the pet eats
  • Medication (including flea, tick, and heartworm medication).
If the animal needs medical treatment, the following may be helpful depending on the situation:
  • Fresh stool sample
  • Vomit sample
  • Video of the pet engaging in abnormal behavior
  • Substance the pet may have ingested

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