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By: Dawson H.
Weinfeld, Adam, MD
I went to Dr. Weinfeld because my nose has previously been operated on and the first operation by a different doctor had over the span of seven years resulted in my nose collapsing and limiting my breathing ability. He was referred to me by many medical offices in the Austin area and not being from Austin I called around to find the best surgeon for this important medical procedure. I was hesitant as I had gone through this surgery before , but on my first visit Dr. Weinfeld not only knew there was a problem by just looking at my nose from the exterior. He told me that he was confident that he could restore my breathing capabilities and his examination was the most professional examination I have ever received by any medical professional in my entire life. As, he scheduled my surgery he reassured me that everything would be fine and that I would be a new person once I got my nose fixed. The staff became for a few months an extended part of my family assuring me that if I needed anything at all they were just a phone call or email away. The day of the surgery Dr. Weinfeld came and spoke to me before I went into my operation and made sure that I was feeling calm and he provided a level of comfort and reassurance that left me with confidence not only that I was doing the right thing. But, a confidence with him and I at that moment trusted him with my nose and knew that I was in the best professional hands in Austin. After my surgery from the moment I woke up from surgery I could tell a difference and as time progressed on and the bandages were removed I was not only pleased with the exterior appearance of my nose. But, for the first time in years I could breathe again. I give him my highest recommendation! -Dawson Hicks
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By: Raven B.
Central Tx Orthodontic Spec
I went in for my appointment today and Hannah Hamlan took amazing care of me. She was very polite and attentive. She talked me threw the entire procedure, which I appreciated greatly. Im not a big fan of dental appointments, because they are usually painful//uncomfortable. But today Hannah changed that for me. The way Hannah talked me threw the procedure, made me aware of any pressure that was to come, therefore I was prepared. She sang the words to every song that was playing, witch made me feel very comfortable. Her singing also made my experience fun. She took her time and answered every question I had for her. And she managed to keep a smile on her face the entire time. She was phenomenal. I would love to see her every time, but I do not live close to the temple location. Thank you Hannah! <3
By: Gayle S.
Kiley A Smith DDS
On the June 18, 2014, I had my remaining upper teeth removed and a full upper plate to replace them. WOW! Last week, on the 22nd of July I actually ate corn on the cob, and no.... I did not scrape it off the cob first. I hope this dentist and his staff remain in Temple for a long time because I don't ever want to have to go to another dentist. The entire staff are friendly and extremely helpful. I've had experiences where doctors or dentists seem put out if you ask questions but not in Dr. Smith's office. Although there are two dentists in the town where I live I drive 35 miles to have Dr. Smith work on my teeth. The skill, courtesy and downright humanity shown by these professionals is uplifting and made visiting the dentist office a pleasant experience. God bless them!
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By: Ali A.
D Matthew Mayer
It was about more than 2 years ago since I met Dr. Mayer in a dental voluntery event called "Texas Mission of Mercy". I shadowed his work and I had a chance to be his assistant. I have seen a lot of patients were treated by his professional hands! Dr.Mathew is the right orthodontist to trust!!.. He participated in a lot of dental voluntary missions and he has so many experiences related to dentistry. He is really expert not at orthodontics only but he performed a lot of general dental procedures that were tough to work with. All of his patients really like him and his personality is great! so friendly dentist! He is doing excellent performance on any dental procedure!
By: chevy71
Cox Bond Dental
This office is awesome!! The whole staff treats you as if you are family. Dr Cox is very gentle and always listens to your concerns. His assistant Vivian is always attentive and definately makes you feel very comfortable. Not to mention they keep you entertained with their humorous personalities!! Amy always helps with any questions about financial issues.I NEVER feel stressed about my dental appointments anymore. This is the only office my family will use.
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By: carmie8
Weiss, Barbara A, MD
I tend to be a "complicated" patient. Dr Weiss goes out of her way to solve issues. If she doesn't have an answer, she doesn't stop until she gets it. Not only is she very professional, she is also very caring.
By: Megan S.
Forest Trail Dental Care
Getting dental work done can be scary sometimes, especially if you have aren't sure what the issue is. I like that the doctors at Forest Trail Dental really try to work you in instead of scheduling you 2 weeks out.
By: Drew M.
Forest Trail Dental Care
I am handicapped and every single staff member in the office did everything they could to accommodate me. The doctor, techs, even the receptionist. This practice is full of wonderful professionals!
By: Tyler M.
Forest Trail Dental Care
The thing I like the most about Forest Trail is that if you have an issue, the staff will do everything they can to find a way to have you come in ASAP. No waiting 2 weeks before you are seen!
By: Danny F.
Forest Trail Dental Care
Love the new office, it's extremely welcoming. Forest Trail Dental Care has a great staff that does great dental work. I've had work done by both doctors and they are both fantastic.
Tips & Advices
  • If a tooth decays and the nerves or pulp (soft internal tissue which helps teeth develop) become inflamed or infected
  • If a tooth is cracked or broken and nerves are exposed
This generally depends on any specific issues you wish to address with your teeth. There are toothpastes designed to whiten teeth, fight cavities, decrease sensitivity, prevent bad breath, resist gingivitis, and those specific to children (with lower fluoride content). There are also toothpastes that offer “complete” protection by combining aspects of many of the above toothpastes.
It’s recommended to get a professional cleaning at least two times per year.
  • Desensitizing toothpaste numbs the nerves in the teeth that can cause discomfort.
  • Mouth guard can protect against grinding teeth during sleep.
  • Fluoride treatment can be applied by dentists to sensitive areas to numb teeth and strengthen enamel.
  • Root canal can treat problems in a tooth’s core.
  • Surgical gum graft where a piece of gum tissue is removed from a section of the mouth to cover an exposed root.
Not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed, but there are certain signs that can help you and your doctor determine if yours should be:
  • Wisdom teeth are pushing other teeth around, causing pain and misalignment
  • Cysts form around newly emerged wisdom teeth, causing jaw damage
  • Gums get inflamed and swollen, causing cavities and pain
  • Doctor determine from x-rays that wisdom teeth will cause problems in the near future

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