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By: don1947
Espres Nails and Spa Salon
While the mall has a nice layout and good selection of stores the management is very poor.SECURITY: You do see both mall security and on some occasions off-duty Toledo Police officers but, there are not enough of them. Further you rarely see them break up groups of kids standing in the isles, yelling, using profanity, or loitering. There is supposed to be a city and mall curfew that dictates certain age groups have to be accompanied by adults, but I cannot see where it is enforced unless a serious fight breaks out. The congregation of kids is intimidating to shoppers. I see elderly people veering away from the groups in an effort to avoid contact. The kids are loud and rude making other customers in their path move out of the way. The parking lots are well lit, but you hardly ever see a security vehicle when you go to your car. Prior to Westfield taking over you would always see security both inside and outside. In the mall they would stop groups and make them move on. Now...nothing.CLEANLINESS: The food court is also well laid out with plenty of tables, but the cleaning staff pretty much sucks. On many occasions we would spend 30-60 minutes there and never see anyone come by. When they do, they clean poorly. Last time we went there we passed a number of tables that had left over food wrappings, spilled milk or pop, chocolate smeared on the table, food on the chairs and one table had full milk container spilled on the table, chair, and floor right by the steps. We waited and no one came by. As we were ready to leave I was going to put a chair in front of it so no one would fall and a cleaner came up, but that was too long to leave it that way. Another time we watched a cleaner come up to a groups of dirty tables, empty the trash can and move on, another came up and picked up the wrappers and...moved on, and finally another came up and wiped all the excess food to the floor and moved on. Inefficient and poorly done. The fact that they stayed dirty as long as they did says to me that the manager should be fired.CONCLUSION: If a place is uncomfortable to go to then how can I be expected to spend my money there?
By: michelle.b.carter
Victoria Nail Spa
Reletavly new place close to home. I had my nails put on here, and continue to get my balances done here. The people there are very friendly and the place is VERY CLEAN. If you ask me all the nail places around here are neck and neck. I don't see a whole lot of difference in the products, the people working, or the end results, however not every salon is this clean. I also like that I can get right in during the week if I come before noon. There is a large polish selection, nice television, magaziens to read, and nice dryers. The girl who does the designs is really good. The designs are hand painted, and not airbrushed, so I don't expect PERFECTION. The prices are right too.
By: ladyshiloh
Studio Nails & Spa
The shop has room for improvement. It is clean and pleasant. It is run by a Mother / Daughter team, which I like. However, the girls are quite frequently on their cell phones speaking with friends or family, not clients. Family and friends, including children, are in the shop often, just hanging out at the stations. And twice I waited over 20 minutes for the manager to show up for the first appointment of the day! My time is valuable. I understand being behind by the end of the day, but being 20 minutes late for the first appointment is inexcusable.
By: tangela.m.williams
Nail Fanatics
Hi ladies and gentlemen! I am so excited to meet you. We will be open within the next 2 & a half weeks. We are just waiting for our pedicure thrones. It will be a pleasure to meet and service. We are a very clean nail salon. We do not reuse any disposable items which helps prevent any contamination or fungus. We have all been in the beauty industry for years so we know how to do our job and make you proud to show off your hands and feet without regret. So call and schedule your appointments. Thank you.
By: ejandjulian
Untamed Salon
I just recieved a awsome new look at the Untamed Salon. I have been looking for a new stylist to go to because mine rexently moved out of town. A friend recomended that I try out this new salon in the area. I was nervous but agreed. Let me tell you I could'nt have been happier. The two sister owners were fabulous! I would definatly recomend this salon to anyone. Ps. my new cut and color are perfect!!!!! I love it:)
By: Sharda R.
Victoria Nail Spa
Micheal has been doing my nails 2years now n I love them everytime she knows just how I like them she keeps conversation n they always great u wen u walk in I never wait long at all I never have to tell her how to do my nails the shop is very clean n neat her n her husband r very nice friendly pple whatever u want they do it I've never heard no one say they hated anything that has been done by them ����
By: kimh
Perfection Heating & Air Conditioning
Rick and his team at Perfection Heating are very knowledgeable and quick to respond to his customer's needs, Great company to do business with. I have worked for Rick in the past and He has done business with us. Give them a call for any of your HVAC needs Kim
By: Pattie B.
A J's Emporium for Beauty Care
I've been going to AJ's for over twenty years. The staff is always friendly and accommodating to my last-minute rescheduling due to my kids crazy schedules. They offer excellent service at affordable prices. I would highly recommend them!!
By: Jack T.
Voegeli Heating & Air Condtng
excellent heating and ac company. highly recommend for your needs. Honest and helpful. fixed a problem for me that other companies just kept charging me but not fixing. Call these guys!!
By: Jayla F.
Untamed Salon
This is a great one stop shop they have anything to accommodate your needs. The quality of service is among the best and the prices are just as good. Thank you ladies for being so great!
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