By: Kathy W.
Ashland Heights
I had read the only other review, which was negative, before I moved in here. I had some trepidation after reading it, but from day one, I've only had positive experiences. The security has ALWAYS been kind and helpful, and knew my name after one day. The grounds are kept well by staff, and they have activities for the residents at all times if you choose to participate. The office staff has always been available and helpful. The laundry room prices are very low. It's at a great location; I have a view of the bridge by the river that pulsates with changing lights, plus the fireworks went off after the ballgame which I could see from my window. I've never had any negative experiences, but I am not combative and negative myself.
By: Jennifer S.
Capricorn Banquet Hall
I had my June 6, 2015 wedding reception at Capricorn hall. Rick was amazing, the facility was beautiful, and the bartenders were awesome to my guests. His price is fair, and I was allowed to bring in outside catering which was a main priority for me. He also offers clean up after the event for a small, nominal fee. The fee is totally worth it so that family members and wedding party do not have to stay and clean up. He box all of my things up nicely, and I went and picked them up for days later. I would highly recommend this facility. I have used it to other times, and the experience was just as great
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By: athena6083
Plate 21
Absoutely marvelous! The atmosphere is fun, enchanting and filled with loving care. I try to go as often as possible. However, their hours are limited and since I am self-employed, I can not always make it there, darn. When I do, I love it! P21 has special nights that are fun and engages in community events and is social justine minded (right up my alley). Coffee is premium. My favorite is the cemix (ask them, can't explain). The apple pie is the best EVER!. Fruit smoothies are delcious too.
By: Aj Z.
Graces Kitchen
If you pay close attention to the other reviews, you'll easily be able to tell that they are written by the same, unintelligent person, just on different dates. They have common threads, like complaining about the same menu items. In addition, they need to learn the difference between "they're", "there", and "their". Finally, its "our", not "are", genius. The food is great and the staff is friendly. Someone clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed for the entire month of March in 2010.
By: Marie L.
Sandalwood Apartments
Not sure how it was when the other folks who wrote reviews lived here, but since Charlene has been property manager, this place has been wonderful! She really cares about us and has taken her time to get to know us. Love the location - I actually can see deer right outside my door! It's so quiet, nice neighbors. Some of my neighbors have dogs, but they are well mannered and always picked up after. Definitely recommend living here!
By: leannekrumm
I went here yesterday for lunch while my computer was getting diagnosed and got a patty melt ( suggested by Brad at Abet computers )Anyway the food was delicious and the portion was large "will return". The restaurant was a little dark I don't know if they were saving energy or trying to keep it cooler in there, It was 90+ degrees outside
By: ladylove419
Deez Diner
I've been a long time customer of Deez diner. I'm never disappointed with my meal or service! I usually have to get a to go box but now she has specials with smaller portions for 3.99! So if I'm very hungry or a little hungry I'm set! The waitress make you feel like your at home. Very friendly. My family and I will always go back!
By: Shannon H.
White Tower
I use to love the butter burgers from here. But the food quality has slipped dramatically. Now all you get is a flat grease burger. Good if you have late night hunger and dont care much for taste. Their breakfast is better but still is a bit of a dive these days. :-(
By: Sukit H.
Sukit Hookah Lounge & Gift Shop
Sukit Hookah is a great lounge with an incredible atmosphere and staff. Their new location is a testament to their success and it seems like every day they have something new in the way of selection, entertainment, or just plain news. I highly recommend.
By: shawntelle.ugottaluvme
My Own Soul
this is a place i would go to for breakfast lunch and dinner! the meals are very healthy and filling. most of the products used and sold are gluten free and also free of pork. the prices are very reasonable and everything is cooked from scratch

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