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By: David F.
Ward Zachary
John C Kenny is a Great Attorney and I felt a bond that was beyond Attorney to Client relationship. I was in a terrible situation and he assured me that I would get everything that I was entitled too with the visitation of my son. He is very knowledgeable of the Laws in Florida and will fight for you till the end. I was very hesitant because this was a delicate situation and I wanted the best to represent me, and he made me feel at ease with a quick response to the summons and informing me of the laws since I was new to Florida. Mr. Kenny is worth every penny that I spent for his representation and is very fair compared to other attorneys that just wants you to pay before they even talk to you. You won't go wrong with this choice.
By: cmlwa23
Waters & Associates
I am so very grateful for Mr. Waters to have helped us through a very difficult time. He is a very kind and caring person and I feel so fortunate to have had him be the one to represent my son. It’s been a very difficult time for us. We went through a horrible divorce with his dad leaving my son to grow up without a father. As a single mom, trying to deal with a very strong minded son, I’ve had my share of drama to deal with. That being said, I truly feel this was all meant to be. It was meant for my son to have this wake-up call – and it was meant for Mr. Waters to be part of this also. Mr. Waters is doing a good deed right now and it will come back to him someday. I cannot thank him enough.
By: Catherine L.
Ward Zachary
I was naive about having to divorce my Ex and was quickly underwater since he already had an attorney until I met John Kenny. He explained everything about the process which made me feel so much better. More importantly what he predicted would happen not only did happen but I was prepared for the rough times. In the end my life is so much better and I just don't know how that could have happened without John's help and advice.
By: Bill F.
Ward Zachary
I don't know about other people but John kicked a$$ on my case. I have the Ex from hell who kept my daughter from me and constantly took me to court for more child support. John put a stop to that and saved me more than $90,000 in child support by arguing and winning the point that I didn't get to see my daughter as much as we deserve. Can't speak highly enough of the man.
By: Beth F.
Ward Zachary
John Kenny handled my case so well that I felt much more relaxed just after 5 minutes of talking with him. After explaining my situation he didn't skip a beat and said "Ok, here's what's going to happen...". Everything he said was dead on and my Ex didn't even know what hit him before it was too late. Thanks John!
By: Kevin H.
Ward Zachary
I needed a rock star attorney and after interviewing with several in Tallahassee I picked John. Nice to have made the right choice from the start. He know everything that's going on in family court which clearly gave him the advantage when it came to giving me the win I wanted.
By: Ted M.
Ward Zachary
When I first met John I thought he was a little arrogant because he seemed like he knew everything. Tuns out that he does and thank God! My ex-wife would have probably taken me to the cleaners had it not been for John Kenny.
By: July B.
Ward Zachary
I have friends that hired other attorney's and they hated the outcome. I guess I just got lucky when I picked John because he was able to argue effectively on my behalf and the Judge saw things his way as well.
By: tlh1981
Hall William
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