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By: splenda02
The Marquis of Tampa
I had hunted around for an apartment area that seemed safe and well kept. This place was a little pricier but I figured it was worth it for the location. From the looks of the place, I would never expect all the pests, leaks, and noise problems. I was excited when I got the apartment and wanted to show it to a friend of mine. It was the first evening I had it, my stuff wasn't there, and we saw roaches. I reported it to the office and they sprayed. Over time the roach problem continued to get worse. I reported it several times and they sprayed but that didn't stop them. Then I also got pharaoh ants. They, too, continued to persist despite reporting and spraying. I couldn't leave food on a counter in the kitchen for more than 2 minutes. There were a total of 5 major (flooding/hazardous) leaks with minor ones in between during my occupancy from Dec 2011 to Feb 2013. The ceiling dripped down (even through a light fixture) and flooded my living room twice. My dining room flooded 3 times damaging my dining room table and rug. The apartment staff denied me any compensation for my losses. Then, they charged my $700 to replace the rug when I moved out. The flooding in my dining room was caused by an air conditioner leak which they claimed to fix each time. After the third time they claimed to "really" fix it but instead made the air conditioner break down when it would start to flood before it got into the house. I had to report the air conditioner/heater broken almost every other week after that. Lastly, the neighbor above me would scream, shout, and bang around like there was a wrestling match. With the encouragement of other guests that would visit me and hear the commotion, I called the front desk. I was told it was my problem and to call the police if I think it's domestic violence. So I did that several times, as this was a daily occurrence. Then I got a call from the front desk as this individual complained about me calling the cops. They told me I had to go to the office and attempt to work out this problem with the tenant above me. They wanted me to reason with a psycho because they didn't want to be confrontational with her themselves. The lack of parking for company, the "gated" community where the gate is almost always broken, and the problems above I could have dealt with if they didn't try to raise my rent. They did. So I decided to leave and went month-to-month until I could find a place. They charged me an extra $300 per month in rent to go month-to-month. Bottom line: do yourself a favor and find somewhere that's worth paying extra for. That was an expensive lesson that you can benefit from for free.
By: anonymous33611
Sun Bay Apartments
First off, this new manager, Wanda, lacks personality and people skills.Highly fed up with getting 12/24 hour notices on my door for maintenance or inspections that never take place. It took them 4 or 5 next day notices for re-doing the parking lots when there was nowhere else to park our cars without running the huge risk of having our cars towed away if we parked them at businesses or other places along South Dale Mabry.The maintenance guy, Johnny, is a really nice guy, but is severely overwhelmed with maintenace issues. He needs help. Because of this it takes a long time to get something fixed or replaced.I've lived here several years. These buildings look nice on the outside and when cleaned up for new tennants, but they are old and constantly band-aided. Anywhere there is paint flaking it just gets painted over. Termites are everywhere within these buildings. Walls are so thin you can hear your neighbor's conversation on their phone. Can't even turn up the stereo without somebody knocking on your door to complain about the volume.When I moved here a lot of these apartments had a lot of nice and respectful neighbors. Now, I can't even trust my own neighbors because many of them are low income, irresponsible, and inconsiderate of others. Parking spots are clearly numbered, yet, tennants let visitors park anywhere without pointing out that there are GUEST parking spots. The problem goes boths ways on parking spots. Some tennants have more than 1 car and use the GUEST spots as their own permenant spots which in turn keeps others from having guests visiting without fear of being towed away.Many of the more inconsiderate neighbors have lawn chairs, BBQ grills, and other crap outside of their dwellings which take away from the conformity/uniformity of these apartments. It's a huge eyesore. Some of these neighbors bring shopping carts from the neighboring Family Dollar and I've even seen Walmart (3 miles away) shopping carts dumped by the dumpsters between each building.Sadly, I've witnessed drug dealing going on in these apartments, too. Weed smokers and pot dealers live in these buildings. I wish these apartments would be like Camden Bayside and rent to military and city/government employees only without changing their rent prices. The location is excellent to the military base, but it's sad that there are a lot of shady people here. Because of my job is the only reason why I stay here, but I keep my gun loaded in case one of the dope dealer's customers decide to try and do some snooping in my apartment.
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By: Sunshine I.
Coopers Pond Apartments
Terrible customer service. You can live at the complex for 2 years and have great payment history (which means no charged late fees or outstanding balances). Requesting any extension or information on how to manage during an unforeseen circumstance is met with responses like (you have your grace period and if not paid there will be an eviction notice) is very insulting. However, the last month of my lease I am treated as if I was the worst resident. Pest control is not consistent. My refrigerator went out and it took them 3 days to finally replace the refrigerator after I had to throw all my groceries and perishables out the fridge. Yes convenient for driving distance to highways and the beach but a headache for residential peace of mind. Also, the leasing office never provided me guest parking passes as they are saying in other posts. Even when the new "policy" was updated I was not presented any parking passes for my guests.
By: katiekatt20
Century Cross Creek
I Love my new home!Upon first meeting Kristi and viewing the apartments, I knew I wanted to live here. Kristi brought me through everything professionally and with care. Not to mention Nicole and Mike. Next, and certainly not least is Brandon and Rob. Not only courteous, funny, accommodating but also very talented. They created and built two custom bathroom mirror frames that are absolutely beautiful. I have since met Warren and looking forward to meeting Jorge. These are a fabulous bunch of guys who demonstrate respect and care for the Gardens! I have not yet experiences the Fitness center or the pool area but hope to soon.
By: Lynette C.
Harbour Walk Apartments
Nice community to live in , I have lived here for 4 years now and now that's under new management i may have to move in order to renew your lease you now have to go through the whole application process again. I see now so many people have moved out within the last few months, because they can't pass the credit or backround checks, I have always paid my rent on time never late, my situation is now changed i am retired living on my penison and child support monthly 2800 I need to make at least 3300 monthly to keep this townhouse, what am i to do what do i tell my sons we have to move now, this is not right at all.
By: Kelly P.
Century Cross Creek
This is not a review, This is the management of this apartment community. We have had several inquires about being labeled as a second chance community. As of 3/5/2015 our qualification guidelines state that any person applying for an apartment at The Gardens will be denied for most criminal offenses, an eviction (even if it was only filed) showing up on the record, open bankruptcies, owing another apartment community over $2000, and some rental violations. If you have any questions please call for details before applying.Thank you, Management
By: Nathan B.
Harbour Walk Apartments
This is a beautiful apt complex with a great staff. Kristy the property manager is a very nice women who is very friendly and she cares about her residents. The maintenance crew is on point. They come the same day and they come after hours. Liz and Yari who are the leasing agents are very attentive to our needs and they make us feel at home. I haven't been to a property where they make you feel at home. The place us beautiful lakes and ducks. They are rebuilding the fitness center. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.
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By: Michael P.
Amberly Place at Tampa Palms
People only seem to write reviews when they want to complain.This is the opposite case. We have had nothing short of amazing in dealing with the staff and management at Amberly. Started with the leasing agent Ariel, the maintenance team, business manager Suzanne, and the rest of the staff. If you're looking for high-quality, yet affordable living, check out Amberly Place and tell them Taxi Mike sent you.
By: huntersgreen
The Vinings at Hunter's Green Apartments
In regards to Nabor P.'s comment:We thank you for your feedback and we want to ensure every resident has a postive experience. We are willing to work with you to resolve any issues you may have here at The Vinings. Our door is always open to discuss matters further or for contructive criticism. We hope to change your negative experience into a positive one. -The Vinings Management
By: Todd S.
Tapestry Citrus Park
We moved in a short while ago but I can already tell this place is great. The apartments are condo quality and location is very convenient. We had a few service requests upon move in that were addressed very quickly. They actually care if you enjoy living there and that means a lot. I am looking forward to living here and feel good knowing I'm getting really good bang for my buck.

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