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  • real food real price real good

    this place is not fancy. if you want trendy don't go if you want goood food then definetly go. food is excellent love their dumplings. my favorite is fried and shrimp; i tried the steamed round for the first time and it was pretty good, similar to bbq pork buns from dim sum places except its savory; i like savory. i first visit was during lunch and i was sold; came back same evening for some noodles and now i'm a regular. wide selection of dumpling and noodles as well as others like mongolian beed (my lunch choice), kun pao chicken and sweet n sour etc etc. veridict: excellent food, friendly service, reasonable price & great food!

  • no place like dumpling house.

    I ate here last week for the first time and boy, do I love this place! I've brought friends and families and everyone just love it too!! Food is excellent, great value and generous portions makes this place awsome. I love the food because it's authentic and real. It has not been 'water downed' for folks like me! The place is spacious, clean and friendly. My favorite is the onion pancakes, fish dumplings and their mandarine style chow mien with seafood... drool...

  • Good food, great price... did I mention the food?

    If you're looking for an authentic, tasty, harty and reasonably priced place to eat- this is it. Their dumplings and noodles are all home made; from scratch!! I saw dumplings being made in their kitchen; by the owners themselves!! They're not called the dumpling house for nothing! Dumplings are so yummy; my favorite- fried dumplings. This is the only place I know of that serves these fluffy bread like dumplings (round dumplings) mmm sooo good... Oh and their noodles are mmmm... spicy beef noodle soup is the best!! Gotta try their onion pancakes, it's to die for!!! Last but not least their price is so reasonable. Five of us ate like pigs at about 12 bucks each!! amazing!! I love this place!!

  • noodles with brown sauce

    the noodles with brown sauce is freshly made in the kitchen and portions are fairly generous. although this place has been popular for the dumplings, i have found on several different occasions that they were downright sub-par. i go for the great noodles and meat dishes, definitely not the dumplings. however, every time i go, i notice that most of the tables order the dumplings...acquired taste maybe? also, the $5 lunch menu is a fantastic deal!

  • Dumplings & Noodles!

    Great homemade noodles and dumplings. This is one of the rare places that still make them in-house.

    All their dumplings are really tasty, pork & vegetables, chicken, fish dumpings(!) (rare), and green onion pancakes.

    Their noodle dishes are also very tasty. Soup noodles (seafood combination) and beef noodle soup is excellent.

  • Awesome Dumpling House

    ""Dumpling House"" is a subset of traditional Chinese cuisine, literally ""dumplings & noodles."" The real authentic places (this place included) make their noodles, pasta and dumplings FRESH (in-kitchen). This place has been around for years.

    Try their various delectable dumplings (all home-made), boiled, steamed, fried. Fantastic flavors, and down-to-earth. Their Noodle dishes are also great, using the fresh, homemade noodles. Try their ""Noodles with Brown Sauce"" (bad translation of the real dish) a traditional Chinese-Korean dish, lightly sweet, but very delectable.

    This is much more homely and ""family style"" than the more posh and polished ""Din Tai Fung"" (which is more trendy, but good in its own way).

  • Expert dumplings

    I like the food and service at this joint. The dumplings are delicious, steamed, boiled, and fried. For the dipping sauce, I use one part soy sauce, two parts vinegar, and a generous scoop of hot sauce. I also like the stewed beef noodles, spicy please. I've been here as a child and rediscovered it as an adult. Now my wife enjoys it with me. This is a quality restaurant I'll be bringing my family to for years to come.

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