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By: Jill H.
Jill's Grooming Cottage
hi my name is Jill Hermanson and I own Jills Grooming Cottage in Titusville Florida my mother had the very first grooming shop in Titusville Florida in 1960 she groomed for many years and then I started grooming dogs actually washing and drying and cutting nails and cleaning years when I was 11 or 12 Ive been grooming ever since I've obtained Awards and I'm certified in every breed with the National dog groomers Association I'm truly dedicated to my customers and I love their animals treat them as if they were my own I never raise a hand to a dog and never muzzle one unless there's no other alternative I do not give them drugs to calm them down I take my time with each animals I try to groom to the appropriate breed unless specified by the customer I'm truly professional at what I do I've been grooming animals for over 40 years I've been in numerous competitions and won numerous awards for my grooming I've had a couple reviews on here about cutting and splitting dog's nails well no my nail clippers are sharp sometimes if you trim a dog's nails and you don't dremel / file them there is always a possiblity of the nail to split customer when asked for you not to dremel them then you have sometimes splitting of the nail...as far as another review of urine all over my place thats untrue occasionally if a dogs on the way out the door and I don't notice it there might be a leg lifted i didnt see but as far as urine all over the place and dogs being aggressive that's not true either , yeah I have a little three and a half pound Chihuahua that's my own personal dog sometimes he likes to act like he's Godzilla and he barks at people and acts like a little protecter when you're coming in the door but most of the time I have them put up so they can't aggravate customers but as far as anything else goes I love animals and I'll treat yours like there my own I try to groom to breed standard and I believe I do a great job and as far as me not being professional I'm very professional I know what I'm doing I'll do my very best I can do with what you give me to work with.....
By: dara.tracy
Jill's Grooming Cottage
We took our cavalier King Charles here to be groomed. We are from out of state so had never been here before. Molly was in embarrassing shape- stinky, dirty, and matted. I'm very picky with how she is groomed and many are not familiar with their standard. I have to say that Jill did an amazing job!! Molly looked gorgeous, smelled beautiful, and was silky soft! I was impressed and also satisfied with her service. She called around and helped me find the brand of dog food I was looking for (which was just down the street!) since we were unfamiliar with the area. We were very happy with her grooming technique and great full for such an amazing job. I am big on customer service and highly recommend this business!
By: jennifer.cadiz.7
Jill's Grooming Cottage
The first time I took my dog to her I was nervous because my dog is getting up there in her years. When I picked my dog up the first thing I noticed was that she was so calm, relaxed and not afraid. She was happy to see me but not to the point of wanting to jump off the table like she normally tries to do. Her hips didn't hurt her and she wasn't in pain. She is not there all day (the longest was 3 hrs which is NOT long at all) and she looked awesome when she was done. I am very happy and so is my little poochie. Thank you for the awesome job you do.
By: Eden A.
Doggone Pet Salon
I have been bringing my dog here for almost two years now and highly recommend this place. Terry does a terrific job grooming my 13 year old toy poodle and make sure she calls me 10 minutes prior to finishing since she knows my dog is afraid of been in a kennel. I love her and lots of people feel the same way since she is always booked.
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By: Marlene kathy R.
Jill's Grooming Cottage
Wonderful place to have your dog or cat groomed. Jill loves animals and is always trying to find good homes for unwanted animals. My little yorkie always looks like a little show dog when Jill is finished with her. My sister takes her schnauzer there too and she looks awesome when my sister picks her up. I recommend her highly.
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By: Joanne R.
Jill's Grooming Cottage
Best grooming place around, period. I wouldn't consider anyone else after my wonderful experience here. They are amazing all around, staff, prices, friendliness etc. They care about what they do and care about the animal as well. I highly recommend this place, you won't find anything better!
By: Chris P.
Doggone Pet Salon
I've been bringing my dog here for about 2 years and it has ALWAYS been a great experience. They listen to what I want and have always been friendly and treat my dog wonderful. He looks and feels "Special Sporty" when he is done! I highly recommend to anyone looking.
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By: Paula D.
Robin's Mobile Pet Salon
Robin did a great job with my 4.5lb yorkie. Lilly's face was a little uneven but this was the first time Lilly had met Robin so she was very nervous but all-n-all I am very pleased with Robin's skills and I believe I have found a new groomer for my girls!!!
By: Teresa T.
Doggone Pet Salon
Leah Kenyon hasnt worked there in over a month ..Im sorry to the ppl whom she has hurt with her hateful thoughts..which are not my own..I dont care what race religion or sexual prefernce you have ..Im only here to make your babies pretty and clean!!
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By: Jane R.
Jill's Grooming Cottage
Great Service and Great GroomingThis is the only groomer that did not leave clipper marks/cuts on my Shih Tzu. She truly loves dogs and they love her. I take my American Eskimos to her regularly. I highly recommend Jill's Grooming cottage
Tips & Advices
Some pet groomers have viewing areas where owners can sit and watch their pets being treated. Most prevent owners from being in the same room as the pet, however, as the owner's presence might cause the pet to become too excited.
Pets that cannot interact with strangers do not make good professional grooming candidates. Sometimes medication can help, but some groomers don't take animals that have been sedated. If a pet becomes too unruly, a groomer may end the session entirely.
It's best to fully vaccinate pets before bringing them to their first grooming appointment. Dogs should receive the DA2PPC vaccine, which stands for canine distemper, canine andenovirus type 2, canine parvovirus, and parainfluenza. It's also a good idea to vaccinate dogs against Bordedatella (aka “kennel cough”). In fact, New York City requires dogs receive both DAPP and Bordetella shots. Cats, meanwhile, should get the FVRCP vaccine: feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus infection, and panleukopenia. In addition, all pets should be up to date on their rabies shots. Owners should wait at least 24 hours after getting their pet vaccinated before bringing it to the groomers.
Technically, there is no such thing as a pet that is too old for a professional groomer. In fact, older pets with joint or mobility issues often can't groom themselves and need someone else to clean them. However, pets that are blind, deaf, or have serious medical issues might not do well at a groomer, especially if the person is inexperienced. Owners should feel free to ask potential groomers about their understanding of elderly pet issues. Often, older pets will exhibit puppy-like behavior and squirm or yelp during grooming. Alternatively, they might not be able to stand for long periods of time. As such, grooming an older pet usually takes more time than grooming a young one.
Puppies and kittens should be at least 10 weeks old before their first professional grooming session. They should be used to being gently handled by strangers and comfortable being separated from their owners for a few hours at a time.

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