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By: June S.
Matera Roofing, Inc
Bait and Switch! I don't normally write negative reviews but I contacted this company a month ago after recieving an invoice from them and to date have not recieved a response. Imagine how responsive they will be when I have a leak!I rely heavily on reviews when I make a buying decision. I looked today on line and low and behold! 6 positive reviews show up on a google search I wonder if there are permits pulled for any of these reviews or if they are friends and family they were all written one month ago right after I sent my complaint to the company.That is what prompted me today to write this review.So here is my experirence with Matera Roofiing Tampa FL.I needed a major roof repair on an older home. I was doing many renovations at the time so I was on a limited budget. I got quotes from 3 companies and Matera all around $8,000 ish. The three other companies were BBB accredited Matera is not. Matera came back with an offer of $7,200.00 for the roof this stated in the contract and in the emails from the company ALL WOOD REPLACED/ CASH NO FINANCING. This would mean a complete tear off of the roof no additional charges.Despite the onew negative review and that the company was only in business for 3 years and might not be around in 5, the price was very good. I had to borrow the money to complete this job. Half way through my roof repair, the roof completly open; the salesman came to my home explaining they had underestimated this job and they were going to invoice me for the extra money, I protested. This is what a signed contract is for !The contracted stated all wood replaced I'm sorry but thats what we agreed on.I tried to explain that I had to borrow this money because they cant finance and it would be months before the house was done. It was a bait and switch tactic at its finest. I am a single woman, I sign a contract and now you come out halfway through my repair and insinuate you will not finish unless I pay $1,100 more. This now makes you the same price as the other quotes I got from companies I could have financed with. Funny how that works.Last month I recieved an invoice from this company via email stating if I didnt pay the balance they would place a lien on my home! No mailed invoice no phone call an email that could just as well wound up in my spam folder. I wrote them expressing my concerns and got no reply at all I asked them to call me and still nothing. The roof repair was done well and if this company and its owners had any "Integrity" as they tout on there website this would have been a completely differrent review. Take my advice go with an estabished BBB Accedited Company or one with personal referals in your area. I wish I had.
By: Skyler S.
All Solar Power
Since moving to Tampa from North Dakota, it's been very hard for me to find trustworthy people to work on my car, house ect. After receiving quotes from several sleazy people I found All Solar Power and decided to give them a call. I met Richie, the owner, at my house to give me a quote on the project. Having a pool that is covered in shade we had him give an estimate for solar pool heating. A couple minutes later I had a written quote which included all parts, labor and permits. He answered all of my questions on the spot and didn't try and sell me things I didn't need. Fast forward to this month, had him come over and install the equipment on a day I was unable to make it home due to a work event. I'm pretty good with technology so I didn't think it would be a huge deal, got a call when it was done and he offered to come over ON HIS OWN TIME to show me the equipment and how it works. THIS IS THE GUY YOU WANT TO WORK ON YOUR HOUSE! BEST OF THE BEST, THANKS RICHIE AND ALL SOLAR!
By: Spencer A.
Larry Miller Roofing
We began having leak issues last Spring/Summer (2015) during the rainy season. Larry Miller Roofing came out a few times to patch us up, but each time commented on how we really needed a new roof. They showed us areas where the previous roofer had done a shoddy job. We decided it was time to take the plunge and called them back for a roof replacement.I worked directly with Frank Miller through the entire process. He gave me a quote which ended up being pretty spot on. They ended up replacing the entire roof (a little over 2000 sq ft) plus addressed some additional concerns we had with our chimney. When it was time to begin the work, they showed up with a crew and worked on it for 3 days straight until it was finished. They handled all of the paperwork with the county for me and addressed all of our concerns. I would definitely recommend Larry Miller Roofing to anyone that is contemplating replacing their old roof.
By: Melinda M.
Roofing Tampa FLA Services
We've used Roofing Tampa FLA Services for years as our go to roofing contractor. They've done projects for us. The first job they did was a metal Spanish style roof on a project in Tampa. The owner was a pleasure to work with and did everything he said he was going to do. I can't say enough good things about them!
By: richgaz
A Plus Seamless Gutters
Crew showed up on time, We love the look our new gutters, and more importantly, the work great! Now we have no drainage issues. Thanks A Plus!
By: Maryann H.
Lesko Roofing
Hoffman Realty has used Lesko Roofing for years. You won't find a better roofer. Honest, reliable and good prices too.
Tips & Advices
Roofers commonly use certain supplies to handle the task of roof repair. A scaffold or a shingle lift is often used to access the roof. Roofers wear hard hats, and they typically wear soft-soled steel-toed shoes that protect their feet and provide optimum traction. Roofers use basic equipment such as caulking guns, paint brushes, electric or cordless drills, wheelbarrows, pop-rivet guns, power brooms, power spudders, shovels, backpack blowers, and high-pressure washers.
Certain supplies are needed when performing a do-it-yourself roof repair project. Working on a roof can be dangerous, and a safety harness with a rope and anchor point is essential equipment if you want to help prevent a fall. You'll also need a ladder, roofing nails, a crowbar, a utility knife, a tape measure, a chalk line, and a hammer.
Algae-resistant roofing shingles are shingles that have been specially built to resist algae growth. A common method for accomplishing this involves including copper granules in the shingles during the manufacturing process. Algae growth can cause unsightly black streaks on your home's roof, and this may lower your property values.
It can take less than a day to put on a new roof, but it could take as long as several days if the roof is large and complex. Weather conditions will also impact the length of time required for this task, and wind, snow, or rain will slow the process.
In general, the average lifespan of a roof is 20 to 25 years. However, the lifespan of your home's roof will be closely linked to the roofing materials used. Roofing made with asphalt shingles can last 15-30 years, and a metal roof may last 30-45 years. A roof made with concrete tile could last 35-50 years.

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