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By: carolrod
Tampa Veterinary Hospital
Yesterday I took my Yorkie to new groomer recommended by two friends.My dog was squinting and could barely keep eyes open and vet office was closed. My vet was "not in office today" (something I am way over now!). We could not wait for tommorrow....My dad used to take our dogs to this office many years ago and my daughter's boss currently uses this office. I was amazed that Dr. Chambless was still working! I waited less time than when I make regular vet appointments and very thorough exam and treatment was provided. Roxy suffered corneal ulcers in both eyes, (likely from groomers chemicals in dip). She got meds, drops and is now comfortable. I appreciated fact that they gave me option to buy collar if needed and did not push one on me. Since I had a corneal ulcer last year myself and it was worse pain in my life, I appreciate the fact that I could get her seen immediately and will be coming here in the future. I found prices comparable with what I have been paying. It turned out great for me!!! Everyone was very professional and pleasant too! I will be back.
By: betobon
V.I.C. Pet Care
V.I.C. Petcare made our trip completely free of stress for us and our pets at home. We decided to go with a pet sitting service this time around since our pups did not have a good experience at the boarding facility we left them on our last trip. Vicki sent us daily updates on how they are doing and how much fun they are having at home. It made us feel even more comfortable leaving them at the hands of someone with so much animal medical care experience as well.We can't tell you how valuble Vicki's service has been. We are customer's for life and we highly recommend them to anyone.
By: lastnameydaisy
Pebble Creek Animal Hospital
I think everyone at all four clinics is extremely professional and very caring towards Trey and Socks. That quality of care has been true for all of our animals that have been treated at your clinics and we love Dr. Welborn, Dr. Lassett, Cassie, and the staff at Pebble Creek where we take Trey and Socks. I'm impressed with how calm staff members are when faced with Trey and Socks who are always terrified at the vet. Even though they have all their claws and are not well behaved, staff always treat them with loving care and we so and will continue to do so.
By: Chelsea G.
FancyFur Mobile Dog Grooming
Princess, my Yorkie was in need of a grooming, BAD! Usually I'm really good at keeping up with bathing her, but it was that time of the year when she needed a haircut. I dread this process so much, Princess isn't as friendly with strangers. FancyFur was awesome! Michelle is so patient when doing her job. She totally knows what she's doing and I'm sooo glad i finally found someone that Princess feels comfortable with. I will definitely be going with her from now on! Thanks a million!
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By: Susan L.
Kitty Cat Groomer
Diane has groomed my 2 male cats twice. She is very professional and I can reocmmend her with confidence. It's so convenient that she has a mobile service and can come right to my door. I read a very negative review about Diane and find it hard to imagine that one experience can be 360 degrees opposite. I was very happy with my interaction with Diane. She was friendly, polite, feline loving, and did a very good job of trimming my boys. I'm scheduling a third grooming now.
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By: Kat von G.
Westchase Veterinary Center and Emergency
I am so pleased with the service offered at Westchase Vet. I live in Saint Pete, and it is absolutely no problem to make the drive up to see our vet.HALU is my new puppy, she was a rescue from Furever Yours. Westchase Vet was highly recommended and now I understand why.We look forward to to our next visit and allowing our puppy HALU to grow up with those who offer their tender love and attention at Westchase Vet !!!
By: Lee M.
Pampered Pets Of Hyde Park
Great place, excellent service, but can't repeat due to the adult sex shop business that opened recently near them. It's called Nina's oils and is using oils as a front for sex trafficking. I Google their phone number and was shocked to see their ads. However it's no reflection on the ability and performance of pampered pets. I just believe it brings a dangerous element to the area.
By: owens1037
Joni's Pet Salon
I took my pet to Joni's Salon after he wallowed in the hotel grass and got poop all over himself and harness. I was surprised to see that they did not mind taking new clients without an appointment nor did they overcharge me for the inconvenience of cleaning poop off my baby! I wish I lived in Tampa because they would become my permanent pet groomer. Thank you so much!
By: felixx788
Pebble Creek Animal Hospital
As always the staff and Dr. Bath are exceptional. I have always neen very happy with them. They are who I always recommend to everyone I know with animals. Its always a great visit, and money is no object when it comes to the care for my dog. you all treated him like your ouen and you can't put a price on thatt, I wish your care center was choppers main care center.
By: matthew.nall
Super Pet Natural Pet Store
This is a great local pet shop. All the animals seem healthy and the cages were well maintained. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. There was a small odor that another review had warned of, but it was not very bad at all and nothing more than you would expect from a place so full of animals. Will shop here again.
Tips & Advices
Some pet groomers have viewing areas where owners can sit and watch their pets being treated. Most prevent owners from being in the same room as the pet, however, as the owner's presence might cause the pet to become too excited.
Pets that cannot interact with strangers do not make good professional grooming candidates. Sometimes medication can help, but some groomers don't take animals that have been sedated. If a pet becomes too unruly, a groomer may end the session entirely.
It's best to fully vaccinate pets before bringing them to their first grooming appointment. Dogs should receive the DA2PPC vaccine, which stands for canine distemper, canine andenovirus type 2, canine parvovirus, and parainfluenza. It's also a good idea to vaccinate dogs against Bordedatella (aka “kennel cough”). In fact, New York City requires dogs receive both DAPP and Bordetella shots. Cats, meanwhile, should get the FVRCP vaccine: feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus infection, and panleukopenia. In addition, all pets should be up to date on their rabies shots. Owners should wait at least 24 hours after getting their pet vaccinated before bringing it to the groomers.
Technically, there is no such thing as a pet that is too old for a professional groomer. In fact, older pets with joint or mobility issues often can't groom themselves and need someone else to clean them. However, pets that are blind, deaf, or have serious medical issues might not do well at a groomer, especially if the person is inexperienced. Owners should feel free to ask potential groomers about their understanding of elderly pet issues. Often, older pets will exhibit puppy-like behavior and squirm or yelp during grooming. Alternatively, they might not be able to stand for long periods of time. As such, grooming an older pet usually takes more time than grooming a young one.
Puppies and kittens should be at least 10 weeks old before their first professional grooming session. They should be used to being gently handled by strangers and comfortable being separated from their owners for a few hours at a time.

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