By: anchor76msw
Cody's Roadhouse
Food was great but we went with our dog and inquired BEFORE we decided to eat there of the rules with a dog. We were told we were welcome to eat on the Patio at the tables with umbrellas but not on the Porch with the ceiling fans. While we were eating a man with a small dog came through the Patio and sat his dog in a tall chair on the Porch and tied him there and went inside. The dog barked, yipped and yapped and finally the owner came back and sat the dog in his lap. I asked a manager why this fella could eat under the fans with his dog... the manager said the fella was "a regular who came almost every day!" SERIOUSLY???? Our waitress said we couldn't eat on the Porch due to "Health Regulations" but I guess if you are a "regular" those regs don't count!!! Won't eat there again due to double standards but gave two stars 'cause the food was really good!
By: Donna B.
Cody's Roadhouse
My husband and I went to your Restaurant in Sumter Landing, today and had the most pleasant waitress, her name was Ashley, she was pleasant from the time we arrived until we left... The food was delicious, and hot...Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this place for anyone to go to, not sure when we will be back as we are from Nova Scotia, Canada, but if and when we do come back for a visit, we will certainly make Cody's Orginal Roadhouse in Sumter Landing one of our stopping places.. Thank you Ashley for making our lunch so pleasant....Ron and Donna Barkhouse
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By: Carole T.
Cody's Roadhouse
We once again had the pleasure of taking out of town guest to dine at Cody's. Thank you Ashley for waiting on us and thanks to James and Carrie making sure we were well taken care of. It is so nice to see friendly faces in a very busy place. The food was good and served in a timely manner. We look forward to returning to eat at Cody's.
By: noslices1
Cody's Roadhouse
The food is always good. My golf group eats lunch there a couple times a month. The last two times we ate there I noticed that the mens bathroom smelled like a gas station bathroom from the '60s. In other words, it hadn't been cleaned for quite a while.
By: adrienne.g.cohen.9
Cody's Roadhouse
Thank you to the Manager, Barry who made a problem go away. He was polite, professional and made an uncomfortable situation comfortable.SincerelyLa and ShaNew to the Villages
By: annehwyatt
City Fire American Oven And Bar
Food was good but the service was very very poor. Too expensive forv the limited menu and poor poor service. not crowded but took over twenty mijutesr to get food.

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