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By: Christine H.
Zounds Hearing
I am writing a testimony about my personal experience as patient at Zounds Hearing. I have been wearing hearing aids for the past 8 years. They were the small CIC hearing aids. As my ability to hear has become worse, I’ve been looking for replacement hearing aids. Before coming to Zounds, I tried a couple of other kinds of hearing aids that didn’t work out for me. When I first came to Zounds, I was very favorably impressed with the staff here. They listened to what I had to say about my hearing problems, and immediately began to tell me what they had to offer. My ear canals are small, so I have had some issues with insertion and comfort. Paul Folwer is very professional and helpful. He has discussed options for me that I may want to try for optimal hearing and comfort. The staff here could not be more welcoming, helpful or accommodating than they have been to me. I would definitely recommend their services to others looking for a solution you haven’t been able to realize from the providers you have used. Wishing for you a successful experience with Zounds!!
By: Richard C.
Zounds Hearing
Only 1 in 5 people that have hearing aids, actually wear them. I have paid for approximately 3 sets of hearing aids that I do not use. I have not been satisfied with the performance of the hearing aids, nor with handling the small batteries. I have a hand tremor so I have a very difficult time changing the batteries. This does have a happy ending… I saw an ad for Zounds Hearing of Charleston & thought I would go see what they were all about; even though my current hearing aids were only a year old. Instead of inserting batteries into the hearing aids, they are simply placed in a charger overnight. I was also surprised how affordable they are, far less expensive than my previous hearing aids. They are the most “operation friendly” hearing aids I have ever owned. I’m very pleased with the professional & courteous staff at Zounds. They have a strong commitment to service & always make me feel welcome. I would highly recommend Zounds Hearing of Charleston for all of your hearing needs. Thank you Zounds for a new hearing source!
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By: Kevin M.
Zounds Hearing
Thank you for providing me with a pair of Zounds hearing aids three weeks ago. I sought the hearing aids principally because in my professional work I was missing a lot of what was being said in the courtroom. I have had the chance to make several court appearances using the new hearing aids, and now I can hear everything being said perfectly. I have also discovered several social benefits to using the hearing aids. I thought the birds had all outsourced to a foreign land, but now they are back, and they are cheerful. My wife is no longer plagued by the TV volume booming for my benefit. Now it is me asking her to turn the volume down. She better come to see you too. I was skeptical of your assurance that wearing the hearing aids would improve my sense of well-being, but it is true. I feel more energized now that I can hear the sounds of the world around me. Thank you and Mr. Duncan for all your attention and help, and please convey my thanks to Zounds.
By: Pamelia W.
Zounds Hearing
I have worn hearing aids for years and the biggest problem I had with them was changing the batteries daily. With Zounds, I never have to change the batteries because they are rechargeable. I recharge them at night and it’s automatic. Another reason is when I decided I wanted new hearing aids, I went to 3 different places. They all had the same story. They wanted $5300 - $5800 for a pair and I could get a refund after 30 days if I didn’t like them. I pursued that and learned after the fact that I would get a refund of all but $500. The Zounds hearing aids that I have now, I can use this hand held remote control to raise the volume on each hearing aid separately. With it, I can also adjust for being in a crowd or being in a dining room or what have you. Overall, I Love the fact that I can adjust it, they don’t require batteries, and they are both doing a great job for me and they cost a whole lot less than $5500.
By: Donald S.
Zounds Hearing
My wife and I were getting very very tired. She was tired of having to raise her voice to talk to me and I was tired of having to get up and go to her when she was talking so I could understand her. It is true that people who are losing their hearing wait way to long to do something about it. We finally went to a hearing aid place and got tested. Sure enough I needed aids. We saw an ad for a two for one sale at Zounds so we stopped in. I got fitted and low and behold I found out that typing on the computer keyboard does make clicking noises. And the birds we feed in the backyard do a lot of chirping. Two or three years have passed and what few problems I have had have been quickly addressed by the competent Zounds staff. Saying “what” and “speak up” are no longer in my vocabulary.
By: Chris R.
Zounds Hearing
I have to say how great Zounds aids are!! I didn’t know how much I was missing. My friends now say they can hear what we say as a joke of course. Mark and Bob were just great working with me. We had a little time to get them to fit correctly and they had a lot of patience working with me. I think one of the best options of those aids is the fact that there are no batteries the character is just great put them in at night and they are ready to go in the morning. Also when we went on vacation they were the best not having to worry about batteries. Another good option was my co-workers and friends didn’t even notice I had them for a while they are unnoticeable to wear.
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By: Josephine F.
Zounds Hearing
The service at Zounds is outstanding. I have never worn hearing aids before so this is a new experience for me. I was very comfortable with the testing and was amazed at how well I could hear immediately. I knew I had a hearing problem but did not get tested because I did not want to pay the high cost of hearing aids. At Zounds, I was able to get my hearing aids at a great price, with an interest free payment plan, love this!! Also, I purchased the travel bag which is great for my many visits to my daughter and her family in Mississippi. One more thing, I love the remote with the different modes and the volume control. Nothing but good to say about my hearing aids!
By: Robert J.
Zounds Hearing
I live in Texas 7mos. A year and in Alaska the other 5 most. I was worried about having a problem with my new Zounds Hearing Aids while in Alaska because Zounds doesn’t have an operation in Alaska. I was assured by Zounds that if I had a problem that they would take care of it. Sure enough, I had a wire break on them. I called them and they told me to send it to them and they would fix the problem. I sent it by priority mail thru the USD (About A 8,000 mile round trip) and about 8 days later I got them back in good working order with no billing charge. That service is unbelievable and I’m happy I did business with Zounds.
By: Amber W.
Zounds Hearing
I like my ZOUNDS CLAREZA HEARING AID. I have used it for almost a year. I had never used a hearing aid before but I knew I needed one. When I read an ad explaining that the inventor developed a hearing aid for his daughter, I was really impressed. When I learned he had almost 200 patents for inventions to improve his products I was amazed. How do you find a better recommendation than that? I made an appointment immediately and the specialist fitted me & trained me to handle my Zounds and I was on my way home in 2 hours. I was delighted that it was that easy and good. I have said that ever since.
By: Jeanine F.
Zounds Hearing
I noticed that I could not hear at church and decided to go for a hearing test. I went to a doctor and they tried to high pressure me into buying aids. About the same time, my good friend called from another state and said she had gotten hearing aids from Zounds and loved them. I immediately made an appointment and found that I had indeed lost some of my hearing. They made me feel so comfortable and there was no pressure at all. I did buy the aids and couldn't be happier. Now I can hear everything and can recommend ZOUNDS without reservation.

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