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By: betsy.longton.7
Massaggio's Salon
Tina is a down to earth one of a kind sweetheart that not only knows her business trade like the back of her hand, but enjoys evert moment of it. I have been a loyal client to Massaggios salon for a few years now and will continue to be a returning customer for many years to come. I am a hairstylist myself and I am beyond picky/demanding when it comes to my hair. I can honestly vouch for your complete satisfaction upon every visit to this trendy comfortable salon. If you are seeking a relaxing atmosphere amongst people who will have you waking out of the door with a smile on your face a I visit to Massaggios is an absolute must. Tina is one of the few and far between hair guru's inTC.
By: spartygrl342
The Exchange Boutique & Salon
I really enjoyed the few times I went to Pavlova, I just moved so I was disappointed that once I had finally found a good stylist I had to move! Melissa was great, she was friendly and caring. She made sure I was comfortable and happy with my style. Once she stayed late so to fit in my cut with the color ( they were out of appointments so I was scheduled to come back the next day) which was so great! To be honest though, I left kind of intimidated, some of the other stylists seemed snotty. I would for sure recommend Pavlova, its been one of the best salons in Traverse since I was an envious little girl watching my Grandma getting her hair done there :)
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By: ziggy
Hair 2 Dye 4
Jamie got into an argument with her manager and walked out and left me sitting in the chair in the middle of a color. As I sat there listening to Jamie yell and smack the table in the back room, was a needless to say awkward. The way she talked to the manager and then walked out in front of everyone was uncalled for. The manager tried to diffuse the situation, and finished my color, but had to turn away appointments and walk ins. To know that this loose cannon is still working there is disappointing and unfair to the manager. I'm not sure if I will be back, but if I am, it will always be scheduled with Missy, the manager.
By: Lisa F.
Salon Moxie
Salon Moxie is awesome! The minute that you walk in you are greeted. Your coat is then whisked away. You are served a beverage option of local organic coffee/tea and/or infused water. The setting is so warm and cozy with big windows and lots of woodwork. Snuggle up to the cast iron fireplaces for extra warmth. The owner is very hands on and sweet as pie! The product line is amazing, not to mention organic. From your head to your toes this is your one stop beauty salon! I get the works, including top quality cold fusion human hair extensions and I never loose even one between maintenance appointments!
By: lynn.turner.359
Inspire Salon
Go to Carol Thayer, she is awesome. Listens and is fanatical about you getting what you want as far as style, color etc. Love her and hope I have her for a long time!!! enjoy her company also, is truly interested in your life and what is going on too which I find very refreshing. Great gal and does a wonderful job!! Thanks Carol.
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By: Sue M.
Renn Studio
Best hair stylist for short hair I have found in 25 years. Expert. Meticulously clean studio. service. Darl uses scissors (about 25 kinds), never a razor.. Also knows all the local political insider info. Definitely recommend. Fresh coffee. Gorgeous view; minks frolic along the Boardman.Sue Mc
By: makeupglamgirl
Enduring Beauty, LLP
Don't go anywhere else for permanent makeup! I had my eyebrows done at tatoo place and they turned blue. When to Enduring Beauty and they did a color correction and I also had my eyeliner done. Beautiful! Tammy & Darcy really made me feel comfortable and they are very professional.
By: angie.ockert1
La Senorita Mexican Restaurant
This is my favorite La Senorita the staff is awesome. When you go you have to try the table side guacamole it is yummy. Also the wings are the best in town. Also the fajitas and fajita salads are great. And on your birthday they sing too you and give you free ice cream.
By: tc2003
One of my favorite restaurants in the area. The Chicken Pot Pie is terrific and I have never had a disappointing meal here. They have a nice website which shows their different menu options including the cookbook series menus.
By: Edie V.
Agave Mexican Grill
Happened upon this restaurant while doing errands. We'll definitely be back. Had the taco fraijita salad with chicken. Guacamole and all the "extras" were standard fare. Salsa and chips were wonderful too. We'll be back.
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