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By: Annette A.
Village Glen Apartments
I can't believe how wonderfully quiet this complex is and the overwhelming politeness of everyone living and working here! Everything is close by, I get a great view of the sunrise, and it's basically a single-story townhouse with just about any amenity you might need. I'm not moving any time soon!
By: D B.
King's Court Mobile Home Park
Dealing with King's Court was one of the worst experiences we've had. They are the most unprofessional group of people we've dealt with and we would never recommend them. Their communication was terrible. Despite leaving messages, sending emails and even going to the office, it was difficult to get a return call or response. Twice I went to the office during office hours and it was closed. It took me a week to get a call back to see a house and then the salesperson didn't show. The person in the office doesn't seem to know what is going on, their application process is such that it was impossible for us to provide what they required in the time frame they required it, and there was no effort on their part to find a solution, just a lot of "I don't know's." We were in a position to pay cash for a home and had an accepted offer, but the incompetence of the staff put an end to our ability to buy the home. Our experience was such that we felt something there just wasn't quite on the level.
By: Jen K.
Bay Hill Apartments
DONT LIVE HERE PLEASE. Id rather be in prison then live here. I knew tons of good people had problems with the office staff and went through bs evictions but always blew it off bc..well i was a faithful quiet tenant. Well quiet and faithful or not i know how they all feel now. They made me get rid of my dog then tried to evict me on situations that never happened! Even after i offered proof the manager wouldnt except the proof. Sketchy much? Ive never met or dealt with more disrespectful, rude and heartless staff then what they are. The owner should be ashamed of the people representing his property. Youd be better off in a card board box then living here. Save yourself and your family and pets. Go somewhere else. Its not worth it. Trust ALL the bad things you read cuz i can guarantee its all true.
By: Jeanne W.
Tendercare Birchwood
I want to thank everyone for the amazing care a love one received at Tendercare Birchwood last year. Everyone was so professional and compassionate, and we'll never be able to thank you guys enough.
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By: Heidi H.
Tendercare Birchwood
I am proud to say I am employed with Tendercare Birchwood. What I am most proud of is the family feel to the nursing facility and the care the residents get! Tendercare Birchwood continues to get better every day! The people that reside at the facility are what matters most to all the staff and it shows in their therapy progress, health care and satisfaction of daily living! I would recommend anyone to stay at the facility and see for yourself!
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By: Liz M.
Tendercare Birchwood
I had the pleasure of being introduced to Birchwood in 2001. Now today in 2016 I am still employed with Birchwood even through company change over because of the work family atmosphere. The staff at Birchwood continue to reinforce my belief in hard working and committed advocates for the people they care for day in and day out. I trust this building with my family and loved ones and have had my loved ones reside here. I would most definitely recommend Birchwood as a place of employment, a place for short term rehabilitation and patient education, and/or long term residency. The visions set forth by a recent changeover is yet one more exciting advantage to be included in.
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By: Megan M.
Bay Hill Apartments
After living here for about 7 years now, not only have I had NUMEROUS major maintenance issues that I've had to go above management and corporate heads to get the situations resolved but as of recently my rent was increased without any warning and my family and I are being evicted and we have a month to find a place and move. Bay hills reason for evicting us is that we have lease violations that we NEVER were notified of. Be careful when renting here they with screw you over even if it means lying. They are really shady people that own and manage this complex....DON'T TRUST THEM!!!
By: trustedanonymous
King's Court Mobile Home Park
NEVER RENT HERE. They are a scam, and are owned by a board of lawyers that will find anyway to pinch every penny from your pocket and then send you packing..
By: greenplastichuman
Manitou Woods Apartments
Where to begin... The first day we moved in the pipes under our kitchen faucet was leaking and we couldn't get anyone to come by and fix it for 3 days. The carpet was nasty burbur with a bunch of fray lines in it. We noticed that every time we turned on the light switches, they made crackling noises (but maintenance said that was perfectly normal). Whenever we turned off the upstairs hallway light it would BLINK for a while! But that was normal too. The property smells like raw sewage on some mornings to the point where you literally gag. I had a nasty smell coming from under one of my kitchen cupboards and had maintenance come to check it out. They said all they smelled was wet dog; it actually smelled like sewage (I have a dog, I know what wet dog smells like). I pay over a 1,000.00 a month to live here. All it covers is garbage and lawn maintenance, but there is no lawn maintenance that goes on here. The bush outside my townhouse looked like a nasty, dried-up tumble weed. They don't rake any leaves or pine needles. They don't maintain the landscape at all. There's dog droppings EVERYWHERE. Oh yeah, and you have to pay an additional 15.00 for a car port. It would be an utter joke to say their townhouses are energy efficient in any way, shape or form. All previous places I've rented have never sacked me with such ridiculous electric and gas bills. The upstairs is not insulated AT ALL! In the summer you have to point a fan up the stairs and even that doesn't make a difference. In the winter my daughter has to sleep with 4 thick blankets to keep warm (despite the register in her bedroom and one in the bathroom and the other room). The air conditioner doesn't work well and smells like mildew when it's on. The place was built and designed by a third grader I think. When I'm in my bedroom I can tell if the basement light is on because there's a gaping space between the molding and the carpet. The cupboard doors are crooked. No one seems to think they need to put their dogs on leashes and management does NOTHING about this. In fact, management is a total joke. The lady running the show here is an apathetic burn out, doesn't care about anything and think you have no valid reason to complain about anything. And finally, the morning after a major winter storm no one came out and plowed. Cars were getting stuck left and right in the parking lot! And this went on until noon! On a Friday! People couldn't leave to go to work or anywhere else because the maintence crew never showed up! Apparently they'd spent the first half of the morning taking care of the owner's property, making sure her place was nice and plowed. Apparently her property was more important than her tenants being able to get to work. And if you have children who need to ride the bus? Have fun with that. The sidewalk down this steep, treacherous hill is maintained only half the time. I would NEVER recommend living here. They say on their website that they provide "affordable", "luxury" townhouses but nothing could be further from the truth. These people are in it for themselves and they do not care.

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