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By: lauraanne
Salon Monaco Tampa
It's a very busy place right in the heart of Kennedy/South Tampa with minimal and restricted parking. Considering those factors, they do a decent job managing that dynamic. I booked my appointment online, but I also called a few days before to tell them that I had a Groupon. They were friendly on the phone and my appointment started promptly. The reasons that I cancelled my follow-up appointment have a little to do with hair care, and a lot with the finances surrounding my services. I purchased a Groupon for $39.00. That voucher was good for either a Haircut with KeraTriplex Keratin Treatment, Haircut with Partial Highlights or a Haircut with a Single-Process Color. I chose the haircut with single process color. Understandably there was a consultation and my hairstylist claimed that she couldn't do what was on the Groupon without doing other procedures 1st. We discussed price and it amounted to probably an additional $50.00 to strip my hair. She swore she was giving me a deal, and I agreed to this. So in my mind, I have this Groupon that I've already pre-paid for that covers the cost of a haircut (which for me is about 1-2 inches off the end, no layering or anything,) and the dying of my hair. During my consultation, she asked me what type of shampoo I used. I probably named off about 5 different brands, all of which she assured me were unacceptable. This then led to her showing me the products they have for sale. My hairstylist swore up and down that I needed to purchase Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde because it is sulphate free. Now, I wouldn't claim to be an expert but I have long, thick brunette curly hair that needs constant conditioning and moisturizing. She used this line of products while I was there and it left my hair dry and brittle. Where I agree about the sulphate free shampoo, I'm sure there is a line that would better suit someone who needs moisture. But I think it was more important to sell me a name brand fad for a commission instead of really analyzing my personal haircare needs. When all was said and done she charged me a higher price for the stripping procedure, as well as an a-la-carte price per 2-3 additional bowls of color. At the checkout counter she brought up a full-size Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner ($18.95 each,) for me to purchase to take home even though I had previously said during our tour of products that I wasn't buying that today. I declined that purchase, but after everything I was charged: $105.62 to walk out the door. This didn't include the $39.00 groupon that I had already paid or the $20.00 tip. So altogether, $164.62 for a very impersonal and average experience. Additionally, I would point out that regardless of the regular price of salon services at Monaco, the length of my hair, the state of my previous color upon arrival, I purchased something that said a full single-process color would be covered. By charging me for additional bowls, that makes this groupon "deal" a complete bait and switch. I did make a follow-up appointment that day, but have since called to cancel. They didn't ask why, just said ok and we hung up. This proves my point exactly: at Salon Monaco you are just another number and it's more about the location and the fancy decor than about servicing all clients and building lasting relationships for repeat business. I would not recommend them, and I may launch a complaint with Groupon because they should know that businesses are utilizing them to advertise 1 service and not following through. I will be trying another salon in a couple of weeks. Better luck next time.
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By: Mark K.
Sono Bello
I went to Sono Bello about a month ago to do a body sculpt using laser assisted lipo. I have always had love handles ever since I was a child. I was a chubby little kid even though I played sports & lifted weights. I could never get rid of the love handles no matter how much I exercised or dieted so I decided to do something about it and went to Sono Bello in Tampa. They all were absolutely amazing from from the very beginning. Lana at the front desk was extremely friendly and helped me get checked in at the front desk for my consultation with Michelle who was very nice and cheerful and answered all my questions. I wanted to get the procedure done immediately but had to wait until I met with Dr. Azharian. I came back and met with Dr Azharian to go over any final questions then scheduled my procedure for the very next day. The procedure took a few hours and once it was completed I got a sneak peek at the results; I could not believe it but the love handles were actually gone!! I went home and slept it off, then the next day I pretty much didn't leave the bed. I was very sore from the procedure but they told me it was to be expected. That lasted for several days until I was able to take 1 of the 'binders' off me. After my 1 week follow up I was able to switch to less restrictive garments which was such a relief!! The original compression garments are not comfortable but they do keep the swelling down & help minimize the bruising. It has been a few weeks since then and I am still in the second faze garments and cannot wait until I have the body I had always dreamed of. I am currently on a low carb diet, shedding pounds and hope to get to my desired weight soon, which cannot come soon enough since summer & beach time is right around the corner. Maybe this year I will be able to take my wife & son to the beach & actually take my shirt OFF this time. I am so glad my wife helped convince me to change my the body I hated into one that I will love and I am forever indebted to Sono Bello for making that happen.Thank you Sono Bello for helping me look how I have always wanted to.
By: Greg F.
Sono Bello
I consider myself a fit person; I regularly workout through cardio exercises (3-4 times a week) and am cautious about the foods I eat. I had dealt with a “problem area” on my lower abdomen for approximately two years. No matter how many additional minutes, miles, or crushes I performed, I never saw my lower stomach area shrink. I found out about SonoBello through various advertisements on Facebook and other means and decided to research them. Overall, I saw great results through pictures and read pretty convincing testimony from clients. I had an appointment on June 13, 2014 and it was the best decision I made for a body transformation. Firstly, the Tampa office, from initiation to completion, had been more than accommodating, friendly, and understanding with my needs. Everyone (Yahaira and Mike [front desk], Nicole [consult], Noelle and Tanya [nurses], and Dr. Azharian) is always in good spirits when I visit; plus they even know me by name. Nicole did a great job informing about the procedure, expectations (pre and post op), and pricing all in one consultation. I agreed to proceed with the procedure and requested a date that was convenient for me (June 30). On the day of my procedure, Noelle and Dr. Azharian again were extremely accommodating in ensuring that I was comfortable for the procedure. It was quick and painless. I don’t recall feeling any vertigo or pain at all. I had used vacation time that week for the procedure, but could’ve really returned to work on the third day. I had no issues or complications at any time post-procedure. My follow up appointment was the following week with Tanya; again, her personality and knowledge was consistent with the rest of the office. She inspected my stomach area and wanted to ensure I was healing properly – which it was. It has been three weeks since I had my SonoBello procedure and I’m so thrilled with my results. My stomach is flat and I feel great! Again, best decision I’ve made to date.
By: Elyse M.
Salon Monaco Tampa
I have known Krista since she started doing hair, I went into the salon she previously worked at and watched as she learned from some of the best in the business...mostly extensions. Her passion, dreams and life outside of her family is to change her clients lives, giving them confidence, happiness and a non judgmental, relaxing experience as she works her magic.Monaco salon is on a different level than any salon in the area. Monaco gives the top salons in NYC and LA a run for their money! Dillion, DeeDee, Damaris and Billy are truly talented in their expertise In hair color(hello Paul Mitchell) and between Krista and her hair extension team,(Maggie & Marissa) they can change your life in a mater of hours. The staff at Monaco, puts their clients as their top priority. You will walk out those double doors with so much confidence. Krista makes sure everything runs smoothly, as does Dillon, but everyone works as a team.I had a traumatic experience where another stylist at another salon in the Tampa Bay Area, Burt my hair off leavening me with burns on my scalp and less than 1" of hair...and my hair was at my shoulder blades prior. I went to Krista and her salon after reading reviews, terrified of the future of my burnt off hair. I went into their, embarrassed, humiliated and with no confidence. I thought I would have to hair a similar hair cut to my husband. The team at Monaco was able to transform my hair seamlessly to long luscious 18" locks, and no one knew anything, except I had to go dark to let my hair grow. I cried when the chair was spun around to the mirror.I only let the team at Monaco touch my hair and this month(July) marks a year since the trauma happened. I had to sacrifice my blonde as much as I wanted to be blonde again; and go dark: we haven't processed my hair and my hair is longer and thicker naturally than it ever has been. I continue to get my extensions and will never stop trusting Monaco with my hair!
By: Rsr R.
Sono Bello
I had such a wonderful experience at Sono Bello in Tampa. I was reluctant to get this type of procedure, however, everyone at the office was extremely knowledgeable and were able to settle my apprehensions. I actually decided the day I went in for my initial consultation that I was going to get the procedure and was scheduled for the same week. I was given a discount because of my low BMI and because of the areas I was planning on getting done. The day of the procedure went extremely well, I was explained every detail of how I was going to feel during and after the procedure and what to look for. The nurses were attentive and listened to everything I was concerned about. Noelle, the surgical nurse was accommodating and paid close attention to me. I have nothing but great things to say about the surgeon. She was very detail oriented and has a eye for what she does. She was very realistic as to what I should expect and was just funny and kept it lighthearted during the procedure. After I went home the doctor called me to check up on me as well as one of the nurses, Jaime. I received calls from the nurses and the doctor the following day and a few days after the procedure. Even on Saturday I was able to get in touch with Yahaira who is super sweet and really does go above and beyond. I am now about 14 days post op with great results. I come from a family full of physicians and I highly recommend Dr. Azharian not only because of her skill at what she does but her wonderful bedside manner. Furthermore, Yahaira has made everyday after the procedure more comfortable just by listening to me when I called and asked questions. If you are thinking about getting rid of some fat here and there I will suggest Sono Bello in Tampa, I would definitely go there again.
By: Alex R.
Sono Bello
As a former armed service member and a man I was totally unsure if this was something that I wanted to do. I've worked out my whole life and I am by no means out of shape. But I've always had a few areas of my body that no matter how hard I dieted or worked out never seemed to change. The few times they did change I needed to go totally caveman and drastic with my diet. After speaking with my wife and having her support I decided to go and have a visit at the Tampa Sono Bello office. The staff was top notch and answered all of my questions and filled me in on what to expect. They were helpful in every way and never once made me feel out of place or awkward. Dr. Azharian who preformed the procedure couldn't have been a more down to earth person and Doctor, answering a few more of my questions and filling me in more detail the procedure and after effects. I chose to stay awake during my procedure and think that was the best choice. There is some discomfort during the procedure but I was never in pain and if I had to rate the pain on a scale of 1 to 10 it would be a 4. The post op pain was exactly as Dr. Azharian had I had just done 1000 crunches. Once that pain goes away (after about 3/4 days) the other annoying aspect was the itching. I'd say that was the most bothersome post op feeling i had...other than that everything went great! The results were better than I had expected and I am about 7 weeks out. I'd suggest Sono Bello and especially the staff and Dr. Azharian at the Tampa office to anyone wanting to get this procedure done.
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By: Mk G.
Sono Bello
The reception at Sono Bello in Tampa was a great experience. The consultant, nursing staff, & Doctor were all excellent. I am a very reserve person and did not know what to expect when I first went in. Miss Yahaira was friendly and welcomed me in without hesitation. I was really unsure about requesting any type of procedure. She made me feel comfortable. I asked her a lot of questions. She was very patient with me, well spoken, confident, and very knowledgeable about procedures. I liked the fact that I didn't feel like she was trying to sell me something and didn't pressure me. Miss Yahaira was awesome. I felt she had genuine concern for what I was interested in as a patient. The care she demonstrated is what made me choose to get a procedure at Sono Bello. I shopped around to other clinics but the care and positive environment meant more to me than a better price at another place. She didn't change after I committed to getting the procedure. She was consistently like that for every visit to the clinic, every call, and through out my procedure. She was very professional and gave me advice at every avenue that I needed assistance. Miss Yahaira definitely is a beautiful young lady with a beautiful attitude to match. I would recommend Sono Bello to anyone especially first timers and those that are unsure. Other places have made me feel like I was less than them, not welcome, like they were trying to sell me something and pressure me. I'm glad I chose Sono Bello. It was a great experience.
By: Nicole C.
Sono Bello
I’ve always hated my hips and thighs. No matter how much exercise and dieting I’ve done, my hips and thighs wouldn’t go anywhere. One night after watching a commercial for Sonobello, I started doing my research. The procedure seems non invasive and the cost friendly than any other type of liposuction. After a week of research, I decided to call for a consultation. After that, I fell in love with the place and the people. Starting with my consultant, Nicole who was friendly and answered my questions honestly. She also helped me find a great deal with the pricing for my procedure. I was so happy and comfortable with my consultation that I scheduled my laser lipo for my hips, waist, outer thigh and banana roll right on the spot. Dr. Azharian and her staff were extremely friendly and made sure I was comfortable throughout the process. It’s only been 3 weeks since my procedure, even though I still have some swelling, I can see the results. I can’t wait until my 3 month appointment to compare my before and after photo. I’m now starting the Venus Freeze procedure and Yahaira and Jamie were extremely friendly and informative about the Venus Freeze, Venus Legacy, and Velashape. All the staff I encountered during my time there, were all friendly and helpful. I’d recommend the services Sonobello offers to anyone that wants to make a change forever. Thank you Sonobello!!!
By: Dwreck H.
Sono Bello
I had my second liposuction procedure with Dr Gerzenshtein in the Tampa office. Everything about the procedure was great. Dr Gerzenshtein and the nurse Alex both were exteremely friendly and made sure I was comfortable throughout the process. The sunday after the procedure I had a question about a rash I was developing and he called me back within 15 minutes and provided me a solution to fix it. Overall I would highly recommend Dr Gerzenshtein if you are considering getting this done.I selected Venus Freeze as a supplement to a recent liposuction procedure. I am pleased with the results it has delivered so far. It definitely has helped decrease the time that it takes for the swelling /hardness to go down post procedure. In addition I can see tightening of the skin after just a couple of sessions. I have not experienced any pain or discomfort during the Venus treatment. To me it equates to a warm massage and only a little redness on my skin for about an hour after the treatment (abdomen). I would highly recommend the Tampa Sonobello office for this type of treatment. The treatments work and the staff is exceptionally friendly. Shianne, the aesthetician that performs the Venus treatments, is extremely nice and alleviates any concerns you may have about the procedure. She makes a good experience an exceptional one!
By: journey4ahealthierme
Raydiance Day Spa
This place is amazing if you totally want to pamper yourself please go there you will feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and so relaxed and peaceful there. I didnt want to leave the sweet smell of the in scents the relaxing music and welcoming and friendly staff i love felt like a vacation. This is the spot for both woman and men. I went there for Say No to Lipo-Vaser Shape they provide services at this location also and i was very impressed by this new technology in my first session that was 45 minutes i instantly lost a total of 3 inches of my abdomen.. very impressive i must say..painless relaxing soothing warm massage thats what it felt like... i have lost over 100 lbs on my own without surgery and alot hard work but i have some stubborn areas in my abdomen as well as with loose skin and all the exercises in the world just isnt enough..Im excited about the before and after results of their clients and of how highly Dr. Oz spoke of this new technology (Vaser Shape) and how inexpensive it was compared to actual Liposuction surgery..This is helping and enhancing my hard work..If you are like me and are in the Tampa area and have stubborn areas of fat also and need some skin tightening and if you are against lipo...Check out Vaser Shape with Say No To Lipo at Raydiance im really excited about how my body is transforming.

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