By: marcia.b.castro
I ordered a McChicken Sandwich, Oatmeal Cookies and Lemonade. The chicken was covered with coarse black pepper which made it so hot l couldn't even eat it and they charged me for cookies that they didn't even put in my bag, and the lemonade was so watered down that it had no flavor but sour. I called and she said they'd replace it. I had just drove 350 miles and stopped to get something to eat before l sack out. I sure as H---don't want to drive there and if the rest of their food is like what they gave me, THEY CAN KEEP IT! I SHOULD HAVE GONE TO TACO BELL!!!
By: jfirsdo
Del Taco
We went in thinking this was just another fast food joint. NOT!! I love the Fish tacos the most. Just cant get enough of them. The tacos come with deep fried fish, a secret sauce, tomatoes, oinion, and lettuce. Very fresh and very good. And what is really great is you can have anything else put on the fish taco you want, guacalmole, sour cream, etc. The food is quick, and in-expensive. I also love the deluxe taco, with all the usuals, plus sour cream. My husband likes this place even more than I do. Give it a try.
By: blacksr1
Sonic Drive-In
Went, to the drive thru at 8:45p and they were out of the cream they didn't have hardly anything and when I change my mind. I found something that I would like the attendant put in the wrong order I was just not happy. and drove away.poor management at this restaurant
By: arohweder
Taco Bell
Everything was great service food and very clean
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By: Nic A.
Del Taco
Chicken tacos are amazing, even better drunk

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