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By: Troy M.
Fry's Electronics
Large store with huge parking lot. Pretty good selection of items.Only real positive is the prices.Employees stand around talking to each other, when you ask them for help they act like you are bothering them. I have been in there 5 times. Employees may know some technical information but don't have a clue how to sell or improve sales, most couldn't sell a bottle of water in the desert, many are rude. The one item I wanted to buy was mismarked pricewise I mentioned it to the sales gal, she said she would make a price adjustment, then oddly she changed her mind seemed like it was too much work for her ,she said just tell the cashier they will change it which was not the case. When I got to the cashiers line It was relatively long, insufficient cashiers. I told cashier about the price adjustment an he said the sales person should of done it ,he called back to department ,problem not resolved. He said I would have to go back and talk with them, he was super RUDE. I was in a hurry and I didn't want to stand in that long line again and the department was in the back of the store so I decided not to buy the item so they lost a moderate sale.The staff at Best Buy are a thousand times better. I have been in sales all my life and have never dealt with a sorrier lot of people, they have no social skills,they must of grown up on computers and video games, I wouldn't hire a single one of them. The employees need to be retrained or maybe just fired and hire a new crew.This store is way out of the way for me and only go if an item is priced way below the competition. I wonder how this store stays in business. I am going to be super kind and give it two stars just because of the prices.
By: hookupcellular
HookUp Cellular
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By: christy_bell
Best Deal In Town
Best Deal In Town IS the best deal is town! I was first told about BDIT by my father who had recently bought a flat screen from this place. Needless to say, he got it at a very reasonable price. Upon arrival my father and I saw a sea of flat screens, Blu Ray players, wall mounts, and other boxes of unknown merchandise. The prices on most all items very unbelievably low and at that point we could not leave without something. The staff was also very friendly when we entered the shop, it was clean, quiet, and tons of things to choose from. Upon purchase we were surprised that we only spent a few minutes inside before picking the tv for us. Payment was quick, easy, and we weren't bothered with tons of sale pitches. To this day my father is still happy with his flat screen and the service we recieved that day :) I even came back by myself for a wall mount for MY tv. The service was still very great and the mount only cost me $40 where as at walmart it would have been near $70 plus tax. I'm still really happy with BDIT because they post many great offers on Facebook as well and I get a few email offers every once in a while that I will soon take up (: Thanks guys!
By: slimal
Fry's Electronics
I'm not sure what everyone else is talking about but I love Fry's Electronics. Maybe some of the employees are not the most courteous or nice but that is more because these are people that are use to working with computer or playing world of war craft and not spending a lot of time working on their social skills which is fine with me because when I go to Fry's Electronics I go there because they know everything about computers and parts and I've never been walked in and received help and walked away with a part that I didn't need as I have when shopping at best buy. This place is great.
By: smartshopperaz
Best Deal In Town
This is the only place to buy a TV. These guys are cheaper than everywhere else and are more knowledgeable than any of the box store salesman. But you have to act fast on their TV's when you get there cause they sell so fast! They sold 6 TV's while I was there for 30 minutes. I still left with a 40" 1080p LCD for only $299. It was an off brand but I could have got the Sony or Samsung for $399. They had like 300 TV's in their store. They have cheap cables and wall mounts too if you need them.
By: Chris H.
Fry's Electronics
This is not a store to go to if you want someone to explain how to use your computer or phone. But, if you know what sort of electrical thing you want, spend some time in the HUGE store, and find it. When you check out, you will be delighted because the prices are almost at internet levels, but you leave the store with the item.Once in a while, not enough cashiers are assigned, so the checkout times can be long.
By: Frank G.
Best Deal In Town
Went by here and picked up a samsung sound bar to go along with the LG tv I bought here as well. They offered to hooked one up in the store so I could hear it. I declined, well after a few days and a couple of movies it sounds great it is LOUD like feel it in your walls type of loud. So if you want to wake up your block ask for the samsung sound bar. And as always it was a good deal!
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By: Jesse H.
Best Deal In Town
Amazing store! Got my Vizio Smart TV with wifi that allows me to view Netflix right from my living room. The colors and picture is amazing. It's in perfect condition and the technology will last for many years. I know I won't have to worry about buying another one for a long time. That alone makes it worth the price even though it was a bargain. Five stars!
By: Crissy S.
Best Deal In Town
I waited 33 days before I would review this place. Because my TV was such a good deal I thought it was to good to be true. But I can now say if your looking for a TV you found the place. I have a 4k samsung and could not be happier with this purchases it is the nicest Tv I have ever owned only because it was such a bargain. Thank You!
By: Steph P.
Best Deal In Town
After asking around and then checking yelp,here and other sites. I decided to buy from here. The in store experience was good. I learned a lot about tvs the 15 minutes I was there. And I still can not find somewhere that has my tv for as low as I got mine. Overall I would defiantly advise you check here first.

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