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By: Kory C.
Sparky's Diner
I gotta say though that for as much as I love eating comfort food at my own job, I need a break every now and then, you know, to change it up. Well Sparky's is exactly the change I need! Whereas I eat at work four or five times a week, I still find my way to Sparky's weekly, mostly at their busiest times on the weekends, like Sunday or Saturday mornings. Now, coming at these times you would really think that the place would be so absolutely packed and therefore your food would take forever to cook. That is simply not the case. The awesome waitresses always bring out our food really quickly. Even in a full house, I've never waited any more than ten minutes for food. Never. This place is seriously one of the cutest diners in town, as they entertain a sweet 60's-era atmosphere complete with records on the walls and a jukebox in the corner. I will always recommend Sparky's!
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By: Michaela C.
Espresso Bay Juice Island
I love this place. Was surprised to find that the owner was wiling to do the same work asked of the employees. Friendly people, warm atmosphere and great coffee.
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By: Joe K.
Sparky's Diner
Good people. Great breakfest.
By: kenrsnyder
Sparky's Diner
Awesome Service - Great food

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