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  • The Racist Imam
    Abu Muslim ibn Muslim

    I have attended the Islamic Society of the Tampa Bay Area (ISTABA) numerous times between the years 2003-2009. It is an institution, like other institutions, composed of individuals, some good and some not so good. An institution cannot have human attributes, such as racism, ignorance, greed, etc. These attributes are reserved for the people who are working within the particular institution. That is to say, a business, government or mosque, is not necessarily intrinsically corrupt, although some of the people who work in them are. This letter is regarding the ?Imam? of ISTABA, a man who needs to admit that he is not worthy of being a leader over even one person.
    Here is a man who has said that ?Spanish? people are lazy, while Mexican immigrants working on new construction in the Islamic Center surrounded him. Here is a man who said that North African Arabs (Tunisians, Algerians, Moroccans, etc.) were fornicators and adulterers (He is of Palestinian Arab descent), and that ?Spanish? men should not be trusted when marrying Arab women, and that they would give false names on the marriage contract. These are the words of an ignorant and hateful man, and I am happy now to expose his ignorance and hate. These ignorant statements that I have heard him say with my own ears, and others which have been reported by reliable sources, compel me to direct some questions to him. What do you mean by ?Spanish? people? Do you mean the Mestizoes, Mulattos, Blacks, and Whites from Latin America? Do you mean the people who speak Castilian Spanish in Southwestern Europe? Do you mean all of these specific racial groups or just one or two of them? Do you consider yourself to be racially and genetically superior to these people? And what is your problem with North African Arabs. Are Palestinian Arabs better racially? The large portion of ?Arabs? in the Levant are actually descended from Phoenicians and not Arabs, just as many of the Western ?Arabs? are descended from Berbers, Phoenicians and Vandals (a Germanic tribe), as well as Arab tribes.
    I want to remind him of a few things regarding the country he lives in and I also want to point out a few things this racist Imam needs to understand about himself. America has suffered a long time dealing with the problems of racism, particularly the cruel treatment of African-Americans. The Imam himself, in his physical appearance and features, betrays a genetic inheritance from the black African people of sub-Saharan Africa. If he is ashamed of it, and is filled with loathing, that is his problem, but he should keep his hatred and ignorance to himself and not spread it, especially since he fancies himself a leader of the Muslim community in Tampa, Florida. Would he like for someone to say that the reason he is overweight and short and ill tempered is because of his racially mixed ancestry? Certainly he would not, because that statement is ignorant, unscientific, and illogical. The fact that he has displayed great ignorance, and a great deficiency in akhlaq and adaab or manners of any sort is because of the impurity in his thinking and not because of his race.

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