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By: bryantgattos
Wasylik Michael A MD PA
Jan 2001 I thought I had sprained my ankle it was a little swollen but being in sports for many years I didn't think much of it. A week or so later I ended up stepping forward and my foot didn't follow, I ended up tripping and felt much more pain but figured I had agitated my sprained ankle. A week later my shoes were not fitting on my right foot and the swelling was now close to purple. I went to Emergency room and was told I shattered my ankle and I needed surgery ASAP. I called my primary care doctor and he referred me to Dr. Wasylik. At my first visit he explained I need to have surgery immediately. My xrays showed my injury was in need of a plate and screws and crushed bone removal to repair the damage. I had small broken pieces of bone that had shattered in my right ankle. Dr. Wasylik showed me the parts he would use to repair my ankle. The plate was about 4 inches long about 3/8 thick and a little over an inch wide, both plate and screws made of titanium. I was scheduled at the hospital for surgery and was told, because of my injury I may never walk correctly or even run again. I was 34yrs old and in good health and was a personal fitness trainer at the time. My goal was to get my leg repaired first and worry about the recovery later. I was told Dr. Wasylik was one of the top Orthopaedic Surgeon's for my joint injury, that helped relieve my stress of having surgery. After I got out of surgery I was in the hospital for 2 more days then released with a cast up to my knee and was told to stay off the leg and use my crutches and come back in a week to take more xrays and see how things are healing. Over about the next 12 weeks I was in about every other week or so to get xrays & replace the cast and verify the plate and screws and bone were all healing without any negative reaction from my body or infection. Dr. Wasylik scheduled me to come in after he felt the cast needed to be removed and me to start my rehab. He told me I would need to use the crutches and not to expect much and be happy everything had healed and maybe by September I would be able to walk. I told him I would bring my tennis shoes to the appointment and walk out of his office without the crutches I went in for my cast removal and I did walk out with my tennis shoes on and carried my crutches out in my hand. (it was a little painful with a limp, but worth every step) By my next follow up appointment I was walking fairly normal, with a little limp from the pain and limited range of motion, but doing all my own rehab. By August of 2001 I had full range of motion and the equal strength of my left leg was able to sprint and walk as I had prior to my injury. It has been over 12 years since I had surgery and the only way anyone would know that I had been injured is the light scar on the outside of my right leg and the other scar on my inside of my ankle where Dr. Wasylik also sewed up my R inside ankle tendons that had stretched from my original injury. From the damage I had done to my ankle and the fear of me not being able to walk, run or have full range of motion was overwhelming to me at the time. I am happy to say, I am glad Dr. Wasylik was my surgeon and want to thank him for doing a great job on getting me literally back on my feet.
By: lillori
Dr. Michael Patrick Heim, DO
Doctor who listens to the patient, is kind and considerate. I appreciate this doctor for educating me on my hormones as we proceeded to decrease and put me on bio-identical hormone cream. 4 years ago I was on premarin 1.25 and had been for 18 years. Doc had a basket case on his hands, when I ran into him. He sent me home with homework, so I could understand better. I got the book HRT: The Answers. He also started me on supplements. I am a work in progress, we had many issues 4 years ago, today my quality of life has increased tremendously. Between the supplements and diet change, most my stomach issues are resolved. Through his guidance we have learned all the foods I am intolerant too.. I now "Eat Clean", improving my health drastically within just a few weeks. My body is still full of toxins and it will take time since I pumped toxic foods in my body for many decades. I was a soda pumping, junk food eating, hefty person, with stomach pains, nausea and constantly tired. My blood work and saliva tests were so bad in the beginning, today I am right where I need to be. This took us many years and we have had other set backs, like dental, harming my food consumption. I also have skeletal and muscular problems and once a month, Dr. Heim's adjustment does the trick. I am blessed to have him and his sweet office there for me when I am sick, and that is more often than I prefer. Dr. Heim is the most remarkable doctor I have ever met. My entire family goes to him, he is worth a try, you will not be disappointed.
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By: Anna S.
Bayside Physicians
I very much like Dr. Holland who I saw there once. She was kind and thorough and I will go back only to see her (she is the reason I give 2 stars instead of 1). On subsequent visits I was given to Dr. Andrea O. (she may be a nurse practitioner, not sure). She was the worst doctor I've ever seen. Unkind, unconcerned, not at all thorough, and comes off as arrogant. I came in with severe acute pain (to the point I was in tears in the exam room). She didn't even bother to examine the area that I was complaining about. I also told her I had had a fever of 101 for the last 2 days. She didn't bother to take my temperature (I took it when I got home and still had a fever). She sent me away saying my pain was "gereralized" and probably just a virus. I ended up in terrible pain for the next two days before finding out I had a severely infected abscess that should have had immediate care. I am very upset with the lack of care I got there and will only go back if I know I will see Dr. Holland and not this other horribe doctor. The nurse was friendlly but a bit distracted and the office staff is nice enough. The office itself is a bit old and run down.
By: Tim M.
Franks Wellness Clinic
I have been seeing Dr. Frank for several years now. I have seen him at his Tampa office and he has seen me in the hospital. Dr. Frank is a doctor who have a great bed side and also unlike most doctors he listens . Dr. Frank cares about his patients and he will spend the time needed to address your issues. Sometimes this get him into running appointments behind. Some of the patients get upset but I remind them that we are not a assembly line. Also doc will not cut you short when you are being seen. very caring doctor that hears you. I have seen Doctor Franks for Primary Care and also Pain management. I will tell you Dr. Frank will blow you away with his knowledge. if you want the best then I say see Dr. Frank and be patient. The Staff also is a complete team. DR frank is a 5+ Doctor. You will be pleased.
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By: rebecca.duncan.9279
Windsor Medical Clinic
Dr Ubani as well as her staff are not only the most professional group I have ever incountered, but also the most caring and dedicated doctor and staff that goes above and beyond the call of duty. I realize how cliché that sounds, but after many years of searching and even more horrifying experiences with doctors that either don't have time to listen to you, or make you feel like you're waisting their time, Dr. Ubani and staff almost make you feel like they're reading your mind. They are completely understanding, compassionate, and make you feel comfortable with every visit, you leave feeling confident that you understand any issues you may be dealing with.
By: L P.
GMS Florida West Coast, Inc.
Great providers, great hours, out within an hour from check in to check out. They are really quick to accommodate an office visit, most of the time a day of visit is offered. I don't know many providers who will schedule you to be seen on the day of. The staff could be a little more friendly, but overall okay. The doctors and mid-level providers are all so sweet and knowledgable. They are informative and thorough in their diagnosis. I see some negative feedback on this office but it sounds like some of these other commenters are just disgruntled patients!
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By: Tera E.
Kenneth P. Pages, MD, PA
I have seen Dr.Pages for 8 years. Dr.Pages takes time with me and does not rush. He is not a physician that will throw a handful of meds at you. Very conservative which is appreciated. People have their opinions about Psychiatrists but he makes you feel so comfortable. His office staff is great and they have been with him for years. I see the same staff every time which is comforting. His office environment is also very comfortable. Reaching the office is also easy and Dr.Pages is always reachable. I can not say enough and would recommend him to a friend.
By: Scott S.
MD & Wellness Ctr
Hello,I would like to inform any of you looking for a new Medical Doctor, then you have found an excellent one at his office. As for myself I have been plagued throughout time with an extreme assortment of health conditions. This means when I moved down South to Tampa I would have to search for a well balanced MD. I wanted the fact He or She would follow and treat my ailments. Hooray, I have found one and that is Dr Jose Cruz. I encourage anyone looking for a Doctor to definitely, go be seen by this Doctor.God Bless You All
By: collette.hoyt.1
Pediatric Pulmonary Specialists
Everyone is fun an caring. They are professional but at the same time fun for the kids to feel at ease. My son loves the nurses who are so kind. I will always refer whomever who needs a pediatric pulmonary doctor to them. My nephew needed one an they are the first ones I recommended for him. They treat from newborn to 21 yrs old. That put my mind at ease for my son who is 16 yrs old. I do not have to find a new pulmonary doctor for a few more years.
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By: Nicole O.
USA Spine
I highly recommend Dr maxcy, she is a life saver. I have sciatic joint pain or should I say had. I received my injection by Dr maxcy 2 days ago I feel like I have my life back no more pain she's very gentle gets to the root of your problem quickly and solves it. You will not be disappointed make your appointment today and her staff is amazing and very helpful they call you right back unlike some other places.
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An osteopathic physician practices a comprehensive form of medicine that takes a holistic approach to a person's health. Instead of specializing in one system or set of organs, an osteopathic specialist focuses on the health of the total body. This includes evaluating environmental factors that affect a person's well-being.
Many family doctors deliver babies, especially in rural areas without a nearby OB/GYN. However, most family doctors only deliver for low-risk pregnancies and do not perform cesarean sections.
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Some family doctors provide immunizations while others do not. Typically, doctors who work as part of a large practice are more likely to offer vaccines in-house. Doctors in offices of one to two physicians are more likely to refer patients to a public health department or other immunization provider.
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