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By: Tony H.
Integrity Treatment Solutions
Honestly, these guys were great . Im in the service industry and I was really impressed by the great personal service I recieved .The owner , David asked me a couple questions. I showed him my CPAP MACHINE, told him what was going on and he showed me a very similar mask for a fair price he knocked $5 off the sale price , threw in a new hose for free and the thing thtat blew me away was I told him I didnt have enough money on me but for sure in a couple days I would be back.. David said I could give him half the money or whatever I could afford and come back on monday and pay the rest ..but take the mask with me so I could use it right away and get a good nights sleep . cool is that ?! Both he and his secretary ( sorry,I cant remember her name.) Were personable and took the time to test my equipment and make sure I had what I needed. The truth is ,im kinda lazy and dont usually do reviews or surveys ,but I have no problem taking a little time to tell people about this Integrity Treatment . I,ll make sure I go there for any future CPAP machine needs .:-)
By: Mark B.
Integrity Treatment Solutions
I reached David by phone after what seemed an exhausting search for someone that would be willing to work on my Sequal Eclipse3 autoSAT. It had stopped working, mysteriously. The company wanted $875 and for me to ship it to their nearest repair depot in San Diego. David said there would be no charge if he couldn't fix it. I'm a pretty good judge of character and I wasn't disappointed. I left it with David. He kept me updated on his progress. It was not a simple fix. He offered me a loaner since it was taking longer than he anticipated. He replaced multiple parts and got it working perfectly. The damage to my wallet was far less than what Sequal wanted to charge. It's nice meeting a small business owner with integrity. Thank you David.
By: Ron C.
Integrity Treatment Solutions
My wife has been on oxygen for sometime now. We needed to replace some tubing for my wife's portable Concentrator. She also had to have some 50ft tubing for her home concentrator. While looking around we found Integrity. The people there Dave and Kim Krepp were fantastic!!!! They took the time to answer ALL of our questions and treated us just like we were family. Now that's important. We give Dave and Kim Krepp and Integrity Treatment Solutions a rating of 10. My wife and I just want to say Thanks Dave and Kim!!!.
By: Dana K.
Integrity Treatment Solutions
When I walked into Integrity Treatment Solutions I knew immediately I was in the right place. I recently started using a CPAP and went in for a different mask. The owner was knowledgeable, extremely helpful and gave me personal attention that is often hard to find. I would highly recommend anyone that needs any respiratory supplies to make Integrity the first stop.
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By: Cindy H.
Integrity Treatment Solutions
So thankful to have been referred to Integrity for my sleep study. I recently purchased a CPAP machine and couldn't have asked for better service, combined with kindness, patience, friendliness, knowledge and reasonable prices. Dave and Kim make a great team and Integrity is the perfect name for their business. Thanks to both of you!!!
By: Donna S.
Integrity Treatment Solutions
I struggled with the wrong cpap system for years until I visited Integrity Treatment Solutions and they took the time and interest in making sure I have the right system for me. It has made a world of difference and all it took was paying a little attention to my needs instead of giving me "the standard" system.
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By: Phil P.
Integrity Treatment Solutions
A Wonderful place to do business. David lives and models his company name... INTEGRITY. Pricing is very fair, great product selection... combined with a great knowledge base. This is a Fabulous company, making a difference, giving back to the community... and offering EXCEPTIONAL service.
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By: Lori F.
Integrity Treatment Solutions
Excellent care and service for sleep apnea problems, oxygen, etc. Dave and Kim all super knowledgeable not only about their products but the disease process! Really impressed by the time they spent explaining my issues and concerns and working out the perfect mask for me. Highly recommend!
By: John C.
Integrity Treatment Solutions
Walked in and my needs for cpap supplies were not only taken care of but the service was incredible. Knowledgeable, courteous, very helpful. Be sure to speak with owner who will go out of his way to take care of you.
By: jasoncarlson
Medfix International, LLC
Medfix international is the right place to purchase surgical supplies. They were able to deliver all that I needed, and quickly. The pricing was great as well!

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