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By: Stephie B.
Senor T's
The 4 Amigo Enchiladas was good! There is a good mix of spicy meats and less spicy meats as well as spinach cheese and patatoes in the 4 different enchiladas. The sauce was a normal cheese sauce, not a sour cream sauce. It was quite good. I will have this dish again. The Verde Soup, on the other hand, was a bit too spicy for me. Now, I habitually take about half of the jalapeƱo out of my food, so ymmv. The true problem with the soup was I ordered a cup and was brought a bowl. When I pointed this out to my server she was apologetic but did not replace the bowl with a cup and I was changed a bowl. This, I think, is a first day shake out problem. The decor is normal Americanized Spanish, scenes painted on the walls. The lighting needs a little work - I used the flashlight on my phone to read all of the descriptions in the menu. Again I think this will be worked out soon, first day (or week) shake out problem. The food is brought out on carts so there is none of the watching servers carry large trays with 5 dishes, waiting for the server to drop it. The carts didn't cause problem for patrons walking around the floor.All in all this was a good lunch. I ordered the soup knowing that it would be a new dish to me - so I was not too upset that it was too spicy for me. The enchiladas were very very good, and I plan to have them again. When I go back later, after they've been open for a bit, I plan to go for dinner and try some of the intriguing looking tequilas.
By: 360rocket
Oakley's Grille
Man Im so mad that this diner has escaped my culinary radar screen for this long! I have missed out on some really great food and meeting a really great staff. Had the burger this past Saturday along my wife and we had an order of fresh cut piping hot fries in an overfilled basket. All of it delicious! Met the owner Keith, a real genuinely nice guy. He spent a lot of the time making sure we were comfortable, well taken care of, and knew his philosophy and what Oakleys offered its customers. The Burger was simply amazing, hot juicy, stuffed with toppings and flavor. Fries were excellent and perfectly salted. I wasnt overly excited with the drinks offered, never a big fan of what I call "fake" tea, (Peak, Lipton, etc.) I love homemade southern sweet tea and at the level of food being presented here agt Oakleys it deserves better. So the food and experience was so good on Saturday I had to return with my wife and other family members and I had to try the Ribeye Philly Cheesesteak. It is easily the best cheesesteak I have ever experienced. We met the owners son Ryan, and Keith you can be very proud as he matched your level of service and communication with my family and other customers today. We are now going to be loyal frequent return customers and you are really missing the boat if you don't give Oakleys Grille a try. This is a platinum operation and taste for sure.Thank you Oakleys grille.
By: Tom K.
Miguelitos Taqueria Y Tequilas
So how were the tacos? They were ok. Just "ok". I don't remember too many specifics as my tacos were overcast by a mediocre tequila drink and a silly 1990's nightclub vibe and a bunch of stressed out staff at 2 in the afternoon. Where to begin. The staff was all trying way too hard and made me feel like I was there to buy a used car. But that used car was tequila. One waiter that wasn't even ours stopped by after our food was delivered to not ask about the food as much as to rhetorically drive home the point their tacos are bigger than another local taco place down the road. I had three people working there push the tequila -drink-cocktail-shots etc. It was pretty early in the day which I thought was funny, until the third person repeated the spiel about the tequila selection. No longer funny, but fine, I give ... I finally asked my waitress about any higher end mescal. I'd like a mescal margarita. They had none at that time. Then the manager stopped by to explain that mescal isn't on the level of their tequilas ... and not the sort of high end tequila they carry (which given the national trend of high end mescal going on everywhere I just smiled and nodded). Perhaps things have changed in the weeks since then and they've caught stride, but the place is way too 1990's for me. I won't be back. I'll be down the street where the tacos are smaller and the drinks all have fresh squeezed lime juice.
By: Tom K.
The Refinery
Just visited last weekend for the first time since they changed their menu and their scope from being a "farm to table" different menu every week restaurant to more of an Americana sort of predictable dining experience. And while I miss the funny adventurous menu, it's now the sort of place I can take people without worrying if they're going to order head cheese and not realize that that dish isn't actually cheese (google it...). Gone are the days of ordering something there only to either be very surprised (in one way or another) at your flavor experience. So: This time around everything was excellent and they actually had ketchup! The staff is cool, and it reminds me of a college town sort of restaurant except they seem to take it all very seriously even though it's become more of a burger and roast chicken place.Craft beer selection is good, wine selection my wife thinks is fun (I don't know anything about that) and overall I really enjoyed the new "Refinery" even if in many ways it's the same. Sitting upstairs on the patio in the nice weather at sunset is a bonus!
By: Tom K.
Kojak's House of Ribs
A good, non-chain southern BBQ place, but with more of a Kansas City style BBQ, very authentic, seems like it's been there for years. Quite often its packed but I've been able to walk right in, get a table and sit down to ribs in a matter of minutes. Service is great, all the staff seems like family or that they've been there a long time. Their BBQ sauce is also quite good. The chicken is great and cheap with two sides, the sausage is respective southern style and good, and the ribs can be either just good, or very good. On the other side: Pulled pork is bland. And the beef (may not be served anymore) was very dry and bland, I pretty much couldn't eat it and it's not recommended.Sides are simple and passable, the sort of stuff that you'd expect at a southern potluck, which I rather enjoyed. Desert, the Apple Cake with vanilla ice cream is excellent. So: Good for ribs and chicken, and sausage, sides are simple but good, but other items on the menu are passable at best. Why would you want something aside the ribs anyway?
By: richard.stage
Chili's Grill & Bar
This pertains to the Chili's on Bruce B Downs in New Tampa only. My family and I have been to this Chili's on many occasions in the past so on 6/2/13 we decided to drop in for an evening meal. It was raining on our arrival and they were not as busy as they usually are. We were seated promptly and were waiting for a server to take our drink order when 2 other couples were seated adjacent to our booth. After no response for about 15 minutes a server came out and took the order of the other table before ours. At that time my wife told the server we had been waiting almost 20 minutes and we were there before they were. His response was less than adequate at which time we did something we have never done in my 56 years of age. We promptly got up and left your establishment and went across to Friday's for our meal where the service was perfect. I gave 3 stars for past times. THIS ONE FAILED MISERABLY.
By: Helmut R.
Ranch House Grill
My new favorite place to eat the last couple of months. Lived here since 2002 and never until recently set foot in here. The greeters definitely make you feel welcome. I often get seated with Debbie. She is awesome! Food is much better and better priced compared to the new Applebees that opened across the street a few months ago.To the veteran complaining above.....the discount isn't something you demand. It's a privately owned restaurant, not a big chain fast food joint. They have to make money. The active duty rule is fair. Don't be selfish. I'm a 6 year veteran. If I get a discount, great! If not, I'm not going to demand it, though! If you want a discount there's a BX on MacDill AFB. I'm sure you have an ID card, so use it!
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By: Brady L.
Senor T's
I visited the recently opened senior ts. The service was wonderful and yes the food took a while to come out. However this place just opened this past weekend on a holiday weekend. You can't expect a place this massive to have all the kinks worked out in a 72hr period. So to all the people that sadly took the time out of their day to write a nasty review, have some patience. Thr food was amazing. You could tell that it was made from scratch. This place has a lot of potential and i think everyone should give it another try in a few weeks. Keep it up senior ts! Had a blast! Also the mariachi band was awesome!!
By: Lori K.
Rubio's Coastal Grill
Rubios is a casual restaurant that has really great, fresh Mexican food with a coastal twist. I love fish tacos that are either grilled or blackened, and theirs are delicious.I especially like their mahi mahi tacos which come topped with a light crema sauce and grilled corn. They were plated with refried into beans and tortilla chips. They have a taco bar with fresh, homemade salsa, chopped onion with cilantro and other good toppings.You order your food at the counter and then someone brings it to your table after it has been prepared. I enjoy eating lunch at Rubios!
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By: Kay A.
Miguel's Mexican Restaurant
We ate there today for the first time and we were surprised how full it was at 1 in the afternoon. In spite of the large crowd we were seated rather quickly. I hadn't eaten breakfast so I was pretty hungry when I arrived, so knowing the wait time I asked for some chips and salsa and they gladly accommodated me. Everyone was pleasant especially our server Mary. The food was very delish. I live in Riverview but I can see myself intentionally returning to dine.

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