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By: asw327
ABC AutoTrader
Being a young first time car buyer, I had low expectations as to the kind of vehicle I would be approved for. I had gone to many places just hoping to get something I could at least like, even a little, but no matter where I went they all said and did the same thing. They would start by building up my hope, telling me how great it is that I am "first time car buyer" and despite "my school loans and lower credit score," they would definitely get me into something that would "fit me." Next they would take me past the newer nicer cars, telling me how even though I can afford them, unfortunately it wouldn't be realistic with "my background," and so we would end up in front of a vehicle that was "a good fit for me." This vehicle would be clearly used: peeling paint, scratches on the interior, miles way higher than the average for the age of the vehicle. We would test drive it, and the salesman would try to point out all the nice features, and coax me into thinking that even though it may not be the newest or nicest looking, it was definitely something I would come to like in time. Then we would go back into the office and he would ask how much I intend to put as a down payment, and no matter what the figure I stated was, he would come back with a payment schedule of a figure $4-500 more than I stated, telling how good my payment would be with only a little more down. I had low expectation going into buying a vehicle, but what actually occurred paled in comparison to any of the worst case scenarios I ever imagined. As a last ditch effort I decided to try out ABC Auto Trader, when I pulled up at the lot my hopes instantly plummeted, all their cars were very new, very well kept, very out of reach in my head due to my experiences with the other dealerships. I met with Ed, and instantly I felt major difference between him and the other "salesmen" that I have spoken to, because the first thing he asked me was "What was it I was looking for?" As we went into detail about what I wanted, I realized how different he truly was, not once did he try to influence my decision on a vehicle, even during the test drive, he never once tried to coax me into liking a particular vehicle over the other. After the test drive I expected the same ole story about how much to put down to get this vehicle, and my hopes were very low for the simple fact this vehicle was years newer than every one I had looked at with other dealerships, but he never touched the subject, he simply said that whatever I had to put down was fine and that the finance manager could work with me on bringing in more at a later date if that was required. That blew my mind, for the first time I had a bit of hope that I may actually walk away with a vehicle I actually wanted, not one that "best fit me."As time went along my experience here only got better, and better, not only was I going to get the vehicle I wanted but I am also getting a chance to build my credit! That part sealed the deal for me! No other dealership even mentioned helping me with my credit in anyway shape or form. I drove away from ABC Auto Trader with a great car, and a whole new outlook on car dealerships! Best experience ever!
By: M F.
ABC AutoTrader
I just want to say thank you to Ray and Uncle Larry. I am so glad i went to ABC Auto Trader to see you about getting a car. After reading all the great reviews about everyones experiences there, i decided to check them out myself. My credit was not good. Ray was my sales person and Uncle Larry assisted me through the process. Ray was very calm, patient and worked very hard to make sure i was happy, even after i purchased the car. Uncle Larry worked hard to get me a lower interest rate, He then checked up on me to make sure i was happy with the vehicle i picked. He really knows the business very well. He even gave me advice on getting my credit together, he is also has a very good sense of humor and friendly. They will go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with what you buy. These are some of the nicest and honest people you ever want to do business with. I also spoke to Mike while waiting, he is a very good person to talk to, very nice and humble, made me feel like family. I will be looking to send referrals to you. I am a very happy and sitisfied customer. There is so much more i could say about my experience at ABC Auto trader, but I dont want to take up too much space on here :). You guys are Awsome.
By: yachttraveler
ABC AutoTrader
I had recently gone thru a divorce and my credit was trashed. I had been to several other dealers and was told I didn't qualify because of previous repo's showing up, or they were trying to put me in some kind of high milage piece of junk. I was very embarrassed and had lost all hope. I visited ABC Autotrader a week ago on the advise of a friend. I was greeted by a salesman named Gil and from that point on, I realized that I had found the right place to help me. Gil was very professional in his assessment of my needs and made feel very comfortable about my credit problems, telling me they have my programs available to help get my credit back in shape.After giving Gil my credit information, he introduced me to Mr. Kirk the GM of the dealership. Mr. Kirk is without a doubt the most knowledgable person I have ever meet when it comes to credit reestablishing. He pulled no punches and told me everything that had to be done to get me back on track within a 12-month period, and it was all very simple and did not involve me spending any more money.I am now driving a 2011 Impala with payments I can afford, and the whole process took only an hour and a half. These guys are the "BEST"!!!!! I highly recommend them
By: Bobby K.
Auto Finance Key West
The two words that I would use to describe Key West Auto Finance would be professionalism and family. Pasquale was my salesmen and from the moment I walked onto the lot to the moment I drove off, I felt as if I was dealing with family. It was such a breath of fresh air dealing with a salesmen and a company that truly cared. I’m not going to lie, I was very nervous at first due to my credit. I had been to a number of other dealership and had been treated as if I wasn’t worthy of their time. Pasquale took the time out to explain how their program worked and how he could get me financed for a vehicle. Not only did he get me finance, I was able to purchase the vehicle I truly wanted. After my buying experience, Pasquale called me a few days later to make sure that everything was good with my vehicle and asked if I had any questions that he could answer. I would highly recommend Pasquale and Key West Auto Finance to anyone. Thank you again Pasquale for such a great vehicle and experience!
By: Helizabeth H.
Select Motors of Tampa
I used to hate shopping for a car! After purchasing my car from Select Motors I can honestly say I enjoyed the whole experience! I got a fantastic deal and an amazingly sporty Acura TL! At Select Motors they know class and style for just about everyone. The lot had so many beautiful reliable cars it was hard to make a decision. Benny heard what I was looking for and showed me my options. Bess worked the financing with a fast approval that was very competitive with great rates and terms. Benny and Bess are so kind they treat you like family. I love how they pay attention to detail when they selectively pick cars to even be on their lot and they put added touches on the cars by adding rims to them. These guys have passion in what they do and it shows. They understand people cars and class! The office and detail associates were very professional and helpful as well. You can't go wrong purchasing a car here! Thank you Select Motors of Tampa!
By: Contoni J.
ABC AutoTrader
I am a single mother of 3 with a great job, and not so great credit due to divorce, and for years had been "dupped" by every dealership that I went to with interest rates as high as 29%. I came into ABC Autotrader with very little hope and they made a great difference. Everyone has a sense of humor and they actually care. They care about your happiness and credit and was able to get me a lower car payment and way lower interest rate. They fight to get you the best interest rate and they make sure there is a smile on your face before you leave. I had the pleasure of working with Terry who is very personable and lovable. Terry is not a "salesman" , he is a real person and I can never express how much I appreciate the fact that he made sure I had a smile on my face when I left. I am sending all of my friends there and everybody is saying how much they love my car!! They sell all new model cars very low milage!! Go check them out!!
By: Don K.
Roger Whitley Chevrolet
Everyone likes a success story. On August 23, 1999, I purchased a new Chevy Monte Carlo from Roger Whitley. It is now May 5, 2017, and she, "Big Ruby", is still going strong and beautiful as ever. Yes, I have had to have some repairs and incidental work done on her, but when I stop to realize I haven't made a car payment for the last 13 years, it really makes me happy. The car has been what seems like everywhere, but still has only 128,000+ miles on her. I had her repainted the same beautiful dark red color that she was, and she's just sparkling. I certainly do recall the courtesy, respect, and attention I received during the transaction. I only regret I can't remember the name of the man that I dealt with in the sales department. May you receive hundreds more testimonials like this, and Long Live Roger Whitley Chevrolet!Most respectfully,Don Kramer-KainBullhead City, AZ
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By: Kay M.
ABC AutoTrader
First time buying a car and I can admit I was extremely nervous. I walked in with doubts but my salesmen Ray made me feel right at home. He had great vibes and made me comfortable. He asked what I was looking for, my needs and wants, and what range I wanted to stay in and then he got to work. Uncle Larry makes you feel like family and he has a genuine spirit that will make you feel like your one of his own. I wasn't pressured into making a decision right on the spot and after a few days they followed up with me to see if there was anything other questions I may of had and if I needed anything else.. Needless to say I am a new owner of a 2013 VW Jetta!!! I would recommend if your in hardship and your credit isn't the best to go check them out!!! Ask for Ray and tell him I sent you :)
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By: John S.
Five Star Auto Sales of Tamp
I had been looking for a truck for 3 months after spending hours at most dealerships I was giving up then on the way home I pulled in Five Star Auto Sales for one last try. I told them I had no credit or very little. In a couple of hours later I got a loan through one of there financial banks and was driving home in a new truck. I was so excited I couldn't believe I had finally got a loan and a very nice truck. My wife and son are going there to get there new vehicle's. The dealerships that I went to kept calling me to see if I was still looking for a truck and I was happy to tell them that at Five Star Auto Sales I didn't have to put down $4-8,000 down that they wanted only $1,250 and I got a great low interest. Thank you Five Star Auto Sales I couldn't be more pleased. John Sendo
By: Krishna W.
ABC AutoTrader
I was drawn to Auto trader because of the quality of vehicles that they had in their lot. Initially, I was simply "window shopping" for a car and not seriously considering buying one. After speaking with Terry and Larry, they offered me a deal that I could not refuse! The application and approval process only took a couple of hours, and I was able to drive away in a 2013 model on the same day! Many, if not most, of their vehicles come with a factory warranty and are all in excellent condition. On top of all of this, they even educate the consumer on how to improve their credit score and refinancing options for the future. Where else in the world can you buy a spectacular car and receive credit counseling? NO WHERE, BUT AUTO TRADER!!! They are the best!!!

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