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By: bobbyreichold
Old Northeast Jewelers
I am responding to the abusively worded and flat out wrong review left by an angry client. I will post his review below my response so you may get an idea of what has transpired.First: No one put a gun to his head and forced him to come buy a Breitling. Furthermore his assertion that buying a watch from an online distributor for Breitling is patently false as there is no such thing as an authorized online Breitling dealer. Same goes for the vast majority of high end watch brands. Second: Breitling sets the prices so I am not quite sure how we ripped anyone off. Our prices are the same as anyone elses in the US.Third: He decided to buy a watch from an Authorized dealer. That is smart. He signed a receipt which stated that the sale is final. He was made aware of this as well. He was Ok with that and left happy. He then went online and saw grey market watches for sale cheaper. A grey market watch is a watch that is not sold by an authorized dealer and has absolutely no warranty and you could potentially be buying counterfeit items as well. Fourth: The real issue is he expects us to refund his money so he may buy a grey market watch after signing off that he was aware the sale was final. We would have given him store credit if that is what he wanted but what he wanted we wont do for anyone. This is no different for ANY jeweler or watch company. Not only was the watch altered it was worn and used. No one will refund a watch in that capacity. Fifth: He resorts to personal insults because he didn't get his way. This is a long, poorly written temper tantrum that deserves no attention paid.Sixth and final: A theif goes and takes what he wants. He came in and voluntarily gave his money for a fairly priced watch. That is not the definition of thievery.In short, he didn't get his way and he is throwing a fit over it. Do yourself a favor unlike this gentleman. Do your research FIRST. Make a decision that works for you based on your research. One last point - he only dealt with Mr. Hess after he tried unsuccessfully to get a refund. Mr. Hess only enforced his own rules regarding the sales of watches. Rules the client was aware of when he purchased the watch. We inform ALL clientele of our policies before payment is made. His review is pasted below as the original may be deleted.There will formal complaints filed with the better business bureau on these thieves...Mr. Hess will take your cash faster that he can eat 100 donuts! These people are small-time crooks with over inflated prices. There's is NO difference buying a time-piece from them or going through a distributor ON-LINE!!!!!! People, Every Jeweler..both on-line and off are ALL distributors. Don't let HESS tell you otherwise. Mr. Hess. is a foul-mouth person and a poor business man. If you feel the need to be verbally abused and over-pay...this is the jewelers for you.STAY AWAY FROM THESE THIEVES!!!It's that simple. BUYER BE WARE!!!!! Read ALL of the SMALL print. They are quick, clever and kind during a sale. After that....forget it folks. You are on your own.
By: roxannetampa
Guido's Jewelers
I have been going to this store for years. Pretty much anytime I need any work, help or info regarding my jewelry I drop into Guido's. They know everything. This is a family business and they each have a specialty. I feel very well cared for here. I always feel welcome when I arrive and pleased when I leave. On occasion I have brought my young son into the store with me. The owner always speaks to him in a very nice way. She talks to him, not like a little boy but as a young man. Pretty classy and good business I think. He will be the one buying the jewelry one day. I would give them more that 5 stars if I could, they rock. If you are looking for a long term relationship with a jeweler this is the place. They have been in business for something like 40 years, no surprise to me.
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By: Fla gal 45 G.
Cortes Jewelers
I did it again - went to Cortes Jewelers and bought another CUSTOM one of a kind pendant. This is the only place I know of that has ORIGINAL made by the owner that you'll never see anyone wearing what you have..If you really appreciate an honest jeweler and great prices and ONE of a kind piece of jewelry this is the place. You will always feel comfortable buying anything from that Jewelry store. Mr. Cortes also does fabulous designs that you bring to him. It's always a pleasant experience going into this store.
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By: Tom B.
Cortes Jewelers
Took my expensive Hawaiian Na Hoku watch in for water leakage, and I thought it was toast. 10 days and new parts later they had it working like new again for a reasonable price. Very happy customer
By: Asia M.
Malani Jewelers
This is a fabulous family run store. Everyone is kind and went out of their way to help me. I love their attitudes. Merchandise is also amazing. Wow!!!
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By: Steven S.
Cortes Jewelers
Needed a few watch batteries put in..They were fast and reasonable. 2 watches done in 1/2 hour as promised.
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By: Tzvika Y.
Pierce N Tell Signature
Excellent selection of jewelry

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