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By: Mary D.
Sharper Image Window Washing
I've used Sharper Image many times over the years BUT ownership has changed and Dave Clark is no longer the owner, so 'buyer, beware!' The new owner does not share Dave's same work ethic, attention to detail or concern for customer retention. I made an appt with them ONLY after THEY called me, using Dave's existing customer base, and solicited my business. I should have expected the disaster that ensued, based on the fact that the office person is less than professional, confused and 'uncomfortable' on the phone. When their first appt of the day cancelled and she wanted to send the guys to my home, 2.5 hours early, I explained that it was impossible and this completely frazzled her and she treated me as if "I" had thrown the wrench in their schedule! (I have a large riverfront home with double-paned, double-hung Simonton windows that are about 8 years old and in excellent condition.....nothing unusual.) I've always paid for and received full service, which included cleaning both sides, cleaning the vinyl-clad frames and vacuuming the screens -- all of which may be done from the INSIDE of my home, while in an air-conditioned, comfortable environment, so it's not a laborious process by any means. (I've done the windows myself and it's SO easy.) The job I got was not at all what I expected! Streaks, smears, dirty screens, smeared & still dirty tracks, dust, dust & residue brushed ONTO the window sills and carpet, items moved & not replaced in their original positions, etc.... But, to top it off, the owner even treated me to his attitude at the end and a non-stop barrage of paltry excuses for his sub-par work, even commenting that he 'had to get on his knees' to clean the windows in one room that are about 18" from the wood floor at the bottom.... (Really? Oh, no! Not your KNEES?!) His excuse for a couple windows was 'hard water spots.' Hey, here's an idea: use the window PASTE that Dave used and those tiny spots buff right off! I mean, you ARE the professional window cleaner who, according to your website, 'specializes in ONLY windows, so you can handle anything!' It was a disaster and waste of my time and I now have to pay someone to come out and CLEAN the windows that are still not properly cleaned! Dave has always charged me $276; the office girl confirmed I would be charged $276; but when the owner arrived, he bitched & moaned that he should be making more.... (I just hate people like this! Either do the job for the quoted price, or don't bother showing-up! There's LOTS of people who'd like to work!) In the end, because I must now call another PROFESSIONAL out (before Thanksgiving), I paid him $200 and it appears I will pay at least half THAT amount to the 2nd company to come out and 'finish' the job. I suspect this guy is new to the business world and has sour grapes about what he's doing for a living. Everyone is simply NOT cut-out to be a business owner. I'd bet this company will be out of business within six months! (Sure do miss Dave Clark, his great service, winning attitude and awesome work ethic! They just don't 'make 'em like DAVE' anymore!)
Tips & Advices
The type and shape of windows impact the cost of window cleaning. The least expensive windows to clean are smaller windows, such as hopper windows, awning windows, single-hung windows, double-hung windows, and casement windows. Larger windows, such as double-casement windows and sliding windows, tend to be more costly to clean.
When choosing a window cleaning company, it's important to ask if the company is insured, since liability and worker's compensation insurance can protect you from financial liability if there is an accident on the job. You should also also if employees undergo criminal background checks and drug testing, since this can help shield you from theft.
Most window cleaning services will brighten the look of your property's windows by cleaning each window's interior and exterior, and they will scrub the glass to make sure buildup from tree sap, bird droppings, and mulch spore is thoroughly removed. Many will also clear insects and fungus infestations from your windows at no extra cost.
To care for windows between cleanings, regularly inspect the window's sill or track, and use a vacuum to remove soil and debris if an excessive amount of buildup is observed. Help your windows to drain properly by using a small bottle brush to regularly remove debris from your window's weep holes.
When cleaning tinted windows, it's important to steer clear of using window cleaners that contain ammonia. With constant use, ammonia can cause your tinted windows to turn purple, and it can weaken the film that is responsible for your window's tint. Ammonia is found in common window cleaners, such as Windex, so you'll need to read labels carefully when making a purchase.

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