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By: robfx4
Elite Sound & Security
The short guy the owns the shop is big douchbag! He could care less who you are he will treat you like crap! Went to look for ammo an possibly a 1911 pistol and he didn't bother to show me his ammo or pistols. They have no customer service whats so ever! Trust me on this one guys! Stay away from them! The lady there is also a jerk i cant believe how they stay in business!
By: douglas.krenek
Elite Sound & Security
Will never step foot inside this business again. The owner is a impolite jerk; spend your money elsewhere.
By: doshounds23
Elite Sound & Security
Absolute worst customer service ever!! Expects you to pay full price and if you try to negotiate he tells you to get out of his store and never come back! Works good for me I can get better deals and at least get treated like a human being! There are plenty of gun stores, I would suggest going elsewhere, especially if you like being treated with respect!
By: keithl33
Elite Sound & Security
The owner needs to grow up. He seems to feel entitled to other people's money just for answering small questions about his merchandise. If he takes two minutes to show you something and you don't buy it, he might start jumping around and cursing. I heard him repeatedly yell b***h and m****r f****r at a customer. He started acting like a juvenile street punk, jumping around and making violent threats while his newborn baby was right beside him! Some dad. That poor kid doesn't have a chance with a father like that. The reason for his tantrum was the usual: customer didn't buy some cheap little thing. And I know that too many other people have had problems with him for the same reason. My solution is not to ask him any questions. Or buy his stuff. He's sociopathic at best, and from the looks of things he just needs to finish going out of business.Edit: That's his post under the alias TravisNukka. His only good advice: Go to Walmart. It's a better gun store than his dump. Or better yet, got to Shooter's Corner, T's, ArmsRoom, or any REAL gun store. REAL gun stores don't sell car speakers, unlike Dominic's little flea market of baby tantrums.
By: derek.p.murphy
Elite Sound & Security
I'm convinced that any good review for Dominic and Brandy, was written under a fabricated alias by them. I went there looking to drop around $1300 on a Kimber Raptor II. They don't have price tags on any of their firearms so you have to ask. $1500 for a Kimber Pro Raptor II. Are you serious? I can find these all day online for hundreds less! I asked if he could work with me on the price. I like to support local business before I try online. He told me that I couldn't afford his guns. I pulled out my wallet, showed him the 2 bands of bills I had at $1000 each, and told him I would go to T's. The look on his face was priceless, he was dumbfounded. He realized he just lost a big sale and tried to talk me back in as I walked out of the door. I'd rather do business at The Arms Room than this place.
By: bpboston
Elite Sound & Security
NO stars...Do not go to this place, as if you look but don't buy, they will tell you to get out of the store. I can see why they have a large inventory. because few are buying. Try Ts or Shooters world, Real nice down to earth guys who don't mind you looking
By: rob102084
Elite Sound & Security
I grew up in this town and I've been here 3-4 times at the most, today I went in there and now I remember why I haven't been in there very many times. To start off with, Brandy and Dominic are both off they're rocker and a little bi-polar, sometimes they're nice and sometimes they're complete a-holes, they have a great inventory but only because they're extremely overpriced and nobody can afford their guns. They don't have price tags on anything so you have to awkwardly ask how much everything is, ammo is way overpriced also, they wanted little over $20 for a box of 20 .223 PMC Bronze FMJ, everyone who's bought this ammo knows it's about $11-12 a box anywhere else, another thing I don't like is that they have a sign that says "don't touch ask for assistance" near the stuff hanging on the wall out in the open, it's almost like going to wal mart to the socks and underwear isle and not being able to pick a pair with out a wal mart employee assisting you. They also had another sign that I found to be quite rude that that said “ask your wife's permission before buying or handling one of our guns"...epic. advise that if you want to buy a gun in Texas City and not get price gouged, go to T's Guns & Ammo on Loop 197 and talk to Roy and his guys or Shooters Corner off of Palmer Highway and talk to Jerry and his guys, or Mainland Pawn off Highway 3 right down the road in La Marque, these are nice, and very professional guys that are willing to show you any gun or item in the store and not try to pressure you into buying or throw a baby temper tantrum if you leave without buying something from them, they are both mom and pop style gun stores with old school, wise, down to earth, veterans that are full of gun knowledge and been in the gun industry since the owners of elite were in diapers, even if you just got questions or want to talk gun talk, these guys are game, and they don't mind if you touch the items on the rack, that's what they're there for. So it looks like the cons of outweigh the pros, and in my opinion use this place as a last resort...js
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