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    Got my son stuff for his bday and a new phone at reasonable price. Serves was great.

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    I'm an avid gamer, I've been playing for over 20 years. I was pretty excited to see that we finally had a game store in town. Every single time I've been in there I've left empty handed because of the

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By: Anthony L.
Crazy Dads Gaming Repair
So about 2 years ago I took my 80GB backwards compatible Fat PS3 to a local store in Killeen, TX to get my laser replaced. They did it and I was happy. A few months later the yellow light of death started happening. I took it in to them a total of three times for that same issue all visits within months of each other. The last time they called me and said my system was dead and unrecoverable. As a matter of fact when I got it back from them only the power light would come on and that was it, nothing else would happen. Now, when I took it in the last time it was working, it would play games, the laser was working, the motherboard worked, it would just randomly shut off and the yellow light would come on. The girl working on it didnt know her foot from her head who was apparently trying to fix it. Kept making phone calls to ask what should be done next. Finally told me after about a week that the PlayStation was unrecoverable and that it was pretty much as good as a paper weight. She wrote on the receipt (No Fix, Motherboard dead). I asked if I could get a replacement system since they fried mine and I was told no but I could pay the difference of $50, since that's what I paid them for the repair; to get one of their slims would cost $100. At this point between multiple times I'd brought the system in and the laser replacement in the beginning I spent a total of $203.20 on this one system. I wasn't happy but I paid the extra $50 so I could still have a PS3. That's 253.20 I spent in total. I picked up the replacement PS3, but had to ask for my original one back! The girl said, and I quote" Oh, you want it back?" and I said "Why wouldn't I, its mine." So I go home and immediately realize that something was wrong with the replacement slim PS3! Put a game in and it would play for a while and shut off completely with a solid red light. Put a blue ray disc in and it would have a hard time reading the disc then eventually shut off. Hell, I'd leave it on with nothing playing on it and it would shut off. At this point I had enough, but I am a very patient person. So, I take this game system in a total of 4 times to be told that there is no problem with it. Seriously! This went on for most of last year until I was totally fed up. I had given up and thought I would need to go buy a brand new PS3. Fast forward to the present, I found Crazy Dads in Temple, Tx that I decided to take both systems too. Funny thing is, they fix the original Fat PS3 to perfect, and I mean perfect condition for wait...$50 to match the cost of the original repair at the other place. It plays all games, Blu Rays, Netflix, connects to the internet like new.  Crazy Dads is an amazing business. They are technically sound and very knowledgeable. The replacements made to my system were with no extra charge. Customer service was excellent and I will be bringing any of my electronics here first when I need help!

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