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By: Sonia R.
Lamplighter On The River
I moved here about 7 months ago... I didn't really have much problems with the old management besides our protection with the front gate NOT working at all... New management came in in April and OMG violations began... I'm getting notice after notice different items being added!! It's real simple stuff that has been noted I've taken care of what I can. I'm only one person.. If your gonna violate me do it on something major NOT petty things. I understand the park is supposed to look presentable but I'm not the only one with violations. And for your knowledge I own my home.. It's not that easy to take something that doesn't belong to you... It's ridiculous I thought this place would be great for my children but instead this is the worst place ever.. Sad to say im stuck here til I sell my home.. Gate still doesn't work, the back gate they don't open because I was told they don't want residents removing their trailors in the middle of the night.. Oh I wonder why hmm....
By: Patrick A.
Home Encounter
We couldn't be happier with our Home Encounter agent Joann Lessaris! She is responsive, professional, and aims to please. We needed a long-term rental while our home is being built. Joann has an in-depth understanding of her property area and is clearly very familiar with the pros and cons of all the communities, school districts, etc. If you need a great agent ask for Joann Lessaris by name!
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By: Mark H.
Cooperative Real Estate Greater Tampa
Julie was very knowledgeable and accountable. Much more than any other realtor we have ever dealt with. Crosses her T's and dots her I's. Very easy to talk to and keeps an open line of communication. Perfect person to help you list or buy your home. She treats you like a person and not a sign or object. I strongly recommend checking out her services for her expertise!
By: Jason S.
Cooperative Real Estate Greater Tampa
I started working with this Realty company a few days ago and I am pleased so far. Julie is very attentive and organized. She has met up with me a few times to discuss my specifications for moving into a new home. I can tell she does not want to hound you. Instead, she has been trying to pinpoint the ideal home for my family to move into. I am extremely grateful.
By: Thomas K.
Rose Lake Estates
The lot rents are low for the area! The lots are smaller, but so much easier to maintain. The neighbors are all pretty terrific. These places go fast! If you want one, you'd best be ready to buy when one comes on the market. The manager is very good at keeping us all in check and up-to-date on park happenings. Pretty good homeowners association too.
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By: Mathieu B.
Home Encounter
Being an investor in Canada my primary concern was to surrender myself with a winning team and be able to sleep stress less at night.In Home encounter I found those elements, there ware able to assist me and provide me all the resource in their hands to make it a pleasant journey.I'm glad to say, they are my first pick for many years to come.
By: Stacey R.
Barbara Hoye Realtor
I would highly recommend Barbara as a realtor. She knows the area very well and was good with advising us on things to avoid, she is not just trying to close the sale. We found an amazing house and we were so grateful to have Barbara’s support to navigate the inspections and closing process. Highly recommend!
By: David W.
Cooperative Real Estate Greater Tampa
Great realty company to be involved with. They are always open and friendly, while also being easy to contact. I have tried contacting them through email and phone and they have responded to both promptly. Moving forward with my new home, I'm glad I am working with them.
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By: Josh S.
Home Encounter
Home Encounter property managers are excellent to work with as an owner. My properties in Lutz and Riverview leased in the first week of showings and for the top of the price range. I would highly recommend them to any landlord looking for property management services.
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By: Ben C.
Cooperative Real Estate Greater Tampa
I've been using Cooperative Real Estate for a few months and I am really excited about what I've gotten out of the deal so far. Julie Lasky Mueller is very bubbly, experienced, and consistent. She comes across as genuine and helpful. I would highly recommend it.

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