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By: kidsfirstabc123
Playtime Learning Academy
My child does enjoy this school. At the beginning it was delightful to see the interaction of all the teachers with the kids. I have paid close attention to the enviroment that has surrounded my child. But I do have some concern on a few things that needs to be changed. I don't think a teacher should have the right to put there finger in a childs face barely touching there nose (not right) or if a child has done something wrong they shouldn't be walked away with the teacher holding there wrist high in the air when the child can barely touch the floor as if being dragged. On one occasion I walked in the main gate and a child walked out. Luckly the child listen and walked back in. The gates are left open for the child to escape to the main gate about 30% of the time. I'm not saying they do escape but they easily could. When I pick my child up, my child is able to walk right out without my help from the classroom to the gates being left open right outside to the maingate. On several occasions I have watched the teachers facing each other laughing "which I'm glad they do laugh" but they should direct themselves facing the kids, overlooking them all. I say this because I have walked in while they were doing this and walked out with my child. They didn't even see us leave nor did I sign out. But I do have to say the teachers are wonderful and very knowledgable. Except for maybe a few random hires that are at least gone now. With our kids being so young, there should be a stronger background check on who is watching our children at all pre-schools and schools. I say this because of the way I have seen some of the kids talked to and treated by a couple of teachers with there hand off to the side as if they were gong to spank. Don't ever let me see that when its not your child to lay a hand on. I have notice that those teachers are not there anymore, but they were which was bad enough to see. As someone has already wrote about being one of the cleanest pre-schools doesn't mean its clean. With some extra attention this school would be pretty clean but its not. I have noticed it going down hill. As I would still recommend this school only if it got better. So please fix it!! You could be the best pre-school if you just made thing right. If I see these things change, I will change what I have wrote. SincerelyKidsFirstabc123
By: milkmaid333
Playtime Learning Academy
This is a wonderful place....My 1st daughter started going to Playtime when she was 18 months old, she is now 7 years old. My 2nd daughter also started when she was 18 months old and she is now 4 years old. Playtime is the only daycare that I have looked at or thought about sending my children to. My children love the teachers and so do I. My oldest was more than prepared to go to Kindergarten and has excelled in school. She also goes to the after school program, which she loves. I have no doubt that my 4 year old will be more than prepared for Kindergarten when she goes.To address the gate issue...I know that when I pick up my children from Playtime, they are so excited to tell me about their day, that they forget to think about their own safety. I have had many teachers warn me that my children were about to go into the parking lot and to run after them. There are also 2 gates to keep the children in, both with locks, and to keep people that do not need to come in out. I have never once thought that my children were unsafe while at Playtime. If I did think so, I know that I could go to the office and talk to Julie or Emily and express my feelings and concerns and know that they will listen and take the appropriate actions needed.When my children leave the classroom with out me, I know that the teacher has opened the door and checked to make sure that they were with an adult that is on my safe list or with me. I have no concerns about my children leaving the classroom without a teacher knowing.Overall, this is a great place for your child to grow and learn. The teachers all know my name and also my children's names. There are lots of hugs and high fives handed out for rewards and discipline when needed. I have the utmost faith and confidence in the teachers and owners and know that my children are well taken care of and will continue to thrive in this environment.
By: cristin.linton
Playtime Learning Academy
Quality Program, Caring Staff & Great FacilityBoth my husband and I work full-time so we wanted to make sure we found a place we felt comfortable bringing our children to every day. We found what we were looking for at Playtime! From the moment we walked in, we loved the homey feel compared to the other centers we visited and for over 2 yrs now, we have enjoyed knowing our children are in safe, loving environment full of fun and lots of opportunities to grow and learn.Our daughter started when she was 15 months and our son has been there since he was 5 months old. As a parent, it is a great feeling to see a big smile spread on their faces when their teachers greet them in the morning. My son adores Ms. Taina and gives her a big hug every time he sees her. My daughter has had so many wonderful teachers along the way as she has moved up through the different classes and is always excited to share what she has been learning. Ms. Taina, Ms. Tiffany, Ms. Tracey and Ms. Allie are just a few of the many wonderful individuals at the school. The playgrounds are spectacular with lots of room, lots of shade and even a separate area for the smaller kids. We love that they get so much playtime outside and we love seeing all the diiferent types of activities they have planned for our children from the holiday themed events to the summertime water play! They also focus on important skills and present things like math and science in fun ways through books, crafts and small groups. I highly recommend Playtime Learning Academy. We are so happy we made the choice to enroll our children there!
By: workingmomalways
Playtime Learning Academy
Thinking back thru all the years my daughter has attended Playtime, I can honestly say we were blessed to find this preschool. My daughter started going to Playtime at the age of 2. She is now in elementary school. This is her home away from home. Every teacher knows her name and mine. Many of the teachers were there when we started and will probably be there when we have to leave. They all greet us with a smile even in the early morning hours. Yes, 6AM is very early but these teachers have a smile! When my daughter is able to sleep in from time to time she begs to get up early so she can ride the Playtime bus to school.When my daughter entered kindergarten, she was more than ready to begin. Quite frankly, she as well as other children in her K class from Playtime were bored. That was because Playtime did such an excellent job teaching her what she needed to know to begin school. The transition was smooth. I have never seen a preschool this clean. The owners are active at the school on a daily basis and are always willing to answer any questions I might have. They are always trying their best to make Playtime better. They have created a play court, nature area and have added artificial turf these last few years.I am nervous for the next year or two to come, my daughter will no longer be able to attend her home away from home.
By: tripplem
Playtime Learning Academy
Total Disappointmentwe moved in Tampa from Coraopolis and enrolled my kid for VPK.... but the quality is pretty much lower...I select this school because it was on convenient distance from my home .... and apparently I found it good during my 1st visit.... but now the hands on experience is average... the standard of teaching is pretty much low...I never saw Ms.Rita with a smiling face in morning.... she always remains the class door close un till 8:30 n parents have to wait outside in a queue which converts into a mess when they enter at the same time in a small room .... it also cause a mess in small parking lot bcoz everyone has to be stuck until the kid drop off / sign in ...... cubbies r dirty n place is small.... stairs, corridors and balconies r dirty ... they don't give homework daily.... in-fact my kid has very little things to share.... I feel like they discriminate the VPK students with their full-paid students.... security is good.... management is nice.... Ms. Suzzane is nice.... but some improvements are needed in syllabus and morning time organization.... door shud be open earlier...
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By: Ashley C.
Forest Hills Learning Academy
We used this center approx 2-3 years ago, and we were far from happy with the level of care that was provided. The only saving grace was my oldest child's teacher, Ms. Shieka who was AMAZING. My youngest, who was only a few months old had to go into childcare when I had to return to work and she was consistently left in her car seat in the morning without supervision while the director cooked breakfast and kids of all ages had access to her. They allowed severely I'll children to attend, and I still to this day believe my youngest contracted RSV from that center. The afternoon "teachers" in my oldest's class were always on their cell phones, allowing the kids to watch movies/tv on a daily basis. I felt horribly uncomfortable and as soon as I could I got both my kids out of there. Even though my instinct told me no, I was in a pinch and needed a childcare center after moving to Tampa so I enrolled them. My kids were later put into a better preschool and it was like night and day.
By: Kei D.
Forest Hills Learning Academy
My children attended Forest Hills Learning Academy from 2008 to 2013 and I must say we absolutely loved this center. The director, Ms Dawn and the teachers were the friendliest, most caring, and responsible staff I have encountered. My children were ages 2 and 6 months when they started attending FHLA and to this day they remember the staff, their friends and still ask to go back. Any issues I had were immediately and respectfully addressed, and my children were well taken care of and taught a great deal of information for their age group. I have no complaints on the childcare my children received, and I would recommend FHLA to anyone. I checked out many daycare providers In Tampa and once I visited FHLA my decision was made. The center was always clean, the children attending looked happy, and they received cooked meals (not warm processed meals) which I was very pleased with. If we ever move back to Tampa, I would definitely send my children back to Forest Hills.
By: Brenda Z.
Storybook Ranch Preschool
Storybook Ranch has been a wonderful place for my son. He is full of energy and very smart and we needed a classroom that could fill both the kinesthetic and academic needs. Storybook did all of this for us. My child's vocabulary has exploded. He is two... counting, identifying colors, sorting, identifies word text and clues. All great! He is also tired when he comes home as they are engaged in free play and organized games. Not to mention the awesome extra's like soccer and tumbling! This place has been super supportive with both my husband and I working crazy hours, we are confident that our son is happy and loved all day! Awesome communication and always helpful when I need a little parenting advice pertaining to age level stages. Love this place, Love the teachers and the staff! Highly recommend! - Brenda Z.
By: Emilie S.
Storybook Ranch Preschool
Our family absolutely LOVES Storybook Ranch Preschool. My daughter has been going here for a little over a year and she loves it too. The teachers are constantly keeping the children clean, showing them attention and make the children feel so excited about being at school. My daughter was potty trained in less than 2 weeks by her wonderful teachers. The curriculum is so amazing as well. My daughter knew 5 different paintings at the age two and her words and the amount of leaning she has got at Storybook is just incredible. I HIGHLY recommend Storybook Ranch Preschool. I can not wait for our new baby to get to be a part of the Storybook ranch family.
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By: Julia M.
Storybook Ranch Preschool
Great school with phenomenal, caring teachers! My son started attending at the end of June because it was recommended to us that he go to aid in his social development. His speech was a bit delayed and he was a bit uncomfortable when it came to group play. Well, here it is just over 2 months later and he's already made HUGE strides! Miss Taylor is AMAZING! We can actually have a conversation with him because we understand what he's saying. He's made friends, is following directions and can actually sit still for more than a few seconds at a time! Sending our son to Storybook was one of the best decisions we've made!

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