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By: Bambi M.
Ling's Cafe
Lings cafe is very behind the scenes. Food is good. But service and the Chinese couple are rude. But they're is human trafficking. Lings cafe hires Hispanic illegal guys. They make em work 9am to close. They pay them little or nothing not even minimum wage and the manager pocket about $600 from them a month it's not fair they come here for a better life and to support their families. One of the young men that were working there slips and fell on the grill burning his hand and arm. He suffered second degree burn. The manager and his wife a Chinese couple sent this young kid home with no pay or the day and just burn spray burn relief spray. He was not able to go to Stormont-Vail 2 get the medical attention that he needed. I I know that in return for these guys working they put about 6 of the guys 4 in the kitchen in the front room and two in the one bedroom they sleep on mattresses and they get by just enough to go to work and go home. They pay for all the bills room and board. The apartment is called Schoolhouse Apartments is located near lings. They hired Oscar suerez a coyote to find employees. I'm coming out about this. Some of the guys were friends of mine and my frends. They confided in us. My friends no longer work there. They moved to work in Lawrence and some went back to guerro. And tlappa. Mexico. New guys were hired. Hopeing this goes to the investigation. And the detective. It's sad and wrong
By: baileydad
Ling's Express
FANTASTIC!Don't let the fact that any new business has some 'start up' problems, while training staff, etc….the FOOD here is amazing, and the manager and workers work very hard to please EVERY customer! We have tried most the chicken entrees and the meat is tender and flavorful, while the veggies are crisp and fresh. We love the fried rice that comes with it, because it has much better flavor than plain white rice. All the appetizers are fresh and tasty. The EGG DROP SOUP is one of the best I have ever eaten! I could drink it out of a cup…..YUM! Also, the portions are all generous, so we many times get two meals out of each of our orders. Call ahead, and then just drive through to pick it up…it has always been very quick for us. SO HAPPY to have this new, delicious food available in a convenient location just East of Lake Shawnee! Try it… will be a fan, just like us….and everyone we have sent there!
By: nina_g
Torteria La Esquina
I HIGHLY recommend to eat here. Place is under new management. Go in for lunch and try anything on the menu you will go back for dinner. Their tortas are delicious!!!Their other dishes are yummy but their tortas are their specialty. The customer service is great/friendly. You can either sit and be waited on or order at the register to eat in or carry out. The location is clean. Their prices are unbeatable as well as their quality so feel free to stop by and give it a chance if you haven't already.
By: bruins71
Mr Stir Fry
Today my wife and I went to Mr Stir Fry for lunch, for the first time. The line was long, to get in, but moved very quickly. There was so much food, and it was delicious. Our waitress was very good about keeping our drinks topped of and picking up our dirty plates. The tables and restaurant were very clean and organized. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who like great oriental cuisine and a good atmosphere.
By: Brannon M.
I think this is the best Mexican Food in Topeka!!! Great service and Owners!! Very nice inside and out! There Mole is Great! I have ate at Tequilas 10x's since they opened a little over a month ago. They have great staff and cooks! If you want it HOT they will make it to order. The Bar has good Prices on Draw beer and there Margaritas are affordable and Very good! You gotta go and check them out!!
By: Cassandra C.
Ling's Express
At first I was hesitant, but after a couple of tries I really liked the place. They changed their fried rice and it's amazing! I crave it now. Everyone is very kind, and they even give free food to the consumers. They treat me like family. The meat is cooked very good! The sweet and sour chicken is my favorite here. It's so nice to have a good Asian place neat by now.
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By: absolutgrndzer0
China Express
This used to be my favorite Chinese restaurant in Topeka, but then they halved the size of their crab rangoons while leaving the price the same. While the rest of the menu didn't change, it's to me the principle of charging the same price for half the portion, even if it's just the crab rangoons, what's next?
By: onesweetgal71
Big'Uns Grill
These guys and gals are new to the business but really know their smoked meats!! Great flavor and awesome bbq sauce! Everyone give them some time and your patience as they figure out how the service will flow because if you are willing to wait you will not be disappointed. Keep is up ya'll!!!
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By: Robert M.
Discount Smoke Inc
Great friendly place. Awesome prices. As a regular i am very pleased. Thats where i take my business n tell others bout it.
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By: clarkkent8169
CoCo Asian & Chinese Cuisine
Best Chinese food in town and some of the best you'll ever eat..hidden in a little strip mall. Best kept secret in town!

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