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By: Michael e B.
University of One Inc
They charged us about $500 to help deal with the student loan bank and sevicer as well as any hearing and paperwork. They took the money and requested we send them certain document. Then they wanted more documents plus the previous one updated. Then again, they wanted more documents plus updates to all the previous documents. They never did anything on our behalf. We managed to talk with the companies and work out a deal on our own while this company did absolutely nothing. Now, they cannot be contacted to get our money back. Stay away from this company it is a scam to take advantage of people in need of actual help. The managing member of the company at one point was a used car salesman, enough said. Stay away from Student Consulting Group, SCG, University of One, among others. They are all the same scammers. This is the perfect example of why there need to be a zero star option.
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By: Mimerose S.
Florida College Of Health Science
This is a very good private school. good teachers small class, and very affordable, I any body to this school.
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By: Esther F.
Cuba La Bella Services
Buenas tardes para todos mis amigo mediante este quisiera recomendarles k cuando necesiten ayuda con cualquier trámite con respecto a Cuba k se dirijan a cualquier agencia cubana excepto a CUBA LA BELLA está localizada en el 4311 w waters ,,,ya k son la agencia más INCOMPETENTE k eh visitado ,,saque un pasaje con ellos para mi abuela de 530 dólares resulta k cuando mi abuela recoge su tique k llega aki veo k el precio real era 304 so 226 dólares de diferencia es abusivo pero encima de eso la hora de el vuelo la pusieron mal y mi abuela perdió su regreso el sábado en la mañana ,,y cuando voy y les reclamo me dicen k espere respuesta a hoy lunes ,,,y si me quedo esperando por ellos hubiera vuelto a perder el avión si no el por Yeney Cuba que me llama en la mañana diciéndome k mi abuela viajaba con ellos a las 10:55 tampoco hoy se hubiera ido pero encima de todo esto tuve k pagar otro pasaje ,,,so lo k costaba 304. Con dicha agencia me salió en 739 dólares es abusivo ver cómo entre nosotros mismos los cubanos nos echamos tierra pero sobre todo lo mal k trabaja Cuba la Bella ����������������
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By: Bernie S.
Manhattan Hair Styling Academy
They did my hair 9 years ago,and I was very satisfied with the job.I am interested in becoming a hair stylist,and later a cosmetologist.I have a cash flow problem right now,and I hope in a short time to getit corrected.Is there anything you can do to help me make my wish come true. Thank You Very Much.
By: Alex P.
Southern Technical College
This is a great career school! Small classes give you more one on one training with the teachers. I have seen several schools before picking STC and I am extremely happy with my choice. I have already been offered a job even before finishing my externship. STC rocks!
By: pfm6155
Aparicio-Levy Technical College
The majority of classes offered at Aparicio-Levy are not worth the money. The most expensive class is the biomedical technician. One of the least worth your 11 months and $3k+. It will not qualify you for anything. The teacher will tell you the certificate will get you hired but the truth is that after attending a very large convention we all found out that not one company spoken with, which was pretty much all of the vendors, stated they would not consider anything under an associate degree.The woman that teaches this class doesn t even have an Associates degree in biomed. My opinion is she has no business teaching the class. You wind up watching power point after power point and then there s the lectures given from a church pulpit you are forced to watch on you tube.While you sit there hoping your going to be taught something you finally get the clue she has no intention of teaching you anything. No plans followed. Many days I was happy I had a laptop to do other things. Not class related. We were told to do whatever we wanted to. For 7 hours... No instruction. Nada.During the course the instructor, used loosely, will be evaluated several times. Each and every time certain students were coached on what to say and given questions with answers so it seems like a real class and that she s a real teacher.One of the guidance counselors will dump anyone into that class just to get the class to make .It s total fraud and again a waste of your time and money.The only legit program taught there is the phlebotomy program. Now, that teacher does her job and does it well. her students learn what they need. I had originally wanted to take that class but was slamdunked into the biomed. I should have done otherwise. The female counselor is notorious for sticking people in that class that have no biz being there.Not a class act over there. Admin is more than aware of how bad the class is but does nothing. I rank this a ripoff deluxe! One doesn t really expect to ripped off by a public school but this school is equally as much of a ripoff as places like Devry, Sanford Brown, etc. you just don t plan to have your money stolen from you by a public school.
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