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By: Ryan A.
Gracie Tampa
The first time I walked into Gracie Tampa to train, I was a lot like many others when they walk into a Jiu-Jitsu school...a little nervous and little intimidated. I was put at ease very quickly during head coach Rob Kahn's lessons and when the experienced guys took their time with me and truly showed me they were here to help me learn and not just choke me out over and over.There is no better teacher in the entire world of jiu-jitsu than Rob Khan....I honestly believe that. He has no patience for ego's so they are left at the door by everyone or Rob will not hesitate to intervene. As a practitioner, he's among the best in the world. As a teacher, he conveys every aspect of the art in a way very few can. He's patient with each student yet firm and won't hesitate to push if that's what is needed. Anyone can teach the physical movements of a move but he backs it up with years of time tested experience that few have. He provides reasons and justification for each subtle move and teaches you how to think and relax while doing so. What I love about each move he teaches is that he teaches each move 3 ways...in a real life street encounter, in a jiu-jitsu environment and MMA. Needless to say, his teaching level is in a class by itself.What also makes a good jiu-jitsu & mma school are those you're surrounded with. Gracie Tampa is a family and everyone there is always helping each other get better. I've gained lifelong friends and I wouldn't trade having the opportunity to train there for anything. From Rob's training, we've had several guys make it to the UFC and ADCC so you know that while you're training...you're training with some of the best in the world.Gracie Tampa isn't just jiu-jitsu though, we have great stand-up training (muay-thai, kickboxing, etc), wrestling and Judo. It really is a well rounded MMA school including great classes for kids. The kids program is actually really impressive. As you can probably tell, lol...I can't say enough about this school.As an FYI, I have no idea what the last 2 reviews are talking about...there's no "entry fee" and my monthly fee has never changed in years. It's a flat monthly fee and then you can go to as many classes as you'd like...unlimited.
By: Wayne M.
Empower Boxing Tampa
At first I was intimidated to walk into a kickboxing gym. Finally one day I worked up the courage to walk in and at least try a free class. During the class I noticed two things: First, the people around me all had the same goals. No one was in competition with me, we were all just trying to be healthy. The second is I REALLY LIKE KICKING THE BAGS! You can’t buy that kind of therapy. That was about six months ago, now I am down over 20lbs, feeling healthier and more confident! I have regular private sessions with James that helps me stay on track to building muscle and burning fat. Private Sessions are quite affordable if you buy them in 10 packs. I have always been looking for a gym that fits my goals and lifestyle. The search is over.

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