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By: john d.
Thai Lanna & Sushi Bar
It's OK but ultimatly the food was bland,needs more seasoning and flavor.* A+ to F- Scale A+=Excellent,C=Standard,F- =RepulsiveMy opinion (Would not denigrate another person's hard work,food industry is hardest.), Quality: C-, ingredient's in Lana roll were little better than expected,curry puffs were low quality almost zero flavor. Salad was cheap iceberg lettuce with carrot shreddings,poorly matched peanut sauce,much more spices needed.Uniqueness: My first Thai restaurant.Convenience: C,Hours should be extended to 11:00 p.m.Service: C-, No utensils or napkins with my take away food.Difficult to understand servers elaborate menu options though they spoke English,I need to know what I am eating.Ambience: A,impressed well done.Presentation:B,I do enjoy eye appeal with my meal,makes food some how more pleasurable.Quantity: C,Plenty of menu options,sampler option would be popular, descriptions need to be present on all menu options and susinct. Price: D+, $4.50 for 1 standard 12oz bottle is not toleratable even if it is foreign beer.
By: peaches100
Egg Roll King
Dear Spirit of God, I don't know where Mr. Z and his son Howard, Mr. Won, all the cooks that were there in 2005,2006 and 2007 have gone. But I pray that you allow them to know that my family and I thank them for being there for us while we were guest at U.S.A. Inn Hotel on hwy 50. Egg Roll King Staff really done right by me and my family and other hotel guest as well. The food and the delivery service was always Excellent. When I ended up in the hospital Mr. Z came to the hospital to see me and he brought me food and fried donuts. Wow! what an amazing business owner. Lord God, where ever Mr. Z, Howard, Mr. Won and the cooks are Bless them without measure. Let them know that their carring for me and my family was not in vain. Peace and AmenFrom: Peaches and Family Decatur, Georgia
By: Ahmi J.
Copperfish Seafood Grill & Oyster Bar
the remodeling they've done to the place is amazing. the outdoor patio area is comfy and relaxing with a pool/fountain in the background. I've been there a few times. My first time I had the Scottish salmon that comes with their garlicky spinach and a twice baked potato and a balsamic glaze. YUM! I recommend that to everyone! The second time our very friendly and informative server told us we had to try the grilled oysters drizzled with garlic butter and topped with melted parmesan and Romano cheese... so we did and she was right, they were amazing! For my entree this time I chose the lobster roll. You can get it hot or cold. I tried it hot and wowwww. First, of the amount of lobster you get is crazy and the herb hoaggie roll it comes on is so delicious. GO THERE!
By: rosiann
Peking King Restaurant
I don' t get the bad review left for this restaurant. My family and I have been there many times and find the food excellent, the service excellent and the prices comparable to other Chinese restaurants we have gone to. The lady who is usually taking the orders is not only friendly but she remembers what each of us usually orders even if it's been a month or more between visits. I can not think of enough good things to say about our dining experiences at the Peaking King Restaurant. All I can say to the person leaving the poor review is don't go there and to anyone else reading it...try it before you rule it out due to a response of someone who was having a bad.
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By: Scott J.
Hibachi Buffet
My family has been going to this restaurant since it opened. Been there probably 0 times now in groups from 2 to 15 for birthdays and casual lunches. The staff has always been courteous and the food perfectly fine for buffet. They even make special sushi plates up when they find out it's someones special day. The place has always been clean and the trays never run out. I really wish we still lived down the street (moved to Clearwater 18mo ago) BUT we still go there every 6 months for someone's special day!
By: fang.huang.5243
Bamboo Express
oh,my god, the food is very good. i wish i can eat there every day. i am going to recommand some of best ones. for example, curry chicken, singapore chow mei fun, fried dumpling, chicken chow mein. in addiotion, the service is excellent. the servers speak english which understand my needs. overall, this restaurant are affordable, nice,and tasteful. come and try. you will never regret good taste.
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By: Jean J.
La Giraldilla Hanley Inc
This place is great. I've been to the Hanley Road location three times so far, and I think it is probably the classiest restaurant in Town & Country. The Cuban pizza is the best, and the café con leche is very good. The service is also good, and the prices are what they should be. There are several tables on an outside porch, which is nice when the weather is good. I highly recommend it.
By: Daniel T.
Nicki's Omelette & Grill
The place is a little old but you have not had an omlette in Tampa until you have tried Nikis. Love the Popeye's Revenge one the best. They have this other one called the Debris. This restaurant is legit. Parking is a pain though especially if you come on the weekends. You might have to park accross the street or next door but watch that they don't tow your car.
By: Javier B.
Senor Tequila Mexican Grill
The atmosphere is great and the service was excellent. In fact, I'll even give them props for the chips and salsa. Unfortunately the food was mediocre. I wanted so bad to like this place because there aren't a lot of Mexican restaurants in West Tampa but this one, despite its look, is underwhelming :/
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By: Shan J.
China City
我的朋友给我推荐这个地方。很好吃。我会回来!����������������我的战俘跟我一起吃饭水煮鱼。。。。。非常好!!!The food was soooo good!!! They make authentic chinese food and "Americanized" chinese food. The place was clean and we loved that!

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