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By: Jahlisha M.
St Augustine Hills Apartments
ATTENTION ATTENTION DONT LIVE HERE................. I lived here for a year the worst place to live. The fire alarms go off every 2 hours the fire truck don't even come out no more, the apartment complex manager don't return emails, when things went wrong in our apartment they never never fixed it. When they did fix little things( only 2 times ) the maintenance people stole things and money out our apartment, when we movied in our apartment was dirty, carpet was stained, bathroom was disgusting. When I tell yall the showed us a different apartment from the one we movied into it was day a night. Living uncomfortable in my apartment for a year and when you try to get in touch with corporate off they dont help you and they don't email you back shit is crazy. The lady in the off lost our check list when we did move out and she charged us Almost 1000$ for everything that was wrong in the apartment before we movied in. To inform you this apartment complex is by woods so they have huge rats that got inside of the apartment and the office did nothing about it. These people will scam you and take your money so be aware.
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By: Gary B.
Franklin Pointe
Franklin Pointe has been my home for many, many years because it is convenient, affordable and in the prime section of downtown Tallahassee. The staff is very helpful and work to make their residents comfortable and taken care of.
By: Dalmation O.
Parkway Square
DO NOT RENT HERE!! THE COMPLEX IS NOW INFESTED WITH FLEAS!!!Management has been told by many of us about the fleas and each time claims it's the first they have heard of it. THEY ARE DOING NOTHING TO FIX THE PROBLEM - NO PEST CONTROL. NOTHING.The trash bin over flows and management throws the trash into a fenced in area in a trash heap instead of having it hauled off.CF Lane turns properties into slums (do a search and see for yourself). They are turning a semi-decent complex into a slum! We can hear every single thing from the upstairs neighbors. When they are cooking. When they are in the bathroom. When they are walking (which sounds like stomping). Everything. The appliances are the CHEAPEST money can buy and the washer will ruin your clothes. If you like water pressure you're out of luck.5% of the dog owners pick up their dog poop. It's like a mine field out there. Management doesn't enforce it. They really don't give a damn about that or anything else. DRIVE AWAY AND FAST!
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By: Jj T.
University Gardens
Words cannot begin to describe the horrors of university gardens.! They are complete crooks. The staff is all smiles til you sign the lease. My bathtub has been broke since i moved in and i have sent several and i mean several requests to get i fixed and still nothing. And thats not the only thing that’s broke but i at least want to take a comfortable shower that’s all i asked for. They steal your rent if you do keep an eye on it. And why in the HELL are me and my roommates paying 140 dollars for water a month alone??????? Where is this water coming from???? I seriously don’t have t time to continue the complaints I’m a collage stent and shouldn’t have to worry about crap like this. And the higher you go up in management the more corrupted they get. Do yourself a favor and don’t i repeat do not stay here you will regret it. I usually don’t leave review because I work and go to school so o don’t ha the time but this is the only way to get my voice heard because the property manager “doesn’t want to hear it (his exact words)”. RUN Run run away from UG.
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By: Collegewood R.
Collegewood Apartments
These apartments are disgusting! They are infested with mold and roaches (the little ones). This is to say nothing of the animal feces that litters the grounds because many residents don't clean up after their pets, and management is content to do nothing. In fact, property management (PhoenixSouth) may even lie to you to avoid fixing whatever problems you may be experiencing (even if the problem is quite serious). There are constantly vagrants digging through the trash dumpster, and drunkards on their way to or from Potbelly's (which is right next door, and sometimes plays music so loudly that the floors and walls vibrate). I would think very, very hard before you sign a lease for Collegewood Apartments.
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By: Trent M.
Lakes At San Marcos
DON'T rent HERE!!! TERRIBLE management & changed managment several times while we've been here!!! Our overhead neighbor was TERRIBLY loud all the time & we even had a meeting with corperate management about it with in the end NOTHING done about it!!! Our overhead neighbor stomped so hard our popcorn ceiling would land on our daughters bed & other places like our bathroom vanity. They care more about their federally paid tenents than full paying tenents!! This place is high dollar offering a gym that is run down with most or all equipment broke & a small non usable pool only for kids!! I WISH WE WERE WORNED!!! HSI Properties & The Lakes at San Marcos IS a JOKE!!!! GO ANYWHERE BUT HERE!!!!
By: George C.
The Park At Forest Ridge
These are the worst types of people. The apartment was already inhabited by an entire civilization of roaches, which took weeks to get somebody to fix the problem. Whenever I call with an issue they assure me I will be added to "the list", which i'm not sure actually exists. Not to mention the staff is rude, and generally incompetent. The administration will charge you for hundreds of dollars of late fees with no notice. They could not pay me to live here and I am counting the days until my lease is up.
By: Author chantwaun W.
Chartre Oaks Ridge
Thanks Gayle. I need to speak with you regarding other areas also in this region.
By: Josep C.
Villa San Carlo
I lived at Villa San Carlo for 2 years and I wouldn't recommend it. There are no gates, no fences, it's unsafe. Just during last winter break, there were 7 burglaries. Last January my apartment got broken into on a Friday morning and my neighbor's two days later, in broad daylight. As I wasn't feeling safe anymore, I decided to leave the property and asked the management to cancel my renewal for the following year. The manager almost laughed at me and was in general really rude. After finding someone who subleased my apartment I had to wait almost 4 months to receive back my deposit. I had to write an email, call a couple of times, and going several times to the Villa San Carlo office and the STU central office before receiving my deposit back – literally, my money. And guess what? They found a way to take money away from it, even if there wasn't any damage on the property. Seriously, there are way safer housing solutions in Tallahassee and STU is doing an overall bad job with their guests. Just ask around or read other comments, here or on other websites.
By: Rhiannon W.
The Park At Forest Ridge
You live here and you'll probably regret it. They try to act like you haven't paid your rent even when you have, and slap you with $100 in late fee charges. They're incompetent and unhelpful. Save yourself.

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