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By: atvfanatic
Dumas Chiropractic
Dr. Dumas is a magician. My favorite part is that he gives you one Free visit for every person you refer to him, and the person you refer receives a Free consultation visit and X-rays.When I walked into the office I was greeted by a smiling receptionist who knew the names of all the other patients waiting in the lobby. Once Dr. Dumas entered the exam room, he immediately got down to business. Taking x-rays, measurements and writing notes on my sheet. We talked and joked and once he was finished, he instructed me to come back in two days. He also explained to me the reason for the time between visits is to create a more thorough treatment plan for me and to take a second look at my x-rays.On the second visit, he explained to me the x-rays more in-depth and showed me exactly what he was going to do. I had never been to a chiropractor before, so I found his explanations to be comforting It took more than one visit to correct my back pain from my sports injuries, it took time and it wasnt magic. I didnt leave the office jumping for joy because I was magically healed. However, I noticed a difference when I could get out of bed without pain and my feet going numb every morning or I could sit in a chair for more than 20 minutes without my pain being so severe I wanted to pass out.My treatment with Dr. Dumas ended after 12 visits, but I have continued seeing him for wellness visits and adjustments for the past year. I feel great and my pain has not returned! The adjustments also helped my headaches and insomnia, but that was just a bonus.Overall, I like to think of him as a doctor who prefers straightforward honesty and a small business environment, opposed to herding patients through his office like cattle. I would recommend him to anyone for anything. He even does acupuncture!If you are in the least bit curious, check out his website or find him on facebook
By: Alecia K.
Dr. David M. Lewis, MD
Dr Lewis was so pleasant and very imformative when explaining my condition. What I really appreciated the most about Dr. Lewis is how patient he was with me and I did not feel rushed. I will tell all my friends and family about Dr. Lewis...and if my condition gets worse I will be back.
By: D P.
Lawrence M. Spetka, MD
The entire staff was very friendly and efficient. After my first appointment I had all my tests completed and was diagnosisded with in two weeks. My surgery was one week later and everthing went according to plan. I am pain free for the first time in 15 years. Thanks to Dr. Spetka.
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By: Kimmie T.
Smith Connie
The first review I did a day or 2 ago Shows a 2 Star Over All rating which is Totally INCORRECT. It was to be a 5 Star rating. Not sure how it posted with a 2 Star over all rating, so much for a bad internet connection apparently. ����
By: Debra D.
Lawrence M. Spetka, MD
My experience was good! One issue I do have is with the at home instructions are not very imformative. I got home and really did not know what I was able to do. othe than that my experience was a good one.
By: Gerald I.
Dr. David M. Lewis, MD
My experience with Dr. Lewis has been great. The doctors and staff were very understanding and helpful to my needs. My procedure results have been a success and I am very happy.
By: R R.
Lawrence M. Spetka, MD
Excellent experience. Helpful, curtious staff. All appointments on time and no waiting. I liked Dr. Spetka's style and approach. Very pleased with the results.
By: Norm A.
Dr. David M. Lewis, MD
The surgery was done very well. The Doctor knew what and where the problem was. I would recommend the doctor very highly.
By: Rob R.
Lawrence M. Spetka, MD
always friendly and informative...feel very comfortable asking questions.
By: Nicole G.
Lawrence M. Spetka, MD
Tips & Advices
Scoliosis is a disorder where the spine curves sideways. Most people develop the condition during the growth spurt before puberty. The cause of scoliosis is unknown and most cases are mild, but the rare severe instances can disable a person.
Orthopedic surgeons attend four years of medical school, then four to five years of orthopedic residency in a hospital. They must also be licensed and certified in orthopedic surgery by the state in which they practice.
The terms "orthopedic doctor" and "orthopedic surgeon" refer to the same profession. Related specialties include podiatrist, a doctor who works with the bones, tendons and ligaments in the feet, and a sports medicine physician, a doctor specially trained to treat athletes.
The cost of a visit to an orthopedic surgeon depends on the type of tests ordered and treatment given. For example, an MRI costs $500-$1,300. An initial consultation costs $100- $500, while anesthesia for a procedure generally ranges from $2,000-$4,000. Overall, an orthopedic surgery can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000.
During a consultation or first appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, the practitioner will ask the patient a variety of questions to understand the situation. The surgeon might ask about the patient's pain levels, medical history, and any prior injuries. Then, the surgeon will administer a physical exam and possibly schedule tests to better understand the problem. Possible tests include a stress test, x-ray, or MRI.

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