By: cscheen
Gorman's Meat Market
I have bought meat from several places and most of the time it has been terrible. Most of the meat had no taste and talk about tuff, my dogs ate well for a while. I get tired of going to the grocery store to buy meats I’ve not been impressed with. I was raised on fresh beef and pork and just wanted to fine a good quality of meat and a place that provide good service to their costumers. I went into Gorman’s thinking well will give it a try, I wants to optimistic. To my surprise the second I walked in the door they treated me with curtsey and were very helpful to me that was very impressive. The meat is excellent I’ve found a place to buy meats and they even do special orders. Thank you Gorman’s
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By: Juanita R.
La Azteca Meat Market
The service was so friendly.

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