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By: sasc42464
Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu
This school is THE place to get your martial arts training. When I joined, I didn't know what I was getting and ended up getting everything I could want and lots of what I had no idea I could want. The teacher is INCREDIBLE and the family style of teaching they use is probably the best way a martial arts school could be run. They don't line up and have everyone doing the same thing (which in my opinion wastes alot of people's time doing things they don't need to) and they also let you take the art as seriously as you want. If you want to train hard and make kung fu your obsession, you get more for your money here than anywhere. In other words, not only are the monthly dues EXTREMELY reasonable and have no contract, but who else trains at least 4 nights a week and at least 3-4 hours a night? I don't want to make this review too long, but before making your choice of where to train martial arts, VISIT THIS SCHOOL!!!!!!
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By: Michelle C.
Logans Martial Arts Academy
Logan's Martial Arts Academy is much more than a place to learn self defense. Its a family! The program is well developed, with thoughtful and caring instructors, who take time to ensure that the self defense techniques are efficient and effective.I recommend this program to any and every person who has ever had an interest in martial arts. They offer programs for children and adults. Regardless of age, you will learn core concepts like kindness, respect, discipline, integrity, practice, and self defense. This program is not for the weak or overly entitled, it is for those who want to learn and master a life-saving skill.
By: nolegirll
American Fitness 24/7
The gym is clean, and the staff is friendly, however it is overpriced for the services provided. Cable t.v. on all of the cardio machines has been out for over a month with no explanations from the staff (and no discount on our monthly bill). The size of the gym has also been reduced and machines have been removed (also not reflected in the bill). As the group fitness room is no longer part of the gym, classes are held in the main workout area, resulting in a cramped workout space. American Fitness isn't they gym we thought we had signed up for, but we were stuck in a year agreement.
By: Nichole T.
Logans Martial Arts Academy
This school not only teaches discipline, how to do fancy moves, it teaches how to properly defend your self and others, it teaches you how to be a family to your piers and respect all around you not just the ranked students and teachers but that everyone deserves respect. This has become and has been my extended family since I was 13, and I've even used most of what I know not only to defend myself but also others around me. It's been the best school I've ever taken class from!
By: kyle2012
American Fitness 24/7
This is one of the cleanest gyms I have ever been in, the staff is very friendly, they our like a neighbor hood style gym thats has the same as others plus more, the staff treats me and my family great, I get great service when Im there. They have really changed my life and got me in great shape. Its a great place to work out at.
By: hvrobison
Logans Martial Arts Academy
Amazing school with instructors who truly care about every student. I am been learning Krav Maga for the last year and a half at this school. It has made me confident, stronger mentally and physically, and provided me another passion in life. I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn to defend yourself.
By: Ed D.
American Fitness 24/7
Small gym, not crowded. You get plenty of professional trainer attention and don't wait for equipment. Team Classes revolve around TRX with a different routine every week so it doesn't get stale. Extremely clean as well. A bit more expensive than others but worth it. Been going for 3+ years and peeled off 90 lbs,
By: Lys B.
Sweat Therapy Fitness Studio
Sweat Therapy is an amazing gym. Without a doubt, it is the best gym in Tallahassee. Innovative equipment, challenging (yet, fun) classes, and knowledgeable instructors! So happy I made the choice to join 9 months ago. There truly is no other gym like it!
By: washburnmarie2
Miles Supreme Fitness
This place was recommended by my sister and I was glad that I listened to her this time. This place will make you focus to achieve what you are looking for.
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By: Roger V.
Logans Martial Arts Academy
Excellent training from instructors who genuinely care about their students. For anyone who wants to learn real self defense, this is the place.

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