By: Marsha H.
Dale Harwood's Tree Service
I am writing to thank you for the fine work you and your crew did in removing the 90-foot-tall oak tree from near our house on 9/4/15. Your price was competitive with another I obtained, You and your crew arrived promptly -at the time agreed. You and everyone on the crew were pleasant, friendly and respectful. You all are obliviously skilled in the work performed - so much that it was entertaining to watch the work progress. because of the enormous size of the tree, I was somewhat skeptical that the removal - including removal of debris -could be accomplished in the half-day you had estimated. But my doubt was unjustified, as the job was completed in four hours and 10 minutes.
Tips & Advices
Trees take years to grow and can add value to a property, and a lightning strike can destroy a tree in a instant. Many arborists offer lightning protection systems that can protect trees from being damaged by lightning strikes. These systems use copper cables to ensure that in a lightning strike, the lightning is harmlessly diverted to the soil.
Certain conditions can cause soil to become hard and compacted, and this can make it difficult for grass and trees to access the nutrition they need to thrive. With soil aeration, the soil is perforated with tiny holes, loosening the compaction and making it easier for roots to connect with the air, water, and vital nutrients they require.
Arborists can tell which species of trees are most likely to thrive in your location based on soil conditions and local climate. Also, trees need to be planted at the proper depth to thrive, and an arborist will provide guidance in this area.
Tree trimming can be quite dangerous for the person doing it, and the U.S Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries lists it as one of the most hazardous professions in the nation. Falling branches can cause injury, and electrocution can occur if tree pruning takes place in close proximity to power lines. For these reasons, tree pruning is best handled by a skilled professional.
Tree pruning can have a huge aesthetic impact, and, if artfully done, it can greatly improve a tree's appearance. Tree pruning can also boost the health of your landscape. By thinning a tree's canopy with pruning, the tree and the landscape beneath it will be able to access more air and sunlight, resulting in improved vitality.

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