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By: Nickolas D.
ABC Warehouse
Justin, the audio specialist, was extremely helpful with a problem I was having with my subwoofer setup. At no cost whatsoever, he came out to my car and helped me adjust some wires and turn a few knobs on my amp to make my system work at peak performance without cutting out every two seconds. If you need any help regarding anything audio, see Justin, I'm sure he can help. Thanks a lot!
By: d99999
ABC Warehouse
We had a great experience with the guy we were working with at the store, but the delivery team was very disappointing. They broke our dryer in transit and had to come back another day with a new one. Then, on a separate occasion, they took nearly two hours to get to my house after their "heads-up" phone call, which caused me to be late to work.
By: rickberglund
Shorr Mickey
I started here but found it pricey but after going to another location that has been around as long did not seem to have as much knowledge of the newer cars and the canbus systems so it doesn't matter where you go it is kind of a guessing game. I would go back to Mickey Shorr again but maybe another store location.

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