By: jasonlin
New York Burgers & Grill
where can i start! Its one of the best restaurant in Metro Detroit. There food is so tasty that it tasted like my mom make at home! I go every Sunday after church, every time I go in it smells like heaven. you can never imagine it! When I go, I wait in line for 5 minutes but my parents say it still worth it. you see how many people coming in every second. The french toast has a very good taste! All the breakfest is really good! I come 4-5 times a week because my father and mother dont have time to cook, so they say "the best place to eat in New York Burger And Grill." my father always love chopped sirloin sizzling with red skin potato and veggies,great taste. my mother loves the "Starwberry Chicken Salad," the best Chicken eat and around here! I never saw a cook make there food so fast! His name is Fili hes always smiling and a happy face! I try to say "Thank You," but he has no time, because its busy. Thank you for having New York Burgers & Grill, from my family and me!
By: customer0822
New York Burgers & Grill
I will have to say the food is really great! They have large portions and reasonable prices. Here is the problem, the wait staff is awful (one in particular). They constantly get our order wrong and don't bring half the stuff that we did order. When it happened once we were like okay, maybe a bad day, shes new etc. etc. It happens literally every time we go! I would have to say not all the staff is bad, but, there are a few that are really terrible (I am assuming they are family, because if it were my restaurant they would be fired). The cooks are also really creepy, if you just so happen to get a table within their view they just stare at you and your group constantly. Making dinner really uncomfortable. Every time we eat there we always say what a shame it is that they can't get it together, because it has high potential.
By: andreaq
New York Burgers & Grill
I come to New York Burgers and Grill many times a week and I can honestly say that it is the cleanest restaurant I have ever seen. The staff is very friendly and there is fast service. Don't even get me started on the portions, THEY ARE HUGEEE!!! and they are always served hot. Their prices are very reasonable. They have huge selections of breakfast items, salads, deli sandwiches, half a pound Angus Burgers.The dinners are served with a choice of soup, salad, or coleslaw. I have nothing bad to say about this restaurant, it is just amazing. I highly recomend coming here because you won't leave disappointed.
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By: Kenneth R.
I got the bacon BBQ chicken burger. It was more of a grease burger than a Smashburger. The bacon was undercooked and the grease dripped right through the bottom of the bun and all over the basket it was served in. The burger was ridiculously small for the price. How it plans to compete with Hardees, Rally's or even Wendy's I have no clue. Two stars is generous. I see no value in going back.
By: Gerald R.
We absolutely LOVE this restaurant. We eat here probably around once a month and every time the food is great. My wife is not a big fan of dine-in, but we've only taken the food to go two or three times. The restaurant is always clean, the waitstaff friendly (even the manager stopped by to check on us twice) and the restrooms are immaculate. Probably my favorite is they carry Mello-Yellow!
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By: Truth T.
New York Burgers & Grill
My eggs were undercooked waitress argued with me about them. She took my table mates bills and checked them out but left mine on table so I had to go up to register. She was still arguing with me when I walked out. The place used to be extremely busy but only two other tables in use on a sat morning. Guess I know why now.
By: Ted M.
New York Burgers & Grill
I ordered their New York Burger medium, and they cooked it well done. I guess if you want it medium you have to order it raw. I didn't like it on an onion roll, it would have been a lot better on a hamburger bun.
By: rachael90
New York Burgers & Grill
New York Burgers is awesome! Great prices and huge portions of yummy food! Best place to eat in Troy, in my opinion! Nice and friendly staff, too!

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