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  • Virginia P.

    We hired this company to do a bathroom remodel. The contractor did not pull a permit or use a licensed plumber. The unqualified person doing the plumbing work failed to do so properly, resulting in a major flood in our condo. Our condo sustained significant damage. Water also went through the walls and flooded the condo next door. The five-year-old boy next door slipped and fell in the water, hitting his head on the tile floor. There was also property damage in the adjoining condo.

    The contractor filed a claim with his liability insurance company. The claim report detailed what work was to be done. The majority of our walls were torn out about 12" up from the floor. Much of the work included in the insurance claim report was not done. Our condo sustained more damage by the contractor's employees during flood damage repair. The contractor's insurance company has accepted liability for that, too. The insurance company paid out before the job was complete, and the contractor took the insurance money but did not finish the work. The work from our original bathroom contract and its change orders was not finished, either. January 23, 2015 was the last time any workers showed up at our condo.

    Most notable are the following: 1. The insurance company paid the contractor to repair our walls from floor to ceiling. He only repaired the 12" up and did so quite poorly. 2. One of the contractor's employees broke our floor tiles in four different places in three different rooms. The contractor refused to replace the floors or file an insurance claim for it. The insurance company has accepted liability for the floors. 3. Many of the newly installed bathroom tiles are broken, cracked, and not flush to the wall. The grout is cracking throughout.

    We are currently in settlement negotiations with the insurance company. Not all work was done, and the work that was done is of such poor quality that the insurance company will cover the cost of tearing it all out and doing it again. The estimate for all of this is roughly eight times the amount of the original

    contract. Our condo will need to be emptied and our possessions stored for

    6 - 8 weeks during this second round of repairs. We will also have to find someplace else to live during that time.

    Hillsborough County has cited the contractor with the following: 1. Failure to obtain the required permits (contractor appealed but citation upheld) 2. Aiding or abetting any uncertified or unregistered person (contractor appealed but citation upheld) 3. Gross negligence 4. Misconduct in the practice of contracting.

    The Florida Construction Industry Board will be notified of these citations by the county, and the matter is currently under review by the Florida Department of State, Office of General Counsel.

    Currently, our condo remains in a state of disrepair.

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