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By: kylan.hurt
The Palms on Scottsdale Apartments
My background info: I arrived in Tempe (from California) in October 2010 and immediately moved in to the Palms on Scottsdale. I was 24 when I moved in here, have a BS in Civil Engineering, and have worked as a professional during my time living at the Palms.I plan on moving out soon to return to California for a slew of different reasons, employment and weather being the foremost. Without a doubt I can say that the last 3 years of my live that I have lived at the Palms have been the best 3 years of my life, and having a good living situation has been a very large part of this.For starters the Palms is impressive to look at. I have never had any issue with pests of any sorts... no rats, no cockroaches, and no bed bugs (I had to deal with those in Los Angeles, yuck). Perhaps the best sight is walking back to my apartment late night and seeing the main pool area (recently renovated) all lit up. The groundskeepers do an excellent job of keeping up the complex s appearance.So here s the main issue you need to consider with the Palms on Scottsdale: do you want a party atmosphere or a quiet / professional atmosphere? The truth is that the Palms quite easily offers both. If you are a student who wants to have fun and doesn t mind a little bit of noise then pick an area close to the pool or a room facing the parking lot.If you have a family or would prefer some peace and quiet then pick an apartment that doesn t face the main pool nor the parking lot. It s as simple as that.In the 3 years that I have been living here the Palms has become a quieter and more peaceful (you could say nicer ) complex. I have not seen any real physical disputes that I *have* seen at other apartment complexes, and the Palms often has security guards patrolling the complex to ensure the safety of its residents.The Palms is located almost exactly half-way between Old Town (Scottsdale) and Mill (Tempe) so getting a taxi ride to either and back is affordable, and certainly recommended.My main problems with the Palms are, in the grand scheme, quite minor but I will list them here:- Although the grass is very well-kept, for some reason the sprinkler heads are so inaccurate that walking through the complex while the sprinklers are on is almost hazardous (think water on broomed concrete, can be slippery).- Locked pool gates at night: I realize intoxicated people swimming is a liability but having those intoxicated people try to jump a fence to get to the jacuzzi is an even more dangerous possibility.- I wish there were a few more parking spaces. You will notice that the availability of visitor parking spaces varies based on certain criteria (eg time of year, time of day, time of week, etc).- Residents don t have access to controls for music playing in the main pool area. This can especially be an issue if the music is left on during late-night (imagine hearing Katy Perry in your sleep every night if your apartment faces the pool area).- Pool area could use more trash cans, especially during holidays when there might be more people than normal at the pool.Overall I would highly recommend the Palms on Scottsdale Rd to just about anyone. It s location is, for many, perfect (very quick access to 202 loop freeway). Staff has been nothing but courteous in the 3 years I ve been here. Price is affordable. I m not sure if my email will be visible to people but I may be willing to answer questions for potential residents (and yes I certify that I do not work for the Palms nor am I being paid by them)

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