By: Lisa and rick A.
Hobbit American Grill - South
My wife and i went for dinner June 30th for our 33rd wedding anniversary. I ordered the flounder she ordered wings, I didn't care for the fish but didn't want to wast it. BUT this is the great part, the manager said my job is to make you happy and he certainly did, the man was out standing. He bent over backward to make sure i had a great dinning experience. The waitress was fa nominal, i don't normally leave reviews but the folks at forest village Hobbit deserve kudos, that's the way you run a business, Thanks gang we will be back. 5 stars
By: Heather P.
Thrifty Shopper
If you struggle with a grocery budget, you HAVE to shop here. This place sells dented cans and PERFECTLY GOOD FOODS that are technically "expired" at 70-90% off the original prices!!! You never know what will be on the shelves (Including things you could see at expensive organic stores like Earthfare and New Leaf Market!) and the owners are really friendly and pleasant. This place makes it possible to keep a full wallet and a full stomach at the same time. This will be my first destination every time I need groceries! :D
By: canlastc
Ruby Tuesday
When my husband and I were seated we couldn't hear each other talk due to the staff speaking very loudly over the music. We now know all their weekend plans and social statuses - it was as if we were invisible and the restaurant was their livingroom . This didn't seem to bother the manager. Our food was good but our waitress constantly passed us by; she was careful not to make eye contact. We waited ridiculous amounts of time for service. The place was nearly empty so no excuse. We will eat somewhere else next time.
By: followsadies
Hopkins Eatery #3
I LOVE HOPKINS! Chicken tetrazzini salads and there iced tea are delicious! I don't live in Tallahassee anymore but when I visit family and friends I go here EVERYDAY for lunch. Count your blessing Tallahassee that you have such a great little eatery there are days that I think of visiting Tallahassee just so I can go to Hopkins. :)
By: tallymediator
Viva Cafe
We eat here nearly every day ... variety of good food from omelettes to chicken bacon quesadillas. Now delivery is available in the evening and on weekends. They deliver to all the hotels and motels on North Monroe St. and out to Midway so go ahead order and let them deliver to you.
By: dgsmith58
Wild Willies
Great food - I've been twice and the seafood platter was very filling and fresh. The wings and burgers another time were just as good. Food a '5' - ambiance a '2' - Rated a '4' because the place itself is not comfortable to eat in. Super for take out.
user avatar
By: Mike W.
Backwards Crossing
Awesome fresh vegetables grown on premises. Gourmet Chef on duty and cooks all meals. Even the southern tea was better than average. Great staff. Country setting. Walk thru herb gardens. Definitely one of the best in Tallahassee.
By: jrcreeves
1 Touch Barbershop
If you are looking for the best barbers in town then this is the spot! Their fades are flawless. Hair line is tight. Your hair will be perfect when leaving here and the atmosphere is great! Thanks Ronnie and the team!
By: Ivan L.
Livin In The Cut
Friendly, Professional, Quick, Clean, and Talented Barbers. Tallahassee's #1 barber shop in town! My barber shop for the past few years and will continue to be as long as their doors are open.
user avatar
By: P H.
New Leaf Market Co-op
I love to shop at New Leaf Market when I make a trip to Tallahassee. The selection is great and I love the bulk section where you will find great value in quality products.
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