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By: deniseterry.triglobal
Acu-Hope Center
Acu Hope Center: The best treatment I ever received!I have known Dr. Santina Kwan as well as Dr. Abel Kwan for many years and I can't say enough about how AMAZING their services are! I had been to other acupuncturist' whose treatment did not seem to help; however, once I found Acu Hope Center, I realized that not all acupuncturists are the same...hence, it matters who your acupuncturist is! The Acu Hope Center does exactly what it professes to do in both providing hope as well as genuine healing. After having 2 independent orthopedic surgeons tell me that I would be paralyzed by the time I was 35 years old, stemming from several herniated discs in my back, I sought out Eastern medicine. I refused to accept that I would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. My Western medicine doctors offered me nothing but heavy, addictive drugs that would mask the pain or risky surgery. Although acupuncture is not a "quick fix," it is absolutely a far better option and nowhere near as intrusive or dangerous as surgery. After my course of treatment at Acu Hope, I went back to my primary Dr. to have him take another MRI of my back and he seemed dumbfounded. He could not explain how my spine had miraculously healed; so much so that he took a second MRI, thinking he must have been looking at someone else's. It has been many years since my acupuncture treatments and I am blessed to state that I have never had a back problem since and my spine fully corrected itself with simple non-intrusive needles that caused no pain along with the help of an outstanding acupuncturist! My deepest gratitude for the incredible healing I experienced at Acu Hope Center and in particular, to Dr. Santina Kwan for her professionalism, kindness, compassion and education regarding alternatives to Western medicine! I have and will continue to recommend Acu Hope to everyone I know based on my extremely positive experience!
By: thewiseguy
Balance Within
Stress, Pain Gone!!! I was skeptical about eastern medicine (specifically acupuncture) since years ago I had given at them low priced "china town" acupuncturists (nothing but a waste of money)... A few months ago, by accident I was referred to Dr. Ezzati and after gaining my trust with his confidence and positive attitude I thought giving it a try again. Now, only after four sessions with Dr. Ezzati I see a big difference. Majority of my daily back pain, spasm (due to sitting on a chair all day), insomnia, and work stress level are all have transformed to a beautiful relaxing day. Thanks to Dr. Ezzati's accurate diagnosis I am getting much better sleep, my back and shoulder pain is almost gone! I have been to both of his offices and they are both welcoming and cozy. His rate is very reasonable for the amount of time and care Dr. Ezzati spends on you. The message staff are also super friendly and caring (the best massages I have ever gotten and highly recommend). Thank you very much for bringing my old normal body back to me and I look forward to my next acupuncture session with you! :-)
By: computerfam
Balance Within
I was in a car accident and the doctors really couldn't define what was wrong with me so I decided to come see Dr. Alexander.In his office, I was able to see him (acupuncture) for my pain relief and his massage therapist which really helped loosen up the tight muscles in my back.Then his associate, Dr. J (chiropractor) was able to identify the misalignment in my hip and the combination of all three treatments is getting me back to where I want to be.On top of that, they are an incredibly friendly group of professionals. I appreciate the energy of the space and the environment they've created. It's very conducive to healing.If you need any of the therapies mentioned above, this is the place to go.
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By: Nazli S.
Balance Within
I had a great experience! I found this center through a colleague. I have always had Lower back issues and generally muscle pain and acupuncture has been so helpful. Balance Within is one of the most caring clinics I have ever been to! Dr. Alex Ezzati, the acupuncturist, is very knowledgeable and professional. He truly takes the time and makes the effort to make sure that he is giving me the right treatments based on my health history. He makes sure you are very comfortable and is always open to discussing your concerns after your treatments. I love the style of his treatments and they have been so effective. They also offer massage therapy and chiropractic services. Highly recommended! :)
By: tanazg
Balance Within
Amazing experience! Dr. Alexander Ezzati of Balance Within was wonderful! I have been scared of needles and hesitant about going to acupuncture but I'm so happy that I did. After putting just one ear seed in my ear I was already feeling better and it helped my condition. Dr. Alex is very experienced and knowledgeable, he explained everything to me in detail in a way that I can understand. I felt very safe and comfortable during my session because Dr. Alex made me feel at ease. I was very impressed by his care and professionalism and now I look forward to treatments. I can't wait for my next appointment !

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