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By: Heather E.
Aaa Standard Services Inc
I'm posting this a few months after we had AAA come clean our basement after the sewer collapsed and caused sewage backup. They came out in a timely fashion. However, that's about all I'm happy with. Once everything finally dried, I noticed that the tiles seemed to be stained. I wanted to go over the floors one more time with bleach. I dripped a little plain water on the floor while filling the bucket and the "stain" immediately appeared to run away from the water (like when you put a drop of dish soap into water with grease). So there was this nasty brown-ish residue (resi-poo) on my floor still. We made a call and were told it was normal...um didn't we pay them to clean the mess? It was not clean. After AAA left, I also noticed that there was a puzzle that had been knocked on the floor, there were parts that they had sprayed and wedged under a PVC pipe that runs along the floor. Now it's been a couple months and our line seems to be starting to backup again, we caught it before it started coming out thankfully. The plumber pulls out puzzle pieces, dryer sheets and random other odds and ends. Sooooo AAA, instead of bagging the contaminated items, just decided to spray them down the sewer line. We will not use them again if there should be a next time. I'll do it myself since I had to do it myself again after paying them to do it.
By: Aj Z.
Graces Kitchen
If you pay close attention to the other reviews, you'll easily be able to tell that they are written by the same, unintelligent person, just on different dates. They have common threads, like complaining about the same menu items. In addition, they need to learn the difference between "they're", "there", and "their". Finally, its "our", not "are", genius. The food is great and the staff is friendly. Someone clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed for the entire month of March in 2010.
By: leannekrumm
I went here yesterday for lunch while my computer was getting diagnosed and got a patty melt ( suggested by Brad at Abet computers )Anyway the food was delicious and the portion was large "will return". The restaurant was a little dark I don't know if they were saving energy or trying to keep it cooler in there, It was 90+ degrees outside
By: ladylove419
Deez Diner
I've been a long time customer of Deez diner. I'm never disappointed with my meal or service! I usually have to get a to go box but now she has specials with smaller portions for 3.99! So if I'm very hungry or a little hungry I'm set! The waitress make you feel like your at home. Very friendly. My family and I will always go back!
By: Shannon H.
White Tower
I use to love the butter burgers from here. But the food quality has slipped dramatically. Now all you get is a flat grease burger. Good if you have late night hunger and dont care much for taste. Their breakfast is better but still is a bit of a dive these days. :-(
By: shawntelle.ugottaluvme
My Own Soul
this is a place i would go to for breakfast lunch and dinner! the meals are very healthy and filling. most of the products used and sold are gluten free and also free of pork. the prices are very reasonable and everything is cooked from scratch
By: therza.cox
My Own Soul
My Own Soul Restaurant in Toledo, Ohio has great food! I tried the garlic mashed potatoes and the fried green beans. Everything was very well seasoned and prepared on the spot. I loved it! I will definately go again.
By: joshua.knapp.984
Palacio Maya
Wife and i were craving mexican food and the place we used to go to closed up. Fortunately for us this is the best mexican food either of us have ever had. Will be here again soon
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By: Carly J.
All U Neat Professional Cleaning Service
I am sorry for the mess that I left last week, but that is kind of the point why I have to call you at the first place, by the way, thank you for cleaning that mess up.
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By: Deb W.
Dually's Gastropub
This was our first visit here but we will be back. Tyler was an awesome server and the food was great. Give this place a try, you'll be very pleased.
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Home insurance typically doesn’t cover mold inspection--mold remediation overall is a category that homeowner insurance rarely covers. If caused by a “specified peril” such as a burst pipe, household appliance overflow or flood, the insurance will cover expenses related to mold remediation.
Yes, mold can be dangerous to human health. The types of mold that can cause harm to humans are allergenic mold and the black mold strain called stachybotrys atra. Certain black molds produce toxins, and can be hazardous to respiratory health. There are types of green mold that cause allergic reactions in some people that can be as severe as black mold sickness.
Mold testing begins with a visual inspection, that is performed with specialized equipment, such as thermal imaging cameras. Once the top problem spots are identified, the mold specialist will get an air sample in the most problematic zone, and compare it to an air sample from fresh outdoor air. Follow-up tests--either more air samples or surface swab analyses--cost extra.
Black mold has become synonymous with toxic mold, but this is misleading. Black mold really just refers to the color of the mold, and there are many types of mold that present as black and are not toxic. The group called stachybotrys atra can produce mycotoxins, which are potentially quite dangerous to human respiratory systems.
A mold inspector should be called if you suspect there may be mold somewhere in the house, but you cannot find it on your own. It should also be called if mold is found, but it is difficult to assess what type it is.

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