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By: Mykel R.
United Cab Company
I've called this company three times in the last two hours. The first time was alright, the usual. The second was an hour later because they still didn't show to pick up. During this second call I received the least professional and most incredibly rude service. The woman was awful. I won't get into details but I will mention that I had to call a third time forty minutes later to check in and they STILL hadn't dispatched a driver out - tried to tell me that they didn't have it in the system.INSANITY. Use ANY other cab service if at all possible.
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By: Phoebe G.
United Cab Company
This morning, I needed to go grocery shopping. Since my vehicle is having issues, I decided to call United Cab. I've used their service for many years, and they are always prompt and usually very friendly and courteous. The first driver that picked me up was pleasant, but the second driver that brought me home with my groceries was not. He did not smile, and barely greeted me when he pulled up. He seemed as if he just wanted to hurry up and get the groceries in the trunk so we could be on our way. Not to be a sincere gentleman, seeing that I was customer, and a lady that needed help with her groceries. When he got me home, and after I paid him, my mother rushed outside to help me unload the groceries as she always does. Therefore, I didn't expect him to help. After we only had two items left in his trunk, I told my mother I would go out and get them. Before I could get back to the car, this "Foreign Idiot With Attitude", decided to just dump the items onto my driveway, get in his cab and drive away without any regard to the fact that he left our FOOD on the ground! In that moment, I was so surprised at his rude and nasty behavior, I couldn't speak. Needless to say, my mother and I were so incredibly pissed!! If he was having a bad day, hates his job, or simply doesn't like being in the United States of America, he surely chose to take it out on me and my family this morning. After I helped put away the groceries, and cooled my temper, I called United Cab, spoke to a manager, and reported the incident. Although he apologized, it seemed fake. I'm almost certain that nothing was done. Word of advice, if you have groceries, and you see Cab 418 arriving, send him back! After today, I will be using another company. United Cab has lost a loyal customer for good!!!!
By: C C.
United Cab Company
Lousy cab service for medicaid people Never shows up or let you know they are coming very disappointed Cab 400 was the only to ever come on time. No one else did. You all suck
By: Tammy F.
Cab Plus
When I called around to get prices and availability I found they were a few dollars more than the competition but they had great reviews so I used them. The driver showed up 5 minutes early and called to let me know he had arrived. I downloaded their app just in case I need to use this service again.
By: C F.
Cab Plus
Used this service from Sheraton to tpa (Tampa international) while traveling with a small puppy . Was one of the better ground transport experiences I have had(though brief). Pickup was 4am,Sheraton shuttle started at 5am..Driver,Cory, was there early and had informed staff he was my 4am ride so they knew to get me checked out and ready to walk out the door. He was efficient in both loading and routing(was quite economical,less than yellow or united cab fare). We had a pleasant conversion. Car was clean,roomy and comfortable. Clark
By: John T.
Cab Plus
I have used this taxicab company many times and never late always clean and drivers are very friendly
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By: Shawn C.
United Cab Company
Worse can service ever. My car broke down and I called the night before and set up an appointment to be picked up at 6:30 the next morning dispatch said no problem. Next morning come and taxi driver never shows up. I call every 15 min to check location of cab and an hour and a half later dispatch tells me the cab driver doesn't want to drive out to me because it was a waist of gas and time even though they cover the area. Total bs. So now I have to call in work and my son will miss school all because this cab company is lazy.don't use them if you want to get to your destination. Ever
By: Christina S.
United Taxi Cab
Took a cab to dinner In lithia,Company was supposed to send a cab afterwards. Was told would be there in 15 min. Never showed called companu back after 30 min. Was told would be another 15 min another 40 min went by still nothing. Called company back was told they weren't sending anyone to have a good thanksgiving and hung up. what kind of company Just leaves fare's waiting why couldnt they just say they didn't have a cab available ? And lady in the office was rude and un professional and I was discusted how they treat there customers..
By: lauren.eddy.965
United Cab Company
HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. not only did he call me a liar and an extremely offensive term for a woman t, but he refused to listen to my directions on how to get to my house, and he said he was charging me extra for lying. When i asked for a receipt and a way to identify his cab he started yelling at me for wasting his time and started moving the cab while i was inside threatening to leave if i didn't hurry up. Never in my entire life have i felt so enraged and offended by a cab drive and i will NEVER use this service again. The man clearly thought i was drunk and could be taken advantage of and i will never forget this experience.

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