By: jpickelusa
Captain Tom's Seafood
I've lived in this area all my life. As with the barbecue in the Triad area, seafood has an appeal to different folks in different ways. Everybody has their favorites. I've never had a problem at Capt. Tom's. Their food has been good, the prices are reasonable and quantities are large. Likewise there are some other seafood places in the area that have good food and I've never had a problem with them, either. Other folks don't Seem to have had the same luck either here or at the others. I know how difficult it is to maintain Consistency when every piece of fish or meat comes from a different animal and they're not all going to taste identical to each other. If they do taste identical they've been altered some how and I would be skeptical of the overall quality.
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By: bobbiem
Captain Tom's Seafood
CAPTAIN Toms has always been my favorite place to eat I mobed away Bug I drove o e night 1 and1/2 hrs to eat thereI looked at the menu online and price for Captain Toms Thomasville location.I did my to go order by phone but when I got there is was A LOT more than the online prices.The 2 girls tried to tell me it wasn't their menu but KERNERSVILLE location,but it wasnt.it was still great food but I will think twice now bc of their dishonesty and they would not stand by it.

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