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By: arbendon74
White Dragon Kung Fu of Temecula
As a student at White Dragon Kung Fu of Temecula, I find that I get a balance of traditional and modern fighting instruction. WD teaches Choy Li Fut Kung Fu and Yang Style Tai Chi, along with 'extra' elements of martial arts training, such as kickbox cardio classes with impact/bagwork, joint locking, grappling/ground defense, weapons, as well as person-person sparring and weapons sparring. The people at the school are what make training at WD so much fun: since the focus is less on competition, and more on 'real life' application and practice, there is a warmer, friendlier rapport between students. While Choy Li Fut is designed to be taught to the 'average' student, or someone who has NO PRIOR MARTIAL ARTS SKILL, and allows for those students to progress at a reasonable pace, there are several students who have come in from studying other styles, such as TKD, JJ, Hapkido and the like, and have found that the style of Kung Fu taught at WD complements their existing martial skills, rather than contradicts it. The Tai Chi classes at WD are small, held during the quietest periods of time to ensure that meditation and forms practice can be done without too much interruption. In addition to teaching the forms of TC, WD encourages the study of Push Hands, which is the applications and sparring element to TC. So, there is literally something for everyone at this school. For more information, visit the website, or come in to the school itself, located at the corner of Winchester and Jefferson, next to Patio World.
By: Jess R.
White Dragon Kung Fu of Temecula
I have a disability and live on a fixed income. The instructors have always been compassionate and accomindating. Even when it has come to payment. I have nothing but positive things to say about White Dragon. They are so willing to work with the needs of their students. I was even told they don't make folks bow who let it be known it is against their beliefs to bow. The instructors and program are excellent. It is the best Kung Fu studio I have ever practiced at.

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