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By: Tom B.
Patrick S. Fragel
I contacted Patrick after finding his firm online and reading reviews from previous clients. Dealing with the court and legal system is extremely stressful. The average person doesn't know or even understand the complexity that's involved in navigating through today's court system? What should I plead, what are the consequences of my plea, how does my record affect my situation, will I go to jail, will I lose my job, how will my family be affected, are my friends going to find out, how much money is this going to cost me,...etc.Having an experienced Lawyer on your side, that you can trust, and who is looking out for your best interest is invaluable to say the least. I can not say enough good things about Mr. Patrick Fragel and his law firm. Patrick was upfront and forthright on everything. Even though it's not always about the money, his price were more then fair.When it came time to deal with the court, he took control. We talked prior to going in and Patrick told me all the possible outcomes that this case could take. He instructed me and told me what we would do at each turn, what we would say and when we would say it. It played out exactly as he laid it out. Patrick made all the right moves at exactly the right times. Watching him navigate us through it was like watching Bobby Fischer dominate a chess game.My case ended with the BEST possible outcome that I could have ever imagined. Patrick's knowledge of the law was second to none. Again, I can't say enough nice things about him and his law firm. I couldn't even imagine what possible outcomes I could have had without his support - Thank You So Much Patrick!!
By: Raymond O.
Patrick S. Fragel
Patrick Fragel is a 5 star lawyer!!! I went to spend weekend up north and ended up with a drunk driving ticket. It's not the first or second time I had been in trouble. I was completely panicked and in an INCREDIBLE amount of trouble. I was so freaked out about what I had read on-line about a 3rd conviction and expected the worst case scenario!! I searched for a lawyer in the area where I was in trouble and found Fragel. I was able to immediately get in contact with him. He treated my case like it was an emergency that needed immediate attention. I of course thought this is how all lawyers act until they get your money, but was over the top pleased to find out that he is simply a great attorney!!! He dug deep and found a way to get me my life back. And if anyone reading this has been in a situation like mine than you will understand how very important it is to get this kind of Defense. My only advise if you do decide to use him, is to sit back and listen to what he and his assistant Robyn have to say. Let them do there job and I bet you will come out with the best scenario you can get. I hope that I'll never need him again. But I did learn over the years that there is a difference between average and above average. It was stupid to put myself in another bad situation but I'm obviously very happy I got lucky with an above average lawyer!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: satisfiedtc
Patrick S. Fragel
His work saved us $75,000 on our mortgage because he worked with the bank, and got a mortgage modification. We dont usually write reviews, but Patrick Fragel deserves some credit here. It took us over 9 months of meetings and endless paperwork, but in the end Patrick Fragel pulled it off. We were days away from packing up and giving the house back. A neighbor said to talk to Patrick Fragel, who showed us our mortgage modification options. Our family was less than a week from the foreclosure sale, and Patrick Fragel got it stopped. We did not have to pay the past due mortgage payments, we got a lower interest rate (2.0%) AND a lower payment - one we could afford. The process can be frustrating, but stick with it - your home is worth it. Yea, I recommend Patrick Fragel, he did my family a great service.
By: Levi P.
Patrick S. Fragel
After researching lawyers in the area I was pleased to find Patrick. His website said not to wait until Monday and it wasn't a lie. I called Sunday afternoon and he met with me that evening. After reviewing my case and situation he provided excellent advice, and went to court with me. I have reviewed approximately 350 of his cases, and I must say that if you have an OWI/DUI or any criminal charges, he has an excellent track record for getting the charges dropped down to manageable infractions. Don't deal with a bully attorney who won't provide great service or pay $5,000 - call Patrick!
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By: Heather W.
Patrick S. Fragel
Patrick is in my opinion one of the best criminal lawyers in the Grand Traverse area. When our son was arrested Patrick and Robin took time out of their weekend to meet with us. Patrick did his homework when it came to our sons charges. Because of Patricks knowledge of the law he was able to have the felony charges dismissed. We are grateful every day for Patrick and Robin! Robin (office manager) is always on top of your communication and scheduling. It was such a pleasure to work with someone so organized and efficient.
By: patrickfragel
Patrick S. Fragel
Made the bankruptcy process low-stress because the staff and lawyer know what they are doing - GREAT JOB
Tips & Advices
It is prudent, even after all outcomes have been adjudicated, that clients follow-up with their attorneys to ensure the specifics are known, conditions are met and the client is on the right path toward resolving debts.
A common result of bankruptcy filing is a payment plan that is created to eventually discharge the debts that brought you to court in the first place. You should have a conversation with your attorney on exactly what debts you may have discharged, or otherwise reorganized.
There are requirements for appearing at different points in the case. For instance, you will need to be present for the meeting with creditors. If the proceeding become litigious, your appearance may be required. However, filers are not often required to appear in court for every step.
You will need a large amount of documentation, including those that establish your: income, dependents, marital status and work status; previous tax filings; and debts (mortgage, student loans, car loan).
Searching online for a bankruptcy attorney will often turn up results for attorneys in your area. Also ask attorneys you know if they have any to recommend.

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