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By: William L.
Hart Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry
I had a terrible experience with Hart Dentistry and specifically with Borzoo Ahmadi who, at a minimum is prickly, defensive, rude, has a terrible 'chairside' manner and doesn't seem comfortable with answering questions for a patient who doesn't treat the dentist as God. You know the type. I've had lifelong dental issues. I've also moved frequently, so I've been to a range of dentists. I certainly know the importance of asking lots of questions before you start any medical procedure. Ahmadi turned out to be one of those people who won't let you finish a question, then naturally, gives answers that aren't responsive to what I was trying to ask. This was a concern to me, of course. When I tried to ask why he wasn't listening to or answering my questions. Ahmadi suddenly flipped out and started yelling AT ME, He accused me at yelling at him (I was expressing my confusion and unhappiness but I really honestly wasn't yelling) then decreed he wouldn't work with me. (This part was actually funny. Apparently he thought it was a dramatic threat of some sort -- as if at that point I was thinking that some some guy who won't answer my questions and is yelling at me was still in the running to be my dentist!) A day later I was contacted by another, more senior, dentist from Hart, their 'quality control" guy, who said he'd looked at my records and that HE would follow up and work with me. I'd calmed down a bit and said OK and made an appointment to meet with him. But before that day, I got a message from the office manager saying that it had been decided that NO ONE there would work with me -- despite the fact that no one there had heard from me about what I felt happened with Ahmadi. I was very upset at the time, but of course, in retrospect I'm delighted that I managed to escape this place.
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By: Aleena A.
All About Smiles Dentistry
Dr. Ali is one of the most kind and caring dentists in the Thousand Oaks area. She's always sure the have the patients best interest at heart and she'll walk you through the procedure step by step so you can fully understand whats happening. The office has a home-y feeling that anyone can feel comfortable in. Dr. Ali is also very personable, she's comforting and amazing at her job. She's also amazingly good with kids. I recommend you check out her facebook page to see just how interactive and loved she is. If you're looking for the perfect dentist in the Thousand Oaks area, she's the one.
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By: Debbie N.
Kaiser Permanente Thousand Oaks 322 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd Medical Offices
I'm changing insurance due to the horrible service. I went to the shot clinic and told the nurse I'm terrified of needles and have in the past stick to one administrator due to their expertise of no pain. This nurse was horrible! Not only did I bleed and need 3 bandaids my arm was bruised for over a week. A child could have done better! They won't let me pick up injections to take them elsewhere to be administered. Never again Kaiser is the worst experience of my life. Doctors also are so impersonal why not just assign a number instead of using my name. I currently go elsewhere and pay out of pocket for doctors with character.
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By: Antoanette R.
Brook Dental
Thank you so much Dr. Bileca for your amazing service! He is truly a miracle worker, and my daughter and I are so thankful to have a dentist like him! The other dentists my daughter and I have been to didn't know the proper way to fill in cavities, when Dr. Bileca did amazing work! Now my daughter and I have beautiful and healthy teeth! On top of great service, Brook Dental has reasonable prices! The entire staff is so kind and tries their very best! Definitely go to Brook Dental! You won't regret it!
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By: Paul R.
Los Robles Hospital
I was received in ER in 5 minutes and attended to and examined by theER Physician within 20 minutes. Outstanding services.
Tips & Advices
An increasing number of children are getting tooth whitening treatments and veneers. However, dental experts advise against childhood cosmetic procedures except in the event of an emergency.
Prospective patients should choose a dentist who is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry or the American Dental Association. These organizations offer their members the latest in dental research, procedures, and training. It’s also a good idea to request photos of the dentist's prior work to see the quality.
A gum lift is a quick procedure where a dentist removes a bit of gum tissue to give a person a less gummy smile. The gum line is cut and reshaped, and a laser is used to seal blood vessels. A gum lift is also known as a gingivectomy. On the opposite end, a gingivoplasty adds gum tissue to the gum line to make teeth look smaller or treat gum recession.
Dental implants are metal frames that are surgically attached to the jaw bone. An orthodontist then attaches artificial teeth to the frame to replace any that are missing. They are one of the most expensive cosmetic procedures, but they're the most suitable option for people with several missing teeth adjacent to one another. Dental implants are also used to stabilize dentures.
Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain shaped to cover a person's tooth. They're a popular choice for people who want to make slight alterations to their smile, such as altering the size, shape, or color of one or more teeth. To apply veneers, a cosmetic orthodontist shaves a thin layer of enamel off the patient's tooth. Then, he or she applies resin to the veneer and seals it to the tooth with a curing light. Veneers preserve more of the natural tooth than crowns and are more stain-resistant than bonding.

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